Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

93 Evil Spirits And Demons

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Ye Chen pa.s.sed through a dark tunnel and entered the Sunken Jade Tower. Looking ahead, a vast underground world appeared. The ground was covered with a towering forest full of jagged rocks where numerous black underground plants grew. The dusky sky concealed the top of the rocks but there would occasionally be colorful halations flowing.This underground world was densely bound by restrictions and one could only pa.s.s through the narrow pa.s.sageways between the restrictions.

From time to time, strange shrieking screams could be heard from a distance. Nearby was an open ground covered with crushed stones, and occasionally, a number of humans and beasts bones could be seen. No one knew who killed them but there were hundreds of such bones left behind. They were all dull and gray as if the corpses had been drained of blood.

In addition to the skeletons, there were also broken armor on the ground. They were armor that was forged with good metal. Although it had been years, they still glimmered coldly. However, the masters who had risked their lives to enter the Sunken Jade Tower would not be interested in these things.

Looking back, the entrance had been sealed off, leaving only a smooth stone wall. Anyone who had entered the Sunken Jade Tower would not be able to leave within half a month. The exit would only open half a month later.

Qiu Ying and the others would catch up to him in a few moments but in such a broad underground world, which direction would be safer to go? With no one to lead the way, Ye Chen was completely clueless about the situation here. If he walked around carelessly, he would easily encounter danger.

A shrill hiss rang out and Ye Chen raised his head to see countless evil spirits and demons in the sky, surrounding him like flying locusts. The shadowy cloud occasionally transformed into strange faces, greedily absorbing something.

Ye Chen felt the surrounding Celestial Chi energy constantly flowing.

The strength of these spirits and demons were at most equivalent to that of a Third of Fourth Level mystical beast. However, there were too many of them - almost tens of millions. Even a Tenth Level combatant could be expected to die miserably if besieged endlessly by such a group of spirits and demons.

Ye Chen immediately understood how the gray corpses on the ground came about!

When these evil spirits encountered groups of humans or mystical beasts, they would follow them like a group of vultures. If someone was alone or injured, they would frantically besiege that person.

Ye Chen, who was alone and injured, was certainly the most suitable prey for them.

Those d*mn b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

Ye Chen broke out in a mad dash. He could not let himself get surrounded by them, otherwise, he would certainly die miserably.

The evil spirits smelled the scent of blood on Ye Chen and grew agitated, frantically chasing after him.


Ye Chen's expression changed greatly. There were just too many evil spirits. If they caught up with Ye Chen, the Celestial Chi and blood in his body would be sucked dry. He would become a mummified corpse!

Running wildly, the evil spirits and demons grew in number behind Ye Chen. When he raised his head, he saw another group of evil spirits crowding in front of him.

Ye Chen was surrounded. The Celestial Chi on his body constantly dispelled outward as if it was being drawn away.

"Squeak squeak!" As Ye Chen despaired, Little Tanuki suddenly released astral energy. The evil spirits and demons seemed to touch something terrifying and scattered like birds and beasts, retreating three to five meters away and watching from a distance.

The Psyche of ordinary Ninth and Tenth Level Celestial Beasts could only scare off evil spirits but Little Tanuki had a unique astral energy that was different from ordinary Psyches.

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It turned out that these evil spirits were afraid of that!

Liu Xun, Liu Kan, and the others paled and all took action. Bang bang bang, the evil spirits were killed one after another.

"These d*mn monsters!" Qiu Ying detested these things and fiercely shot out a palm of fire. A dozen evil spirits shrieked and exploded, burned by the flame until there was nothing left.

After they killed a large number of the evil spirits, the remaining ones stayed away and watched the humans from a distance of five or six meters, squawking from time to time.

Looking at the many evil spirits floating around them, afraid to approach, Liu Kan frowned and asked, "What do we now?"

"That Ye Chen boy is a little strange. He was injured and alone, so he should've been besieged by the evil spirits but incredibly, he managed to run so far away. It's clear that he had a method to avoid evil spirits. We can't let that boy escape. We have to find him if he's alive and even if he's dead, we still have to see his corpse. If that boy gets away, we can forget about living peacefully in the future!" Qiu Ying said coldly. "Chase after him!"

The group of people chased after Ye Chen in the direction of the river. The Sunken Jade Tower was full of dangers in every corner and none of them dared to jump into the river. Who knew what dangers lurked in it?

"We'll look along the river. If we encounter any trouble, we can still come back along the river," Qiu Ying said after thinking through.

Hearing Qiu Ying's words, their eyes brightened. As expected of the Prime Minister. The Sunken Jade Tower was vast and one might not be able to get out in a few months if they got lost. They only brought along two months' worth of food and there was the possibility of starving to death here. However, if they followed the river, there would be no such problems.

Ye Chen followed the fast-flowing river down. Icy cold energy emerged from the depths of the river as if something was about to surface from underneath, causing his hair to stand on end.

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