Nine Astra Skies

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86 Natural Cave

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It turned out that the Xiwu Empire was already in such a dangerous situation but that was a problem for the future. At that time, the Great Emperor Mingwu would find a way to solve it. When it came to an entire country, a person's power was limited. If a day came where the Xiwu Empire fell… Ye Chen pondered. Only by improving his strength could his clan and him avoid suffering from such a crisis.With Yin Mengtian's respected position, it was completely unnecessary to endanger himself in the Sunken Jade Tower. He could simply call for his guardians. However, he still came which demonstrated his sincere heart.

"Since you're determined to enter the Sunken Jade Tower, I shall escort you." Ye Chen smiled.

Zhan Hu and the others were displeased with Ye Chen's tone. After all, they had six top Nine Level combatants. No matter how strong Ye Chen was, did he not need to consult them first? Where did that leave them, the guards of the Prince?

"Young friend, you know how to get to the Sunken Jade Tower?" Yin Mengtian understood the meaning of Ye Chen's words and was pleasantly surprised.

"I know a little but I'll only bring you there once. When we reach the Sunken Jade Tower, I will not interfere no matter what dangers there are," Ye Chen said. After all, they had merely met by chance and the Sunken Jade Tower was full of unknown dangers. Ye Chen would be too busy protecting himself, much less care about others.

"In that case, I thank you, young friend," Yin Mengtian said excitedly. No matter what, he owed Ye Chen a favor now.

"Let's go!" Ye Chen said and walked forward.

Zhan Hu and the others smiled bitterly. In front of them were all Demon Wolves and they could not deal with them at all. How were they supposed to advance?

"Fury of Shattering Earth!"

Ye Chen shouted lowly, sending a palm out. Chi Construct burst out from his body as his palm slashed down. His Celestial Chi swept out, roaring and dozens of Eighth Level Demon Wolves were sent flying.

Zhan Hu and the others were dumbstruck. Ye Chen's Crimson Clouds Searing Skies was already incredibly strong but unexpectedly, his Fury of Shattering Earth was even more powerful. Crimson Clouds Searing Skies should be a mid to upper Tier Six martial art technique and Fury of Shattering Earth should be a Tier Seven martial art technique. Generally, it would take even a genius five to six years to master a Tier Six martial art technique, so it was even more difficult to imagine for a Tier Seven martial art technique. Did this kid start cultivating from his mother's womb?

As palace guards, they always thought highly of themselves. Today, they understood what it meant when one said there would always be someone more talented than themselves in the world!

There was no end to the Demon Wolves. After killing a few, even more would arrive as if clinging to the humans. Ye Chen did not want to use his Astral Body and thought for a moment before whispering, "Little Tanuki, use an illusion!"

A strange light suddenly shone from Little Tanuki's eyes and the Demon Wolves' eyes lost their focus as they staggered, unable to stand. After reaching the Tenth Level, Little Tanuki's illusion could be used through its Psyche. Even if the Demon Wolves did not see Little Tanuki's eyes, they would still fall into the illusion.

Thump thump thump, the Demon Wolves were killed by Zhan Hu and the others in succession.

"Huh, what's going on?" Zhan Hu and the others were surprised. It was as if the previously ferocious Demon Wolves suddenly became drunk. They were able to kill the wolves almost effortlessly. A Ninth Level Demon Wolf died easily with just a single palm.

Elsewhere, other people also rose, easily killing a large number of Demon Wolves and clearing them away from this area.

"What happened to the Demon Wolves? They suddenly became much easier to deal with." Everyone looked at each other in confusion but rejoiced that they survived the calamity.

Only Yin Mengtian's gaze fell on Little Tanuki. Only he had realized the mysterious light in Little Tanuki's eyes. He was terrified. The small tanuki on Ye Chen's shoulder was extremely beautiful and he had thought that it was just an ordinary mystical beast pet that was only Second or Third Level. However, it seemed like he was wrong. This small tanuki was not a low-level mystical beast at all but a very powerful celestial beast!

There were many secrets regarding Ye Chen but Yin Mengtian did not dare to continue digging. If he dug too far and knew too much, they might not be able to remain friends so it was better to play dumb. However, he made up his mind to build a good relationship with Ye Chen. Even if they did not become friends, they could not become enemies either. He would have to pay more attention to this House of Ye in the future.

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After solving the danger ahead of them, many people quickly took out knives from their backpacks and started to skin the Demon Wolf, and dug the spirit pills out. Eighth and Ninth Level spirit pills were worth a fortune! Even Zhan Hu and the others hurriedly s.n.a.t.c.hed the Ninth Level spirit pills.

Even if Ye Chen took all of the spirit pills, they would not say anything. They had never thought that Ye Chen would only take six Ninth Level spirit pills. It left a favorable impression on Zhan Hu and the other's heart. Ye Chen handled affairs stably and was moderate in demeanor.

The spirit pills from the Demon Wolves on the ground were dug clean and many groups left one after another.

Ye Chen looked at Yin Mengtian and the others and said, "Follow me!" Ye Chen followed the direction on the map and walked to the depths of the cave.

Along the way, the cave grew narrower until they could only walk in a single file.

"I wonder how this Sunken Jade Tower was built. How much work did it take to dig so many tunnels?" Ye Chen asked casually as he walked.

"You don't know the origin of the Sunken Jade Tower, young friend?" Yin Mengtian asked after a pause.

"I don't. What's the origin of the Sunken Jade Tower?"

"These tunnels are all natural caves."

"These caves were formed naturally? How could that be?" Ye Chen did not understand. If it was naturally formed, why did it resemble the veins of the human body so much? The place where they fought with the Demon Wolves earlier was also at the spot where a human's Fengchi was.Fengchi is an acupuncture point located on the back of the neck.

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