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Ye Chen scoffed coldly and used his Flying Dagger. His body erupted with Celestial Chi and burst out. His left palm formed a blade and struck Liu Xun. With the incomparably sharp metal-type Celestial Chi, Liu Xun's Chi Construct instantly collapsed and fell apart.Qiu Ying was shocked. That brat Ye Chen was not a Ninth Level but a Tenth Level combatant, and he even had two high leveled martial art techniques! Even Liu Xun was no match for this seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy! When the Great Emperor Mingwu was his age, he was like that too!

"What a fearsome boy!" Qui Ying could no longer stay still. He instantaneously leaped a distance and grabbed Ye Chen with hands like an eagle's talons.

Qiu Ying was a top Tenth Level combatant and was several times faster than Ye Chen. If Ye Chen continued to pursue Liu Xun, he would die under Qiu Ying's hands.

"Humph, I underestimated you." Qiu Ying's voice was like a hammer, heavily pounding in Ye Chen's chest, causing the Celestial Chi in Ye Chen's body to surge.

Just a cold snort carried such intimidation. Qiu Ying was deserving of the t.i.tle of a peak Tenth Level. He suddenly moved after seeing that Liu Xun was about to be hurt, causing Ye Chen's heart to sink to the bottom. Ye Chen's heart shivered at the sound of the wind whistling at his left where the palm had swiped. If he did not injure Liu Xun and entangled with Qiu Ying, Yin Mengtian and the others would not leave alive!

Squeak squeak. On Ye Chen's shoulder, Little Tanuki suddenly let out a shrill cry and a mysterious light blossomed in its eyes.

Qiu Ying's figure shivered slightly as his spirit was affected.

"Take this!" Ye Chen's palm rapidly struck Liu Xun.

Liu Xun was frightened and hurriedly parried. However, Ye Chen's palm was too powerful and with a bam, he was struck by Ye Chen's palm. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying, seriously injured.

Qiu Ying's eyes darkened and he forcefully broke Little Tanuki's illusion. He had never thought that this boy would have such a high-level Celestial Beast. It was not surprising that he could catch a Tenth Level lynx to be his guard. This high-level Celestial Beast could even use illusions. Fortunately, it was not that powerful and he could break it. Qiu Ying's movements had only been stalled for a moment but Liu Xun had been grievously wounded by Ye Chen's palm. His thoughts darkened. This boy was ruthless and also possessed amazing talent. He could not be left alive!

Ye Chen hurriedly raised his left arm and a bang rang out as he parried a strike. The protective Chi Construct around his body shook and shattered as his breath raced.

"Watch out!" Yin Mengtian was surrounded by a circle of top Ninth Level combatants. He cried out when he saw Ye Chen got injured and prepared to rescue Ye Chen with Zhan Hu and the others.

"Go!" Ye Chen thundered.

Seeing Ye Chen's glare, Yin Mengtian was shocked. He had planned to shield Ye Chen's escape no matter the cost, even if they ended up dead. He had already stopped giving thought to his safety but as he watched Ye Chen fighting with Qiu Ying and seriously injured Liu Xun, it was clear that he was trying to cover them.

"Let's go!" Yin Mengtian's eyes were conflicted and bloodshot. They charged outside and Yin Mengtian's hoa.r.s.e roar came from the distance. "Qiu Ying, I'm not done with you yet!" Yin Mengtian rarely received favors from others but today, he owed Ye Chen a great deal! Thinking of Ye Chen who was still in danger, Yin Mengtian felt like a knife was twisting in his heart. He could only pray that the heavens watched after Ye Chen and allowed him to escape safely.

A few top Ninth Level combatants under Qiu Ying chased after Yin Mengtian and the others. Liu Xun also suppressed his injury and followed.

Liu Kan was pinned down with the lynx and could not escape. He could only watch as Yin Mengtian and the others ran away.

Bang bang bang. In the span of ten breaths and with Little Tanuki's help, Ye Chen fought a dozen bouts with Qiu Ying. His Celestial Chi had been completely exhausted. There was still a colossal gap between him and a top Tenth Level combatant!

"Besides Mingwu and the Grandruler of Nanman, Tuoba Hongye, this is the first time I've seen someone from an influential family breakthrough to the Tenth Level at the age of seventeen or eighteen. You're the first. It's a shame that you'll have to die by my hands today." Even Qiu Ying could not help but feel a little regretful. An exceptional genius like Ye Chen was truly rare. If Ye Chen was one of his own, he would educate and nurture Ye Chen well. 

"Old man, you want to kill me with your skills? Keep dreaming!" Seeing Yin Mengtian and the others escape, Ye Chen dodged Qiu Ying's palm and wildly ran away.

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"You talk a big game." Qiu Ying snorted coldly. His speed was much faster than Ye Chen and like a maggot sticking to a bone, he swiftly caught up to Ye Chen. A beginner Tenth Level and top Tenth Level were at completely different levels. If Ye Chen did not have the help of the Tenth Level Celestial Beast, he would have long died by his hands.

Qiu Ying followed from behind and Ye Chen plunged headfirst into the Sunken Jade Tower in a fit of madness.

Qiu Ying, who chased after Ye Chen doggedly, stopped after seeing Ye Chen enter the Sunken Jade Tower. The Sunken Jade Tower was infamously dangerous and no one would be able to escape within fifteen days after entering. There were dangers all around inside. Liu Xun, Liu Kan, and the others had not caught up, and Qiu Ying did not dare to enter rashly either.

Ye Chen was injured yet he still dared to enter the Sunken Jade Tower. No one knew how he would die. A cold smile lifted Qiu Ying's lips. This Sunken Jade Tower was said to be one of the Xiwu Empire's most ferocious places. Would that reputation be just for show?

Soon, Liu Kan and the others arrived.

"Where's that lynx mystical beast?" Qiu Ying asked Liu Kan.

Liu Kan's face flushed as he said, "The lynx suffered serious injuries and ran away. Three of Yin Mengtian's guards died but they still got away." If Liu Xun had not been injured by Ye Chen, Yin Mengtian and the others would not have been able to run away!

Qiu Ying snorted in dissatisfaction but did not say anything. Although Yin Mengtian was a prince, he was merely a top Ninth Level combatant. There was no need to fear him as long as he did not advance to the Tenth Level.

"That boy entered the Sunken Jade Tower despite suffering such heavy injuries. He won't be able to leave from the Sunken Jade Tower that easily. There's no escape for him!" Qiu Ying sniffed the b.l.o.o.d.y traces on the ground and memorized Ye Chen's scent. Following the trail of blood, he would find Ye Chen's position.

Everyone hesitated at the entrance of the Sunken Jade Tower. The Sunken Jade Tower was infamous. No one knew if they could leave once they had entered and they backed off a little at the last moment. After all, they had high positions and enjoyed wealth. They had not taken such a risk in a long time.

After a moment of silence, Qiu Ying seemed to have made a decision and entered the Sunken Jade Tower first. Liu Kan, Liu Xun, and the others all exchanged glances before following.

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