Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

84 Prince Yin

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There were a few torches placed on the tall walls. With the flickering lights, Ye Chen could finally see clearly. Places where the light did not reach were filled with the indistinct eyes of the Demon Wolves. When the humans saw another person appear at the mouth of the cave, their faces brightened in relief. The more people they had, the less pressure they would suffer. However, upon seeing that it was merely a teenager around seventeen years of age, they could not help but be a disappointment. How strong would a teenager that age be? He still dared to enter the Sunken Jade Tower?Seeing these mystical beasts, Little Tanuki's fur also bristled. It bared its sharp teeth and glared at the Demon Wolves.

Ye Chen could feel Little Tanuki's hatred toward these Demon Wolves. He used his hand to pat Little Tanuki's back to appease it.

Realizing that someone had entered, a few Demon Wolves let out low growls and surrounded Ye Chen.

"Young man, run quickly. You shouldn't be here." Among the six people on the right side, an old man dressed in a splendid robe warned. He had suffered some injuries and had five middle-aged men standing guard beside him, fighting the Demon Wolves. They were surrounded by seven or eight Ninth Level Demon Wolf bodies as well as many more Eighth Level ones.

Ye Chen glanced at the source of the voice. The old man was helpless to defend himself yet he still tried to warn Ye Chen. This immediately left a favorable impression on Ye Chen.

Suddenly, five Eighth Level Demon Wolves pounced and lunged toward Ye Chen.

"Prince, that kid is dead meat," one of the middle-aged men said, waving a Xuan-iron longsword and chopping down an Eighth Level Demon Wolf.

"Ah." The old man sighed in lament.

Everyone thought that Ye Chen was dead meat but they only saw Ye Chen shout lowly. Under the flickering lights, red Celestial Chi burst out. With one use of Crimson Clouds Searing Skies, the five Demon Wolves were sent flying by Ye Chen's palm. Their bodies were charred black as they fell to the ground, whimpering. No one knew if they were dead or alive.

Beating five Eighth Level Demon Wolves with a single palm?

What refined fire-type Celestial Chi! This young man was at least a peak Ninth Level combatant and that martial technique was at least Tier Six. The old man was astonished.

"Zhanhu, which clan is that young man from? What strength he possesses!" the old man asked in shock.

"I don't know either." The guard named Zhanhu shook his head with a wry smile. He was also surprised. A seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy already had the strength of a top Ninth Level combatant, and could even use a martial art technique that was above Tier Six. Could he be the disciple of an influential clan? However, there were only a few clans that had cultivated fire-type techniques in the Xiwu Empire, and he had never heard of a person like this. Besides, in the Xiwu Empire, a top Ninth Level combatant his age would have already revealed his brilliance. Could he be from the Three Major Sects?

Since Little Tanuki hated these Demon Wolves, Ye Chen did not hold back either. He moved step by step forward steadily, sending Demon Wolves flying one by one. Each of his moves was deadly as he forcefully carved out a b.l.o.o.d.y path. He looked around and walked toward the old man. Since the old man had been kind to warn him earlier, Ye Chen decided to help him, considering it as building good karma. The old man's clothes were luxurious and he also had five top Ninth Level combatant guardians. It seemed that his ident.i.ty was not as simple as it seemed.

Ye Chen walked toward the old man, felling everything in his path.

The combatants around grew gloomy upon seeing Ye Chen's movements. Why was it not them who warned Ye Chen earlier? They could have gained such a powerful aid. Ye Chen's strength shocked them greatly. To have cultivation of this level at that age, he would be considered a peerless genius!

A large Ninth Level Demon Wolf pounced on Ye Chen. Little Tanuki used an illusion and Ye Chen slammed his palm on the Ninth Level Demon Wolf's head, smashing its brain instantly.

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The guardians beside the old man were stunned. That was a Ninth Level Demon Wolf! With just a light slap from Ye Chen's palm, the ground was splattered with its brain. Could this young man be a Tenth Level combatant? This was completely beyond their comprehension. To reach the Tenth Level at age seventeen, that talent was comparable to Emperor Mingwu in the past!

Seeing Ye Chen's hesitation, Yin Mengtian hurriedly cupped his hands. "If you don't wish to answer, then please just forget it. Take it as the ramblings of an old man."

Ye Chen thought for a moment. Ye Castle was located in the Lianyun Mountains. These people should not have any connections to such a remote place, so there was no harm in telling them so he answered, "I'm from the House of Ye in Donglin County."

"House of Ye? Which House of Ye?" Besides Yin Mengtian, several guards were also startled.

"House of Ye of the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun," Ye Chen explained. He smiled wryly in his heart. He thought too much. These people had not even heard of the House of Ye.

Yin Mengtian seemed to recall something. Donglin County had a force called the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun. However, it was a very small force and he only knew of them when he coincidentally heard his guards talk about it. As for House of Ye, they had heard of them before coming to the Sunken Jade Tower. A young man from the House of Ye had been chosen by Master Li. Could it be the young man before their eyes?

Ye Chen had killed a few more Demon Wolves while chatting with Yin Mengtian and the others, and finally learned Yin Mengtian's ident.i.ty. He was a Prince of Yinbei County as well as someone who possessed military power, sharing the same rank as the Second-rank Prince of Donglin. Yinbei County and Donglin County were far apart, and it would take a journey of nearly ten days even on horseback.

"Since this young friend has such strength, you should make contributions to the county and bring honor to your ancestors," Yin Mengtian said kindly. Now that he knew that Ye Chen was not from the Three Major Sects, he also put down his guard.

Make contributions to the county and bring honor to his ancestors? What old-fashioned thought was that? Besides, Ye Chen could not be considered a person of the Xiwu Empire. The outside world was chaotic now but the Great Emperor Mingwu was not doing anything particularly wise, so why should Ye Chen help him seize power? Ye Chen smiled and said nothing. Yin Mengtian's thoughts were slightly outdated but he was nevertheless upright. He was not as annoying as the people in the Second-Prince's Palace.

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