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사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 217 - Philosopher's Stone (10)

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Chapter 217 – Philosopher’s Stone (10)

It was definitely a foreshadowing of a predator.

Yeon-woo quickly circulated his magic power to check the Philosopher’s Stone. However, unlike his concerns, the stone was cleanly set in his Magic Circuit, and it was perfectly doing its role as the main core.

There wasn’t any resistance. It was like it was a part of him since the beginning. The demonic power mixed with the magic power had synchronized with his body.

The traces of the demonization couldn’t be found anywhere.

‘Was it in my head? Or was it just simply taking its last stand?’

But Yeon-woo was still worried, so he searched not only throughout the stone, but all over his body. He even scanned his unconscious again. The demonization wasn’t there. Like it had never been.

So Yeon-woo felt even more uncomfortable. If it had simply been its last stand, there would’ve been a slight trace left somewhere. But it was too clean.

“Cain? Cain!”

Yeon-woo came to attention at the hands that were roughly shaking his shoulders.

Brahm was looking at him with concerned eyes.

“Did something happen? You’re breathing isn’t steady.”

Yeon-woo shook his head. He couldn’t let them worry about him.

“It’s nothing. The resistance of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Magic Circuit was stronger than I thought… it’s probably because I’m tired from that.”’

“Of course. That must be it. It must’ve been difficult. How about going in to rest?”

“It’s nothing. I’m alright now. Other than that, what happened to me in the meantime?”

Yeon-woo looked at the mess around him. The tools they had been using for experiments were scattered all across the floor. The mountain of doc.u.ments had fallen as well.

“As expected, you don’t have a clue about what happened outside.”


“Actually, it was chaotic.”

While Yeon-woo had been focusing on dominating the demonization, Yeon-woo’s body consecutively crumbled and recuperated. It had been chaotic because of the strong magic power storm that might’ve been due to his Demonic Dragon Body.

If Brahm and the Head Elder hadn’t stepped up to forcefully seal his body, half of the village might’ve been blown away.

Yeon-woo nodded in understanding. Magic power was just flowing inside him, but he felt limitless. If he raised a fuss, he couldn’t even tell how destructive it would be.

A power that had to be stopped by two people. The painful side effects seemed to be from that.

“Other than that.”

The Head Elder pushed his up and asked Yeon-woo with a serious gaze.

“How’s the Philosopher’s Stone? Is it useful?”

Brahm and Henova nodded. Since they had finished the treasure of the century, they wanted to know as the creator.

Yeon-woo slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

“Should we test it?”


Even while finis.h.i.+ng the stone in the village, Yeon-woo didn’t go easy on his training.

His body would be able to tell if he took a break for even a few days. He needed to steadily make an effort.

Additionally, he had learned new powers, so Yeon-woo couldn’t slack off.

Even though it was the training area that was as comfortable to him as his own house, Yeon-woo felt a thrill like it was his first time here.

It was probably because of the powerful magic power flowing through his body.

The magic power from the Philosopher’s Stone became stronger as time went on. The Dragon and Demon’s Blessings woke up one by one, and his magic power was continually purified, expanding his circuit.

Like it was naturally growing stronger without Yeo-woo’s interference, the Philosopher’s Stone was slowly adjusting Yeon-woo’s body.

It cleared the unfamiliarity between the Philosopher’s Stone and the Demonic Dragon Body.

After the process was finished, he would be able to grow again, like he had awakened another step.

There was a reason why the Summer Queen had chosen the Philosopher’s Stone as a replacement for her Dragon Heart.

For a moment, his concerns about the demonization flew away. Yeon-woo shoved it to a corner of his mind. Even if he thought about it, he wouldn’t come to an answer, and right now, he just wanted to check his changed body.

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Brahm, the Head Elder, and Henova, who were watching him from the outside of the training area, felt the same.


Yeon-woo attempted to awaken his Dragon Body. The dragon scales that grew from his shoulders reached under his eyes, and the dragon’s wings soared up, emitting heat all around them. The ground that he was stepping on instantly turned black.

[G.o.ddess’s Stigmata]

When Athena’s blessing was added on top of this, his fire grew to an uncontrollable amount.


Just then, Yeon-woo strongly kicked the ground. Like a portal was opened, a deep hole opened in the ground, and Yeon-woo suddenly appeared in front of Shanon.

However, it wasn’t Shanon who stepped up to block him.


[Sorry, but I’ll go first.]

Hanryeong had stepped up, throwing eight swords randomly around him, and in his hand, was a giant scimitar in his hand.

[I’ve been wanting to fight properly with you.]

Hanryeong was being genuine. Although his clan crumbled because of Yeon-woo, Hanryeong became a Death Knight and he changed his opinion as he observed Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo reminded him of his younger self. Someone who jumped into a situation regardless of how dangerous it was, and took everything he wanted.

Watching Yeon-woo, Hanryeong felt like his nonexistent heart beat faster. He felt the spirit of fighting, something he hadn’t felt after his lacking son was born.

Of course, there were some things that were different.

Unlike himself, who went crazy for battles, Yeon-woo was always cool-headed. Yeon-woo’s thoughts were so deep that sometimes, even he didn’t know what Yeon-woo was thinking about.

So Hanryeong wanted to know more about Yeon-woo.

But there was no way an untalented speaker like him could speak with Yeon-woo. Thankfully, there was a method that warriors could use.

The sword. The sword of a martial artist could deliver words.

He had never crossed swords with Yeon-woo before, so Hanryeong wanted to use this time to read Yeon-woo’s mind. Checking his own skills was a plus.


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