Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 138 - Hatch (4)

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Chapter 138: Hatch (4)

Yeon-woo quickly returned after his conversation with the Magical Dragon.

“What about the Magical Dragon?”

“He’s resting because it’s only been a while since he was hatched.”

Yeon-woo could feel the heavy feeling near his heart.

Like Chirpy, the stone was quietly sleeping.

Chirpy was excited to be able to finally play with his friend.



“Is my naming sense that bad?”


Edora stayed silent.

“Did…..something happen?”

“I gave him a name and he angrily denied making a contract with me. But he said that he wouldn’t leave, so I should slowly think about a name. Then he would accept the contract.”

Edora awkwardly scratched her cheek. Somehow, it was obvious what had happened.

“What did you try to name him?”



Edora unconsciously smacked her forehead.


“Roar! What about Roar?”

“No. Did you see his majestic appearance earlier? That’s totally a Bellow. Bellow! Or Screech.”

“I vote for Snarl!”

From sometime, the One-horned tribe was all disordered.

It was after Yeon-woo had hatched his Magical Dragon.

After they heard the name Yeon-woo gave him was harshly rejected, they were all having a good time trying to name him.

“Tsk tsk. Fighting 24/7 has left all your wit in the trash.”

“Hm? Then what about you? Do you have a good name?”

“Of course!”

“What is it?”



“These names should be noticeable right….away. Hey! Don’t laugh!”

The tribe members couldn’t agree.

“Naming is so hard. When I woke up my Mythical Beast on the 11th floor, I struggled for a long time to name it.”

“But it’s a Magical Dragon! Not a Mythical Dragon, or anything like that! We should give it something that fits it!”

The existence of a Magical Dragon was a first for the One-horned tribe, who had a long long history.

A Legendary Beast rank animal that also had the strength of a Magical Beast.

It reminded them of Akasha’s Snake from the Tutorial. Although it was definitely stronger than it.

So the One-horned tribe wanted to give the first Magical Dragon a fitting name.

They all put their minds together.

But actually, the One-horned tribe were only interested in fighting and becoming stronger. They didn’t care at all about other things.

“Grunt. To be honest. I like Roar.”

“Hm? You too? Yeah, nothing comes close to it.”

“Everyone agrees.”

“Then should we ask Cain to offer the name again? There’s no way a better name could come up.”

Edora grasped her forehead listening to them all. She sighed.

To think that they were called the strongest tribe in the Tower that was filled with both brains and muscle.

It was an embarra.s.sing day.


Eventually, they decided to pick the name after more thought.

Because every time he said a name, the Magical Dragon just replied with a sigh.

[…..At first I thought you were joking. But you actually like these names. Ha! Think more. Master, how would you feel if I called you ‘Goo Goo Gaga’ or ‘Cha Guy?’ That’s now I feel. Think some more!]

The Magical Dragon complained like he didn’t even have the energy to be annoyed anymore, and he fell asleep in the stone.

Was it because it had only been a while since he had finished hatching? The Magical Dragon needed time to digest the power of the Four Legendary Beasts. While he was doing that, Yeon-woo thought of more names.

Yeon-woo gripped his head thinking of more names and almost gave up.

It was obvious whatever he thought of, the Magical Dragon would brush off. Then he needed time to slowly think.

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He also thought of calling his name back to when he was a Mythical Dragon. But the Magical Dragon had said he didn’t like that.


‘If I give over the Bead of Abyss and Legendary Beast Conjunctiva as well.’

The Bead of Abyss was a reward he had received after completing Void Dragon’s quest, and the Legendary Beast Conjunctiva was a reward the Head Elder had given along with the Seed of the Moon.

Both were excellent materials. The Bead of Abyss was outstanding for making an artifact, and the Legendary Beast Conjunctiva allowed Chirpy and Magical Dragon to grow.

But Yeon-woo decided to let both of these go.

Since he had already absorbed the power of the Legendary Beasts, the Bead of Abyss didn’t really help them. Rather, it was better to use the other reward, Wrath of the Void Dragon as a protecting device.

Same with the Legendary Beast Conjunctiva. Chirpy and the Magical Dragon hadn’t completely absorbed their powers yet, and giving them too much power could make them worse.

More than anything.

‘If I make a successor for all the Legendary Beasts, how many rewards and Karma will I get?’

During this time when the Four Legendary Beasts guarding the 11th floor were down. And when the other stronger Mythical Beasts were gone.

It took a long time to resurrect the Legendary Beasts. During that time, the life on the 11th floor would become a mess. Since they were the pillar of order.

So Yeon-woo planned on giving on the roles of the Four Legendary Beasts to the Legendary Beast that would be born.

He would be able to accomplish something no one else had.

‘From what I saw about new accomplishments. It gave rewards matching the effort. Then this time won’t be too different either.’

Yeon-woo stroked his chin. No one had done anything like this before, so he couldn’t even imagine what kind of reward he would get.

But, there was one thing he was sure of.

‘It will be at least as strong as when I entered the Treasury of Olympus.’

Yeon-woo barely calmed his excited mind down.

Moreover, if this succeeded, he wouldn’t just get rewards or Karma.

Having the Legendary Beast of the 11th floor in his hands was the same thing as owning the 11th floor. The world where Mythical Beasts, Magical Beasts, and Legendary Beasts lived. The world of the myths.

He couldn’t fully comprehend it yet, but being able to completely control a floor would be hugely beneficial to him.

Yeon-woo only spoke about a part of these thoughts.

But it was enough.

The Phante siblings hadn’t finished their trial on the 11th floor yet. They could earn a lot of Karma, so they had no reason to refuse.

And the One-horned tribe showed a lot of interest as well.

Especially the Head Elder, who liked it because there was a new research object. Saying it was incredible watching the Magical Dragon hatch, and that it would be overwhelming to watch the creation of a Legendary Beast.

It became so loud and chaotic that one would’ve thought the Council of Elders were going to relocate to the 11th floor. A few of them even tried naming the new Legendary Beast.

And looking at the noisy village. Yeon-woo chuckled, and moved onto his next plan.

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