Nine Astra Skies

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88 A Tenth Level Lynx

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"Are you okay, kid?" Yin Mengtian asked in concern. He noticed Ye Chen's face was pale and he was gasping for air as if he had just expended a great deal of energy. Ye Chen shook his head as he forced a smile. "Prince Yin, it looks like the journey up ahead will be swarmed with danger, greater than you can ever imagine. Heed my words, if you value your lives, I suggest you turn back now."

Yin Mengtian and the rest looked at each other, pondering what the events that had happened.

"We've come this far, we can't turn back now. Not that I refuse to listen to you but a man must do what he has to do. Even if death awaits me at the front, I'm willing to risk my life." Yin Mengtian looked at Ye Chen. Could the boy be a sibyl from the Oracle Sect? Was he gasping for air because he had attempted to gauge the extent of the dangers ahead?

If only Ye Chen knew what was on the prince's mind, he would have commended him for rich imagination.

Knowing full well that the prince and his troupe had no intention of turning back, Ye Chen did not bother to say much. He looked up ahead and pondered. Even the likes of Daemon Kings had come forward to the Sunken Jade Tower. Greater danger laid up ahead. Would it be wise to continue the journey?

"Little Tanuki, why did the Daemon King retreated so quickly suddenly?" Ye Chen whispered to Little Tanuki.

The critter responded telepathically.

"So, you're saying my Astral Body is different from their Psyche and that I gave the Daemon King a good scare too? Or do you mean that the Daemon King ran into some trouble and had to retreat for the time being?" Ye Chen thought about things. "I know for a fact that my Psyche is a little different. I doubt anyone else apart from me cultivates Psyche. I wonder if I can fool that Daemon King." That was the sole reason Ye Chen had dubbed his Psyche an Astral Body. His Psyche was derived from human's wits. He could tell the difference between his Psyche and a Celestial Beast's Psyche. 

Whatever it was, the Daemon King had retreated. Ye Chen was grateful that he was spared. The part of a Daemon King was not easy to play. If he ran into another powerful adversary and had his cover blown, he could not possibly imagine how his demise would play out by then. 

"Your Highness, you should return. Just imagine what would the people of Yinbei do if anything were to happen to you?" Zhanhu asked Yin Mengtian politely.

"That's right. You should return, Your Highness. You shouldn't go any further than this. Let us take your place instead." The rest of the bodyguards chimed in.

Yin Mengtian was firm and he shook his head. "I must go on. Zhanhu, you're the eldest son in the family. You have your parents, your wife, and your son to look out for. You'll head back and report on behalf of me." 

"Your Highness, if you're staying, I'm staying too." Zhanhu's voice was hoa.r.s.e.

Yin Mengtian was a pretty stubborn fellow. As Ye Chen watched the scene unfold before him, he thought about the Daemon King from the Wolven Kingdom and if the Leo King that Mingyuan served would come forward too. There may be more Daemon King Rank adversaries that laid ahead of the path. If it were a Tenth Level combatant, the group still stood a chance but anything above that, the group may not even stand a chance at surviving. To venture or not to venture into the Sunken Jade Tower? That was the question.

Things needed to be thought through.

Yin Mengtian looked at Ye Chen. The boy's brows furrowed, his expression was heavy, causing even the prince to have some doubts. 

"The people who have ventured into the Sunken Jade Tower in the past, how many of them had survived?" Ye Chen turned toward Yin Mengtian.

"If we're talking about Ninth Level combatants, probably a few thousand. Tenth Level combatants, probably one in ten," Yin Mengtian responded. Why the sudden question? He did think to mask his answers either and proceeded to answer truthfully. 

'Doesn't make any sense.' Ye Chen thought to himself. With an adversary like the earlier Daemon King, one Psyche was enough to wipe out all Tenth Level combatants even if they were hidden away. Even a slap from the king was powerful enough to obliterate them. So how was it possible that only one in ten would survive? Ye Chen finally realized the answer to his question. He was ecstatic. There were many levels in the Sunken Jade Tower, with each level more dangerous than the previous level. The Daemon King must be heading toward the bottom of the tower and did not find the need to concern himself with any Tenth Level combatants. As long as Ye Chen played it safe, concealed his Astral Body or prevented the group from venturing deep down into the Sunken Jade Tower and remained on the first few levels, the Daemon King would never bother with them!

Previously, Ye Chen had managed to arouse the attention of the Daemon King because he had used his Astral Body for no good reason. So long as he projected hi Astral Body within a smaller radius, he and the group would be safe.

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A few silhouettes pa.s.sed by them, darting through the air, and disappearing into the darkness. 

There was not much danger that lay ahead and whenever they encountered beasts, the group avoided them to the best of their ability. 

Suddenly, a roar came from the pile of rocks beside them. A strong-looking lynx with a midnight-colored fur coat appeared. Its power level seemed to be on par with the Scarlet Sky Tiger, baring fangs as razor-sharp as a steel sword and a sheen that shimmered like gold in the dark. 

"Watch out, Your Highness!" Zhanhu brandished his steel sword, channeled his Celestial Chi to protect Yin Mengtian's back and rushed ahead to trade blows with the lynx.

Ding. The lynx broke Zhanhu's sword in half. A vicious swipe came from the creature, sending Zhanhu flying backward.

The group was in shock. It broke the steel sword in half. It was a Tenth Level beast!

"Be careful everyone, it's a Tenth Level beast!"

Yin Mengtian and the others stepped slightly backward and descended into a combat-ready stance, prepared to fight the lynx.

Seeing the number of swords brandished before it, the lynx was intimidated too. It took a few steps back.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, was excited at the sight of the lynx. A Tenth Level beast was difficult to come by. Even the deepest, most inner part of the Lianyun Mountains would never have them. Throughout the entire journey, they had only managed to encounter Ninth Level beasts. The Ye Clan already had two with them. Having another Ninth Level beast was pointless. Ye Chen had always thought of experimenting with his Astral Body onto a Tenth Level beast. The appearance of the lynx was impeccable - maybe he could put his skills to the test.

The lynx didn't look like it a low Tenth Level but a mid-Tenth Level. Although Ye Chen was excited, he had to remain vigilant. If his Astral Body was ineffective against it, it would be a formidable opponent to deal with.

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