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사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 235 - Witch Hunt (10)

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Chapter 235 – Witch Hunt (10)

Everyone on the ground was confused.

“W, What’s that?”

“M, Meteor Strike? s.h.i.+t! Why is that being used here?!”

It was the spell with the most destructive power.

Even the Draconic Species had to use half of the magic power in their Dragon Heart if they wanted to use that spell.

The players that had been confidently advancing through the fortress all stopped with wide eyes.

The witches, chimeras, guardians. The Red Dragon, the Sea of Time, and the Elohim, everyone.

“Get down!”

“Everyone run away!”

“These d.a.m.ned prost.i.tutes! Are they trying to bring down everyone with them?!”

A few of them thought the witches had done it.

However, they couldn’t fight back and immediately ran away to get away from the impact area.

But the speed at which the shadow chased after them was faster.

Before the barriers were completely gone, the rock landed in the middle of the fortress.


Kwakwakwa, krrrr—

The fortress was completely crushed to the point that it was unrecognizable.

The rock buried itself deep into the ground, and a column of dust soared up.

The heat in the atmosphere blew around with a hot breeze.

Everything disappeared.

The canyons split apart, and everything above them was swept away.

First, the Sea of Time at the east vanished without a trace, like they were never there. The most mysterious clan disappeared first.

Then, it reached the west.

The West Wind Union’s mercenaries were hit with the shockwave, but they also had to try to survive from the heat that was hot enough to melt them.

“Frozen Wall!”

“Ice Fortress!”


The Ice King raised ice from the ground and struck his hands down.

Thorns of ice shot up like the back of a porcupine and twisted around each other to create a large wall.

Along with the Iron Lion, he was one of the strongest in the mercenary world, but his reputation had taken a downturn after he was defeated by the Martial King.

Like he was trying to prove that he still deserved his old reputation, he poured out his magic power.

The other mercenaries moved around him.

The magicians that could use magic supported the Ice King with buffs, and hardened the ice wall.


The rocks that came from the heatwave pounded against the wall. Small webs of cracks appeared and froze again.

The players that couldn’t use ice-type magic tried to block the rocks from coming in.

Twice swung his weapons to change the direction of the wind, and Black Skull used strange bugs to eat away at the heat.

‘Jang’ and ‘Turn’ were especially efficient in using their arrows or Aura to blow the pieces away.

But there were still some pieces that came flying in.

“H, Huh?”

“Crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Block over there!”

“M, Move!”



Moon Shadow didn’t see the pieces of rock flying in from their blind spot.

The pieces were already in front of them by the time they realized it.

The leader, Crescent, was blown aside as his body exploded, and the other rocks flew at the rest of Moon Shadow. Only blood was left behind where their bodies used to be.


The problem came after that. As one side fell, they didn’t have enough hands to help.

Before they could even fill up the empty position, the pieces continued to fly at them.

The third squad of the Iron Lion guild that Atran had purchased at an expensive price was swept away next.

Other mercenaries behind them melted from the heat, leaving only a scream behind.


S-Cla.s.s mercenaries?

None of that mattered in front of the disaster. Everyone was busy trying to protect themselves.


This was h.e.l.l.


Atran screamed with bloodshot eyes.

But even that sound was buried by the cras.h.i.+ng rocks.

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The Walpurgisnacht had probably set their defense with the Philosopher’s Stones, so he was going to use this.

Of course, the condition was that he would have to bring the Large Clans into the fight.

Only then would he be able to find Ananta and hack into the system to bring down the meteorite.

It was only possible because he had knowledge that the witches would never be able to learn from the Philosopher’s Stone.

And the result was very successful.

No place was left untouched, not the north, south, east, nor west. There were some who barely managed to survive, but they weren’t in their best conditions.

There was no need to talk about the center, where the meteorite had landed.

‘The souls that I collected are pretty good quality too.’

Yeon-woo thought that Shanon and Hanryeong would like the souls.

Of course, there were some things that were a shame.

‘Why isn’t the Summer Queen here?’

He thought she would be desperate for this with the Devil Poison, but it seemed like her condition was worse off than he thought.

‘Since it’s the same whether she’s. .h.i.t by the meteorite or dies from the Devil Poison.’

Grinning, he slowly came back down.

The fortress was already gone without a trace, and instead, there was only a deep crater and pieces of stones.


Yeon-woo opened his Draconic Eyes wide to search for Kindred and Vieira Dune’s body. Vieira Dune hadn’t gone through Body Transfer yet. With the fortress gone, it seemed like all her other bodies were gone too.

Just then—


From the ruins, Kindred popped up with a scream.

It was hard to believe he was the second bishop looking at his current condition.

He had just barely managed to protect himself using 72 Bian. However, all his limbs were broken, and he was vomiting blood.

But his eyes as he glowered at Yeon-woo weren’t any less threatening.

Meteor Strike was one of the most destructive powers, but there were still limits to it.

And Kindred was skilled enough to pull himself out from the situation.

He had become injured like that because of the meteorite, but he was already recovering quickly.

His eyes were burning with a fire like he wanted to rip Yeon-woo apart right there.

The demonic energy around him took the form of a demon.

<72 Bian – Hyoong>


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