Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 106 - Opening Act (4)

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Chapter 106: Opening Act (4)

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Shanon didn’t let his a.s.sistant finish and darted outside.

His head was only filled with one question.


‘Those brutes don’t interfere in other clans’ businesses!’

All thoughts about the h.o.a.rder were long gone. He also forgot about strategizing for the war.

That was how shocking the arrival of the One-horned tribe was.

If they arrived, all of the plans for the war so far would fly out the window.

Especially since not a single ranker to support them were here yet.

Most of all, if Kuram fell into their hands, Red Dragon would definitely lose the war before they even started.

And Shanon would have to be responsible for everything since he was the overseer.

No, he could face the backlash. But he wouldn’t be able to avoid disciplinary action, because Red Dragon placed a lot of importance on honor.

So Shanon hoped there wouldn’t be any rankers among the people that had just arrived. Then, they would have a chance of turning the tide.

If there was, he hoped it was only one to two rankers. At the very least, he hoped the Martial King wasn’t there.

But once he arrived outside.

Shanon had to experience the world being destroyed.

“Let’s go!”

“Fire! Fireeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Let’s blow it up! Boom boom!”

In the moonlit night, enemies were falling like meteorites.

And each of them laughed like a maniac.

And one they landed, they landed with a literal bang.

If they landed on a building, the building collapsed, and if they landed on a temple, the temple fell.

And as they spread out, they took over every nook and cranny of the castle. They broke everything that was in their way.

Whether it was a building or a player, they knocked everything down.

It was like a giant tornado had whipped by, and the residents of Kuram didn’t known what to do.

Of course, there were defenses and magic set in place by the Nau clan.

But they were all useless.

There were people within the tribe who caught his eye.

‘The Singing Hammer? And the Electrician! Why are they bringing those guys to this place!’

The Singing hammer, Sylon, and the Electrician, Trivia.

The two rankers, who had quietly disappeared one day, were breaking all the traps and mechanisms set up for defense.

And there was something that was even more ridiculous.

On a faraway rooftop of a fortress.

Someone was standing there.

It was so far that it was hard to tell who it was.

But Shanon could tell right away.

An aura that froze Shanon in place.

And a smile that revealed all of his canines.

The Martial King.

The man who had once been called ‘A Walking Disaster’ was here.


Shanon wasn’t able to continue his words.

The martial King gathered his fists. And the air moved to center around him. The storm became big enough to completely cover Kuram, and then it all gathered in the fist of the Martial King



As the Martial King punched his fist out, all the condensed air expanded, causing an explosion.

The explosion reduced the fortress to ashes, as well as everything surrounding it.

A dust cloud floated up into the sky.

All the ordinary residents had already run away and the explosion had taken place in a business center that was closed for the day. But the destruction was still horrendous.

The players of the Red Dragon clan that had been mobilizing to block the tribe couldn’t even fight back and were swiped away like ants.



Shanon, who had been observing this sight from far away, couldn’t say a single word.


Once Shanon had recovered from the shock, the dust cloud that was big enough to reach the end of the world was beginning to settle.

“That f.u.c.king Chief!”

“Watch where you blow things up!”

The members of the One-horned tribe could be seen expressing anger at their King.

They were exhilarated when given the chance to destroy things to their mind’s pleasure. But they couldn’t do anything because the Martial King had done everything.

But the Martial King only smirked.

“If you’re mad why don’t you guys do something too.”

The members wanted to slap that smirk off his face.

“Ugh! That personality! Seriously, I just wanna…!”

“I thought it was unusually quiet these days!”

The tribe members thought they might really not be able to destroy anything, so they quickly flurried away to intact areas.

At this point, the Red Dragon members had lost all motivation.

Their courage disappeared as well.

One only wanted to fight if they had some chance of winning, but they would never be able to catch up to the skilled tribe members.

Who in the world in their right mind would confront a ‘Natural Disaster?’

That was how much of a shock the arrival of the Martial King was. It was a natural disaster like a typhoon or an earthquake-unstoppable.

In the end, the intact areas of Kuram ended up falling at the hands of the tribe members.



Shanon collapsed. He didn’t have the strength to stand anymore. His eyelids shook. He was so scared that his entire world was white.


“Hm. Uhhh, you shouldn’t be like this.”

The Martial King discovered where Shanon was and ran to him in a breath’s time.

It was like he was flying.

So the person with the most intense aura in all of Kuram looked Shanon up and down.

It seemed like he was in a high position in the Red Dragon clan based off of what he was wearing.

He wasn’t happy with the condition Shanon was in. He had something to ask of Shanon. Make him do something.

The Martial King squatted to be on the same eye level as him.

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Rather, he wanted to train more. If he kept on making an effort, someday, he would get there.

And he also wanted to improve Heaven Wing Mana Control. He was burning with pa.s.sion.

On the other hand, Phante was thinking something else.

“Ha! That mister again…he lied…”

“Weren’t you expecting it? We weren’t gonna be given the chance to do anything since Father came along with us anyway.”

Phante grabbed his head in his hands and shook his head. Edora clicked her tongue with a glum face.

And she quietly grumbled with a frown.

‘What’s he planning to do about Oraboni’s battle experience? If he keeps on dominating the battlefield Oraboni won’t have a chance to fight.’

Edora knew the Martial King was very invested in Yeon-woo.

She could tell from the fact that the Martial King had taken Yeon-woo as a disciple to teach him Mugong when he had rejected to teach her.

The Martial King had definitely said he would allow Yeon-woo to fight as much as he wanted to.

But how was he planning on doing that?

At that moment.


Something came flying to the fortress Yeon-woo, Phante, and Edora were in.

It was the Martial King. But he was holding something in his hands.


“Yeah. You’re right.”

“But why is he coming here again? No, what’s he holding in his hands?”

“It looks like a person….”

“That old man, what’s he trying to do this time….?”

Phante and Edora had strange looks on their faces.

Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger too.

Then, the Martial King landed. He looked as if he had just took a stroll around the neighborhood.

The Martial King threw what he had in his hands to the ground.

There were 5 players, including Shanon. They were the top ranking players from that Red Dragon clan that he had collected.

But of course, in front of the Martial King, they looked like dogs with their tails in their legs.

They all looked confusedly at the Martial King. They had come with him because he had said he would let them live. But he hadn’t stated any conditions.

One side of the Martial King’s mouth lifted in a grin as he crossed his arms.

And he pointed towards Yeon-woo with his chin.


“….Excuse me?”


All of their gazes turned towards Yeon-woo.

Under the mask, Yeon-woo had an unreadable expression.

The Martial King laughed like he was extremely amused.

“Fight with that guy. I’ll let you go if you beat him. How’s that?”


In the midst of the bombsh.e.l.l that the Martial King just threw.

Phante shook his head as he looked at his father who was doing something ridiculous again.

“….Geez. That old man.”

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