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Chapter 348 - Creation of Kynee (8)

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Chapter 348 – Creation of Kynee (8)

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The Martial King clicked his tongue.

“You know what my policy is, right?”

“Yes, I am aware.”

The Martial King always set forth three rules for anything involved with the One-horned tribe.

No interference. No involvement. No tolerance.

They wouldn’t accept any interference. They wouldn’t get involved in anything either. But when either of the two occurred, they wouldn’t show any tolerance.

It was how the One-horned tribe was able to stand high and mighty above the quarrels of the Eight Large Clans and continue to grow until now.

But as Yeon-woo caused chaos in the Tower, the One-horned tribe could be dragged into it because of him.

The Devil Army and magical alliance openly mocked the One-horned tribe and the Martial King.

They said they were ready to fight.

The alliance of Blood Land and Black Dragon even expressed their desire to have the Martial King himself step up.

No, the fact that they said they would work with Yeon-woo, who wasn’t that powerful in the first place, was obviously a measure to involve the Martial King.

But the Martial King didn’t want to join them at all.

The only reason why he appeared in the fight with Red Dragon was because of the “no tolerance” rule when they were swept up in the battle during their chase for the culprit who hurt one of their members.

He just laughed at those who fought over who was the strongest.

He wasn’t aiming for a mud puddle like that.

He had greater ambitions.


His only interest was in bringing down the guy who loftily looked down on him from above.

The Martial King had come to tell Yeon-woo that.

He had already sent two disciples out and barely found this one. And he was showing some potential as well. He didn’t like how Yeon-woo always caused incidents, but the Martial King had done the same when he was younger, so he pretended not to see it.

But if Yeon-woo took it too far and splashed mud on him, he couldn’t stay still.

And because Yeon-woo knew that well, he nodded. Before the Martial King was his teacher, he was a king who kicked his own brother away for his tribe. There was no way Yeon-woo couldn’t understand his stance.

Even with that aside.

“This is my fight.”

He had to carry out his revenge with his own two hands.

“I think you said the same thing some time ago. Well, whatever. Come back safely. Although, it’ll be pretty hard.”

And with that, the Martial King disappeared.

Yeon-woo bowed, knowing that his teacher was still watching him from somewhere, and he entered the portal.


Light filled the world and blinded him.

* * *

[You have entered the hidden stage ‘Tartarus.’]

“The air is too stale.”

“There’s also pressure on souls going around. Is it because it’s a place where divine beings live?”

“This is Tartarus…..”

The party frowned once they entered Tartarus.

A stale air. Ominous atmosphere. And a pressure that pushed them down.

It was a place where the living weren’t welcome, and mortals who didn’t know “level” were forbidden.

The party members felt like their souls and bodies would be separated if they didn’t hold onto their wits tightly.

Kahn and Doyle quickly activated Bian to escape the pressure while Victoria activated the artifact that Anastasia had given her to create a spherical barrier around them. When Creutz planted the holy sword Zulfikar into the ground, another barrier was added on top of it.

Henova, whose face was pale upon arriving in Tartarus, could finally catch a breath.

Then, he looked around to find Yeon-woo.

“You said we were going to the temple of the King of the Underworld, but where are we?”

Even from what Yeon-woo could see, their surroundings were completely devastated. Only a few traces left behind showed that there had been a battle here a long time ago.

Yeon-woo turned to Brahm, who created the scroll. But Brahm didn’t seem to know either.

“I inserted the coordinates you gave me.”

Yeon-woo went over his coordinates in case he had accidentally given the wrong ones. They were correct.

[Vimalacitra smiles with satisfaction at the familiar scene of war.]

[Cernunnos quietly watches you.]

[Persephone silently urges you to quickly find her husband.]

While Yeon-woo frowned at the messages from his connected G.o.ds.

“Hades said the last of his territory was a temple, correct?”

Brahm asked after silently watching the sky.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then it must be his holy territory. If so, there are two possibilities.”

“What are they?”

“The first is if Hades was destroyed while you were looking for materials.”

[Persephone displays her anger!]


Just then, Doyle suddenly wrapped his hands around his head and fell to his knees.

“What’s wrong?”

Kahn tried to help him up, but Doyle pushed his hand aside and lifted his head.

The party took a step away from him at the energy he exuded. The barrier around them shook.

Doyle’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning green.

“You dare discuss my husband’s death? A mere debased being who’s fallen from holiness?”

A sharp voice. A bunch of holy power was being exerted. Persephone herself had manifested into Doyle’s body to speak.


Brahm looked at Doyle, whose hair was standing on end, with narrow eyes. Even though she spoke words that belittled him, his eyes were heavy.

“Brahma, if you don’t watch your words…..”

“What? Are you going to punish me? How? From that prison of the 98th floor?”

Brahm scoffed even as Persephone radiated a violent aura.

He had shown a generous side of him while taking care of Sesha, but he was actually a cynical being with the nickname “Exile.” His dislike of supernaturals tied to the 98th floor was actually worse than before.

“If you’re worried about your husband, you should just shut up and watch.”

Brahm put his hand on Doyle’s head like he didn’t want to talk to Persephone anymore.

The hair standing straight on Doyle’s head settled down, and the green light in his eyes disappeared.

Doyle’s eyes widened, not knowing what had happened, then he smiled bitterly as he spoke to Brahm.

“You were too harsh, Brahm.”

“Why? Guess she told you off?”

Doyle couldn’t say anything. Although it hadn’t been long since he started serving her, he was still Persephone’s apostle.

But Brahm was also once a divine being. Doyle had heard a bit about Brahm’s situation from Yeon-woo, and he couldn’t treat Brahm lightly either.

“Just ignore her.”

Brahm ended the conversation just like that and clicked his tongue as he turned to Yeon-woo.

“She’s famous for being ladylike, but she goes off whenever her husband becomes involved. Tsk.”

Yeon-woo saw Brahm in a different light.

“What’s the second possibility? You didn’t get to say it.”

“Oh, that? Simple. Hades temporarily changed the coordinates of the holy territory.”

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.

“That means…..?”

“That there’s probably a fight going on somewhere. Since his holy territory is quite sizable, he probably wasn’t able to change the coordinates by much.”

Yeon-woo quickly summoned Nike and sent him into the sky.

Nike flapped his wings. As he drew a circle in the air, he could see darkness waving from far away.

『Master! There’s something there!』

Yeon-woo quickly tapped into Nike’s vision.

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The sky of Tartarus was always gray and dark, so it was hard to tell the distance.

-It’s too dangerous. Is there a way to block those monsters, even temporarily?

Yeon-woo spread his territory of recognition around. Fortunately, the divine beings weren’t interested in a weakling like Yeon-woo. It was a good opportunity for him.

Just then.

‘That guy.’

A being caught the eye of his Extrasensory Perception. Surrounded by t.i.tans, it was too small to be seen, but its level wasn’t lacking at all when compared to the t.i.tans.

It was a woman with long green hair. She was glaring at the barriers around the holy territory with a bored face. Black light was wrapped around the crystal she carried. An energy similar to that of the monsters. The crystal seemed to be a summoning artifact.

‘Will it work?’

In his slowed time, countless calculations and hypotheses ran through his head. But what came back every time was failure.

Unless he was at the Martial King’s level, or even the Nine Kings, it was impossible to fight a divine being with the power he had. It was likely he would cause them to become even more furious and worsen things.

Maybe it could be possible if he had an Authority to kill divine beings, but there was nothing like that out of his 900 Authorities.

There was no way G.o.ds and demons would give him something that would hurt them.

He had to think outside of the box.

‘If I aim for just the crystal?’

Chance of success was still only 5%.

The difference between him and his opponent was too great.

He needed to close the gap.

‘What if I pretend to go crazy and awake all the Authorities?’

It could stimulate his settled fever again, but he didn’t have the mind to worry about that right now.

The results came back soon.


‘It’s a lot higher, but still. What if I use the method with Dragon Killers?’

If he wasn’t scared of his body being destroyed and using Regeneration….. 20%.

He had raised the chances by a lot, but it still wasn’t enough.

Just then, a thought occurred to him. He had a weapon that G.o.ds and demons were afraid of. The divine item that binded supernaturals, Divine Iron.

‘The pieces of the Ruyi Bang…..?’

He spread his hand apart. The pieces he gained after defeating the Devil Army s.h.i.+ned and spun around on his palm.

A smile spread across his face.


Yeon-woo stopped running. The time around him returned to normal speed.

[3rd Step Dragon Body Awakening]

[All Authorities released.]

Crunch, crunch—

His body couldn’t endure the strength that suddenly grew and began to shake. Regeneration activated to hold him still, and he forced the disconnected 900 Channelings to Tartarus.

He poured all that power into the Ruyi Bang.


[Fiery Golden Eyes]

The pieces of the Ruyu Bang cried out as they s.h.i.+ned. Yeon-woo’s eyes s.h.i.+ned in a gold color as well. Fiery Golden Eyes. The Monkey King’s eyes settled on top of his Draconic Eyes.

The pieces danced in the air and began to create something.

Clack, clack—

A new golden weapon appeared in his hand. It was a spear about 2 meters long.

Yeon-woo pulled out Vigrid and fixed it to the end of the spear. Vigrid’s handle and the groove of the spear fit together like matching puzzle pieces. Gripping it, he got into a fighting stance.

His body was still trembling. The Philosopher’s Stone was overheated.

[Dragon Killer]

[Holy Fire]

[Heaven Bracket – Flame Wheel]

Fire shot out from the end of Vigrid. The Demonic Fire that the Great Sage had used when he burned the heavenly world flared up and combined with the Holy Fire to create a black-red Divine Fire.

He threw the long-spear that was in his hand. Vigrid’s option had activated and was already aimed at the target.

“Grow, Ruyi Bang!”

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