Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 126 - War Preparation (1)

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Chapter 126: War Preparation (1)

Volume 6 Chapter 1

[My head hurts.]

The Sword G.o.d pressed down his annoyance that kept on swelling up.

After he had declared independence from the One-horned tribe along with the Spear G.o.d, the world was just a big wall to him.

Wherever he went, there were obstacles and trials.

But everytime, he won in the end. He dropped his enemies, stole, stepped on them, and stood back up.

And eventually, his surroundings were filled with people like him, and now they were able to be Cheonghwado’s foundation.

So to the Sword G.o.d, the world was a wall, but it was also something that he just needed to keep on overcome.

In the past, it was Arthia, and now, it was Red Dragon.

But unlike Arthia, which he was able to easily destroy, Red Dragon was like an iron wall that he couldn’t ever break down.

That was probably to be expected, however, because Red Dragon was a clan that was considered to rule the Tower. And they were the only group strong enough to stand against Allforone.

A fight could only be difficult. Although Cheonghwado had comparatively less players, they had the more skilled ones.

So occasionally, some people said that the only people able to be on equal standing with the Red Dragon was Cheonghwado.

However, the owner of Cheonghwado, Sword G.o.d, knew. That it was all bull s.h.i.+t.

Even if Cheonghwado gathered all their full strength, they were still rookies compared to Red Dragon.

The famous 81 Eyes was only the beginning. There were thousands of rankers a.s.sociated with the Red Dragon, and that wasn’t even including the thousands of inactive players.

More than anything else, Red Dragon had something the other clans didn’t have.

History and culture.

The birth of Red Dragon was from a long time ago.

At the time, many rankers had gathered on the 77th floor to bring Allforone down, and they became a clan. That clan eventually turned into a large organization and left their legacy for the future.

So Red Dragon became a clan that was larger than what was known, and it became an organization that was so tightly organized that it couldn’t be easily defeated.

The number of players that had been dispatched to the 11th floor was only the tip of the iceberg that was Red Dragon.

And just with that, they were able to oppose Cheonghwado. No, to be exact, they were bypa.s.sing them.

They had even brought in the One-horned tribe by having the Spear G.o.d pledge on his horn, but if Red Dragon really wanted to, Cheonghwado would be crushed.

The only reason keeping Red Dragon from doing that was because they didn’t want to suffer a loss so they were just hesitating.

But Red Dragon definitely wasn’t planning on backing off.

And so the Sword G.o.d was deep in thought.

He didn’t even want to be at war with the Red Dragon in the first place. He had only carried through with this because they attacked Leonte first, and he wanted to finish the war as soon as he could.

But if he didn’t, not only would the term ‘Nine Kings’ disappear, the fact that they had surrendered to the Red Dragon would spread.

And then, Cheonghwado’s reputation would turn downhill.

Confidence and self-esteem. These were the two things that Cheonghwado was famous for.

And that couldn’t just disappear.

And so. The Sword G.o.d was concerned.

[Is the only solution the ‘Sword’ now?]

Even if Cheonghwado was smaller, they were still one of the large clans.

They had a hidden weapon.

But to activate it, they needed a large amount of magic power. Even the Sword G.o.d himself couldn’t freely use that much.

The Sword G.o.d called in ‘sword.’

However, depending on how it was used, it could be a spear, arrow, or an Axe.

This was an item of a G.o.d that was thought of as a G.o.d itself.

So he had never imagined using it despite having it, but now he was having different thoughts.

[It’s still incomplete. But I should get Leonte out.]

To use the ‘sword’ he had stayed silent about it even though he knew what Leonte did.

Stone. The all-rounder item. It would be a big help in using the ‘sword.’

And so the Sword G.o.d organized his thoughts. To throw away Leonte. And to obtain the ‘sword’ even if it was incomplete.

[Is there someone, outside?]

After his judgment, he needed to make commands right away.

When he revealed his intent, his subordinate entered the room with his head bowed.

“Did you call me?”

[I have something to say to the Fist G.o.d.]

“Yes, sir.”

His subordinate blended into the shadows. And as he waited for Leonte to come, Leonte’s servant came in instead. With the face of someone in a bad mood.

“There’s been trouble.”

[What is it?]

“The Saber G.o.d….is trying to hurt the Fist G.o.d.”


The Sword G.o.d’s face froze.



“This crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How many times do I have to say that I don’t have that!”

“I didn’t ask you where it was. I said to bring it.”

Leonte swallowed with a nervous face. The Saber G.o.d’s eyes were burning up.

His raw aura was swirling around Leonte like a tornado, and the 9 swords on the ground were vibrating like they were going to attack any second.

It was a fight that even Arthia had to struggle through. The murderous intent of the Saber G.o.d felt like it was choking Leonte.

Earlier, the Saber G.o.d had come to the resting Leonte and spoke a few simple words.

-Stone, give it.

When Leonte heard that, his head turned white.

The truth that he had been trying to hide was somehow known by the Saber G.o.d now.

But on one hand, he felt like crying.

The reason he had struggled all this time was because of the stone. But now that Saber G.o.d was telling him to give it up, he felt like this was unbelievable.

So he said he didn’t have it. No, he said that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

And the reply that came back was this.

Murderous intent.

The Saber G.o.d’s eyes had a violent look like he was going to rip Leonte apart.

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“Bring it.”

The Sword G.o.d looked at the messy surroundings and turned to the Saber G.o.d.

Under the lion mask, his two eyes were firing up. The Saber G.o.d’s att.i.tude was something he couldn’t tolerate, as someone who respected order within the Tower.

The Saber G.o.d clenched his teeth and forced himself up.

His magic power started to dry up, and he was only able to get by with the Neidan he received from the Four Legendary Beasts.

“There’s only one thing I want. And I just asked Fist to give it to me.”

What was it? The Sword G.o.d didn’t understand what the Unmaterialistic Saber G.o.d wanted too much that he was going this far.

[What does the Fist have?]



For a while, the Sword G.o.d was silent.

“Sword, so you do know something.”

The Saber G.o.d continued to speak.

“I don’t know what that stone is. However, I need to get it.”


“Because my son is captured by them.”


The Sword G.o.d’s eyes became bigger.

Everyone around him had a confused face because they couldn’t understand him, but the Sword G.o.d understood what had happened right away.

The Saber G.o.d’s second rate son, Hanbin, had been kidnapped and the Saber G.o.d was being threatened. And they were asking for the stone.

“So give it up. I’ll gladly be punished later. I must rescue my son first.”

The Saber G.o.d’s violent eyes were saying that no one could stop him.

But the Sword G.o.d didn’t reply right away.

Because he needed the stone too. But the Saber G.o.d was someone he definitely needed as well.

The Sword G.o.d realized they had fallen in a ridiculous trap.

He didn’t know who had set this up in Red Dragon, but whoever it was, they had done a spectacular job. It was obvious what was going to happen now. So the Sword G.o.d had to quickly organize his thoughts.

[Since I don’t understand the situation, let’s settle our anger and finish speaking.]

“Every second is important for me….!”

[I said wait. Saber.]

The Saber G.o.d shouted out, but he had to shut his mouth at the Sword G.o.d’s cold voice.

The Sword G.o.d swiveled his swords around, and eventually, they were surrounding the Saber G.o.d.

It was a tremendous gap in strength.

The Saber G.o.d bit his lower lip. Even if he was mad, he had to calm down. If he died before he got the stone, his son would die.

And the other players were in formation to attack him any moment now.

Frustrated, the Saber G.o.d threw down his swords and relieved his anger that way. The Sword G.o.d took back his swords as well, and relaxed.

[First, go into your room and calm down. Then I’ll call you out after this place is organized.]

He spoke respectfully, but it was a clear command.

The Saber G.o.d grinded his teeth and had to return to his room with his subordinates holding his hand behind his back.

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