Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

81 The Wrong Place

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Big Man Lei was afraid. First strike and he had already displayed a top Fourth Stage martial arts technique. Chi Construct ebbed from his body. Like a condor, he burst forth with demonic speed.Ye Chen carefully observed the ruffian. He took one step back. Wood gave way to fire. The Celestial Chi in his body burned brightly. He summoned his breath, Crimson Cloud Searing Skies!

Big Man Lei was greeted with a wave of blaze, his body experiencing moments of searing pain. He looked at Ye Chen. The boy was surrounded in a dance of inferno. The martial arts technique that he had used had to be Sixth Stage and above. Without thousands of years' worth of lineage, how was it possible that he could possess such a strong martial arts technique?

Big Man Lei grunted. The Ye Clan need not be that discreet. Considering they were a thousand-year-old martial arts clan, they could at least made their castle walls prettier. The state that they lived in was no different than a clan in shambles! All that realization was too late as his Golden Condor Striking Demon met Ye Chen's Crimson Cloud Searing Skies. Bam. Shards of stones flew outward, the ground scorched black. This was not the might of a Ninth Stage combatant but one of Tenth Stage!

The savage possessed a concentrated amount of Celestial Chi. He was probably even a beginner Tenth Stage combatant at the very least, far stronger than grandpa Changxuan. Ye Chen had never encountered a Tenth Stage combatant before and thus, could not tell. Ye Chen stumbled five, six steps backward. His Celestial Chi was a little de-synchronized but began to recover after a moment. 

The Golden Condor Striking Demon lacked power. Perhaps if Big Man Lei knew a Sixth Stage martial arts technique, the outcome would have been more difficult to predict. 

Big Man Lei somersaulted backward into the air, landed a certain distance, and staggered a little before regaining his balance. His reaction had changed. Ye Chen had managed to cultivate a martial arts technique exclusive to the Nanman senior officers from the Hundred Battle Canons. He had also managed to perfect it to its purest form. The boy may be a top Ninth Stage but he would not lag behind a beginner Tenth Stage combatant in terms of power. The savage did not expect himself to find a match in a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy!

Meanwhile, Tuo Bayu and Lan Guzhou who were steadily pushed up to the wall by the felines were waiting for Big Man Lei to come to their aid. They could not process what they had seen. Big Man Lei was having a difficult time with Ye Chen. They knew the extent of his power. Even with their might combined, the two were no match for Big Man Lei yet the scene before them was something none had seen coming!

All of them were in denial of what they were witnessing. They would have never guessed that hardened, experienced warriors like them would be getting their *sses kicked by an insignificant clan.

Just then, Big Man Lei was in for the biggest shock of his life.

Moments after Ye Chen and Big Man Lei had clashed, the boy raised his head to look at the savage. His eyes were filled with the fervor of battle. Channeling the Flying Dagger in his mind, Ye Chen was filled with Celestial Chi. He sent an overwhelming presence of pressure at the savage.

"Have another from me!" Ye Chen roared. Fury of Shattering Earth!

The Celestial Chi rippled. A gale surrounded him. The Celestial Chi around Ye Chen hardened like a rock, his hands transforming into a cleaver. Mimicking the motion of an ax splitting a block of wood in half, Ye Chen slammed his hand down at Big Mai Lei.

After the first clash with Ye Chen where Big Man Lei took the brunt of Crimson Cloud Searing Skies, the Celestial Chi within him was still somewhat distorted and it did not have the necessary time to recover fully. Ye Chen's Celestial Chi, however, recovered in mere seconds. Additionally, his Celestial Chi had doubled in concentration and the following martial arts technique was far more powerful than Crimson Cloud Searing Skies. 

The hardened Celestial Chi around Ye Chen rolled forward like a rock, gaining momentum as it picked up speed. The Fury of Shattering Earth contained a strong earth elemental Celestial Chi and thus, was an earth elemental attack. Ye Chen had merely performed a single swipe but Big Man Lei felt as if there were thousands of knives being hurled at him.

The might of Ye Chen's strike was unparalleled. Iit was powerful enough to split mountains and rocks. 

The boy was holding back from the earlier clash!

Big Man Lei broke into a cold sweat. He had messed with the wrong guy today!

Ye Chen's Fury of Shattering Earth happened so quickly that he could not even dodge out of the way. If he tried to outrun it, he would suffer a worse consequence. He could only enhance his Celestial Chi and tackle it head-on with Hundred Warpunch. 

Bam. A stronger, louder, and more terrifying explosion erupted. Big Man Lei was sent flying ten meters away like a broken kite. The impact had caused him to hit the castle walls so hard that he started to cough up blood. His blood and chi flow had been severely disoriented and his organs had dislocated. His body slid off the wall. Big Man Lei leaned onto the wall to forcefully prop himself up. He looked at Ye Chen. Despite trading blows, the boy remained at his original spot, having never once moved.

After performing Fury of Shattering Earth for the first time, Ye Chen realized something. The battle zeal in his burned brighter. He looked to Big Man Lei and called out, "Come on, one more!"

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In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen's Celestial Chi had swiftly recovered once again. The Celestial Chi in his body was reacting violently. 

Just as Ye Chen was prepared to grab hold of Big Man Lei and Lan Guzhuo, Big Man Lei's right hand moved. He had ingested some form of medicinal pill. Suddenly, the savage erupted and struck Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's expression changed as he sensed a stronger than usual presence of Celestial Chi hurtling at him. Ye Chen quickly channeled his Celestial Chi and braced for impact. 

Due to Big Man Lei's speed, Ye Chen could not evade his attack in time. Their attacks met head-on. Bam. The impact had caused Ye Chen to fly away and hit a tree, snapping the large tree in half. 

The boy had struggled to stand as the Celestial Chi in him was disoriented. He could taste blood at the tip of his tongue. He had no idea what exactly did Big Man Lei ingested to experience a surge in his strength. 

After striking Ye Chen, Big Man Lei did not pursue any further. Instead, he and Lan Guzhuo escaped by leaping away to safety. 

Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the rest gave chase. Seeing that the Big Man Lei and Lan Guzhuo were about to make a run for it, they pursued relentlessly and were close to catching on.

Lan Guzhuo was frantic. He grabbed onto Big Man Lei's arms and begged. "Take me with you, Big Man Lei."

Big Man Lei cast a gold gaze at Lan Guzhuo. He pushed Lan Guzhuo out of the way with his right hand and said angrily, "Out of my way!" The effect of the medicinal pill that he had ingested could last for an hour. He was already having a difficult time caring for himself. If he had brought Lan Guzhuo with him, neither of them would escape alive.

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