Dragon Prince Yuan

Heavenly Silkworm Potato - Tian Can Tu Dou - 天蚕土豆

Chapter 269 Hongyi’s Aid

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Zhou Yuan stood in the air above a silver stone platform, golden Genesis Qi forming a cloud under his feet. He was currently looking to his front with an expressionless face.In front of him stood Lu Feng and Yang Xiu with their hands behind their backs. Two powerful presences rose into the air like two towering mountains that blocked the path towards the final golden stone platform.

Like two tigers blocking the road.

Lu Feng's indifferent gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan as he said, “Zhou Yuan, this is where you stop.”

He did not speak any further, his gaze turning towards Yang Xiu. “Brother Yang, I'll be handing him to you. Delay him for an incense stick of time, and will be able to occupy the champion's platform.”

Yang Xiu smiled slightly and replied, “Sure, but you must fulfil the promise you made.”

Yang Xiu was just that tiny bit weaker than Lu Feng, and came from the prominent Yang clan. Hence, he was naturally not subordinate to Lu Feng, but rather friends of sorts. Since Lu Feng had asked him to take on this task, the latter would naturally have to pay a certain price.

“Don't worry.” Lu Feng nodded, before his cold gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan, mockery lifting from the corners of his mouth, “Brother Yang will play with you for a bit. I've told you before that you shouldn't dream of taking first place.”

The moment he finished, his figure suddenly rose upwards, making a beeline towards the highest golden platform.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly at this sight and took a step forward.


Alarming Genesis Qi undulations abruptly exploded from Yang Xiu's body, undulations that reached the fourth layer AlphOrigin.

Yang Xiu was clearly no weakling.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, why the need to cling so tightly to first place, you should be satisfied that you can already reach top ten.” Yang Xiu smiled.

His hands began to close as silver Genesis Qi that flickered with lightning whizzed from his palms with a loud rumble, ultimately transforming into a giant lightning dragon.


The lightning dragon roared as it charged towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly, no bothering to say anything. Since Yang Xiu was intent on helping Lu Feng stop him, the only thing to do was to step over this obstacle.

Although it would be a little troublesome, as long as Zhou Yuan could deal with Yang Xiu within an incense stick of time, he would naturally be able to stop Lu Feng from taking first place.

Golden Genesis Qi unfurled from Zhou Yuan's body, taking the shape of a python as its hiss echoed across the area.


However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to act, his expression suddenly changed slightly. A flash of red descended from the sky, viciously lashing at the Genesis Qi lightning dragon.


Berserk Genesis Qi shockwaves swept outwards.

The flash of red shot back to where it came from, turning into a long red whip that ultimately landed in a fair hand.

Countless gazes looked over, only to find a fiery-red figure proudly standing in the air, a red whip wrapped around its wrist like a circle of fire.

It was obviously Gu Hongyi.

“Hey, did you guys forget about me?” Gu Hongyi smiled faintly.

Yang Xiu was taken aback, evidently not expecting Gu Hongyi to suddenly interfere. Given the latter's ability, no one would dare to s.n.a.t.c.h any of the top ten spots she occupied.


At this moment, the expression of Lu Feng, who had originally been heading towards the tallest golden stone platform, turned ugly when he saw this, and angrily said, “Hongyi, what are you doing?! All of us are Shengzhou disciples, what would the others say about this?”

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Gu Hongyi shot an icy look at him and retorted, “In my eyes, there is no difference between Shengzhou and the other continents, everyone who enters the Cangxuan Sect is a Cangxuan disciple.”

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