Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby

Tang Bulin

Chapter 338 – Who The Hell Is Calling A Truce?

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Chapter 338: Who The h.e.l.l Is Calling A Truce?

Huo Ningxi took a deep breath as he was pulled up. Bending one leg, he stretched out his hand and brushed his fingers through his hair.

“That's it for today. Let's continue next time.”

The two had fought without holding back, but neither of them used any technique; they simply released their anger and strength.

Thus, they were both bruised and swollen; nothing like the handsome boys who were surrounded by squeals of excitement on the school ground.

It was hard to say who had the upper hand; both were equally pitiful.

Shen Xun laughed and lay on the ground, his chest heaving.

Huo Ningxi followed his lead and also lay down. “Hey, I heard you made Song Yaoyao your Big Bro because you couldn't beat her.”

“Uh huh.”

Shen Xun narrowed his eyes as he stared lazily at the light above his head.

There was nothing to be ashamed of. Especially when his Big Bro was so impressive.

Huo Ningxi's throat twitched and he laughed.

Shen Xun humphed. “What are you laughing at? Don't tell me you've never been beaten by her.”


Huo Ningxi was dumbfounded. “Fine, I have.”

It was only through his fight with Shen Xun that he discovered how powerful he was; no wonder he was known as the school bully who had beaten people from nearby schools.


How should it be put? No matter how amazing he was, Shen Xun was still on the mortal level. Song Yaoyao, on the other hand, was like a bug in the system! She never did things according to expectation.

She never fought with any techniques and relied solely on her blind strength.

Yet…they couldn't beat her. How annoying!

Two opposing people who normally didn't like the look of each other suddenly felt like they were sharing the same pain.

They had both been hit by the same girl.

“Brother!” Shen Xun stretched out his hand.

“Brother!” Huo Ningxi grabbed hold.

A few seconds later, they looked into each other's eyes and let go in disgust.

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“Hey, let's shake and call it a truce.” Huo Ningxi glanced at Shen Xun and realized he wasn't as annoying as he thought.

“Tch… Come on, I'm not afraid of you!”

The gym once again echoed with the sounds of fighting.

After some time, Shen Xun put on his t-shirt and wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips.

“Your eyes are big but they are no good.” He swung his jacket onto his shoulder and walked out roguishly. “If it's useless, I suggest you donate it to the needy.”

“I dare you not to leave!”

Huo Ningxi lay on the ground gritting his teeth.

He covered a particular part of his body. He was so furious that he wanted to kill Shen Xun.

This idiot is asking for it!

Shen Xun turned around and gave Huo Ningxi another kick.

“Fine, I won't leave. Will you get up to fight me?”

Huo Ningxi: …


Han Jun was crouching outside watching the scene. When he saw Shen Xun walk out with his bruised and swollen face, he felt his body shrink back in shock.

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