Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 200 - Demons' Forest (15)

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Chapter 200 – Demons’ Forest (15)

“s.h.i.+t! What’s all this!”


Aether and Hemera couldn’t get a grip on themselves at the continued Demonic species attack.

They were strong enough to easily rip apart the Demonic species, but such abilities weren’t enough to fight against a number like this.

Also, the fire that tens of Ceratopsian Dinosaurs were spewing out prevented them from moving.

Since a while ago, the ground that they were on turned mushy, and their feet continued to sink into it.

Because of this, they had to use their energy to pull out their feet while combating the Demonic species at the same time.

But there was something else that drove them crazy.

It was the Devil Poison that flicked out from the flesh and blood of the Demonic species.

Devil Poison wasn’t just dangerous to Draconic species.

Once you were poisoned, it had the ability to mess up your holiness.

It was extremely painful to them.

The Demonic species kept ejecting Devil Poison, so they were in danger. The ground continued to sink, and fire covered the sky.


Hemera was really about to go crazy. She hadn’t thought something like this would happen when she decided to pa.s.s the barrier.

She had been anxious since they had pa.s.sed through the barrier without much trouble, but she was confident that Brahm couldn’t do anything to them.

She had recently released a new power, and her subordinates could control holiness.

But at the continued attack from the Demonic species, her holiness was steadily drying up.

And on top of that, there was an invisible force that was taking her holiness.

As tiredness overcame her, her mentaily was at its lowest.

[You have been exposed to ‘Curse: Confusion.’ You are experiencing extreme confusion.]

[You have been exposed to ‘Curse: Fear.’ You are experiencing extreme fear.]


Her holiness and holy power that were taken were used in the magic circle.

And the Demon Trees were influenced by the magic circle, pouring out stronger Demonic species and Ceratopsian Dinosaurs.

It was a cycle that would only end when they were dead.

And she didn’t know what Brahm had been doing, but she could scent a demon’s smell inside the magic circle.

He might be trying to summon a demon using them as sacrifices.

Only then was Hemera able to realize what a futile thing they had done.

This was a trap.

A trap to dry them up and kill them.

You wouldn’t be able to break through with brute strength. It was a level that a commanding officer of the clans would be able to do.

‘Not like this. This can’t go on!’

Hemera bit her lip. Her pure white skin was already black, and one of her eyes was melting from the Devil Poison.

She wanted to tell her subordinates to escape.

The more they gathered, the less range of movement they would have, and the more they would become exposed to Devil Poison.

If they were all together like this, they would die.

It might’ve been better for everyone to be on their own.

But even if they did that, the future wouldn’t change.

No, they would be mixed into the cycle of Demonic species and Ceratopsian Dinosaurs and be eaten.

Just what should they do?

Even if she wanted to request for help, their communication with the outside was cut off the moment they entered the barrier. She was at a loss for what to do.

But thinking that she needed to open a path somehow, she squeezed out the last of her holiness.

The top priority was to escape here and let others know of the danger here.

People looking down at her? She was scared of that, but it was still better than losing her life.

But she didn’t have the opportunity to use her power. She felt something cold behind her back, and a white spear pierced through her chest.


“Kuk…..! Ae….ther, what…..?”

Hemera forced her head back with an unbelieving expression. Her twin brother, Aether, was looking at her with a cold smile.

Her subordinates tried to get to her, but they were locked in the cycle of the Demonic species.

“White Light? That should’ve been taken by the Senate. How did you get it?” asked Aether.

. It was the power that was taken from their father before their family was split apart from society.

“And wouldn’t you have tried to stab me in the back with that, in the end? If I didn’t do something like this, you would’ve hurt me. Mean sister.”

Hemera grit her teeth. It was true she was planning on killing Aether to shut his mouth after the Dragon Human was caught.

It would be better to take all the honor for herself. And she expected Aether was thinking that same thing.

But since they landed in this situation, she released her hidden power, and she thought that Aether wouldn’t be able to stab her in the back.

Aether clearly proved her wrong. His cold eyes were s.h.i.+ning with greed.

Hemera clenched her teeth.

“If…..I die… die too!”

“No. I’ll live.”


“Sister, it’s all thanks to you.”

Suddenly, a white image appeared on Aether’s forehead, and it split into a strange symbol.

It was a symbol of three circles with a triangle that had an eye in the middle.

Hemera gasped.

It was a symbol that she never would’ve imagined. It was from a long time enemy of the Elohim.

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Sesha was shaking. Sweat poured down her pale face.

“B, Brahm is in danger.”


Galliard’s eyes widened. He knew that everything Sesha said was something to pay attention to.

Sesha had a sensing skill that others didn’t have, and it was extremely accurate.

It was a skill that she had from birth, a skill that most Draconic species and Dragon Humans didn’t have. Brahm said that this might be similar to a ‘Foresight’ trait.

But Galliard wasn’t able to follow what Sesha said right away. What the enemies wanted was Sesha, not Brahm.

However, Sesha shouted urgently in a trembling voice.



Brahm’s eyes became bigger while he was holding the Book of Mercury in his hand.

‘I miscalculated.’

The arrival of the Devil Army was something that was completely unexpected. Especially the bishops.

Most of the magic circles set up here were for the Elohim.

The arrogant Elohim would refuse to take help from anyone. Even if they fought alone, they would never make alliances.

And of course, they wouldn’t dare be humiliated.

Aether was a member of the Senate in the Elohim. The fact that such a person would switch over to the Devil Army by his own will was outrageous.

But it had already happened.

And Aether was extremely respectful towards the three bishops. It meant that he was truly loyal to them.

There was something else that he couldn’t understand. The barrier should’ve closed after Aether and the others came in.

Just how were those guys able to get in?

There wasn’t any trace of the barrier being broken, or someone intruding. Other than the fact that they had used Hemera as a sacrifice, he didn’t understand anything.

“Oh well.”

Brahm closed the Book of Mercury and got up.

He couldn’t handle the bishops while he was sitting down. And since there were three of them, he would have to use his full strength.

He looked at the hourgla.s.s that was next to his crystal. When all the sand on the top fell to the bottom, he was planning on activating the trans.m.u.tation circle. It looked like it would have to be pushed back.

No, this might actually be better. If they were people he would have to deal with sometime, it was better to get it over now. It would be a nuisance if they entered when the activation of the trans.m.u.tation circle began.

The demons would probably like it even better if it was given the soul of a bishop.

After organizing his thoughts, Brahm was about to open the portal to where they were. But then—

[Brahma. The fun is up to here.]

In the crystal, one of the bishops was looking straight at him with a smirk.

When he checked the bishop’s face, Brahm’s eyes widened.


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