Nine Astra Skies

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79 Entering The Castle By Force

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"Ye Ping, alert my father that we've discovered some Nanman savages outside the castle!" Ye Mu frantically urged. Those savages looked tall and brutish, their footsteps steady. One look and anyone could tell these people had cultivated Celestial Chi."At once!" Ye Ping quickly raced toward the Patriarch Residency from the castle wall. 

Big Man Lei, Tuo Bayu, and the rest had arrived at the bottom of the castle wall. Tuo Bayu raised his head to speak, "Listen up people of the castle, we're just pa.s.sing through and we're tired. We need a place to rest so open your doors and we'll reward you handsomely with money!"

Tuo Bayu was a daring man. In a small place like this, he did not think to watch his tone. 

Ye Mu did not believe him. He felt uneasy. The Nanman savages were daring people. Rumor had it that the Nanman Kingdom had conquered the seven surrounding countries, possessed lands three times the size of the Xiwu Empire, and were well-versed in the art of war. When setting foot in other lands, the Nanman savages spoke with arrogance. 

"The Ye Clan doesn't accept random strangers. Go find some other place to rest!" Ye Mu steeled himself and spoke. 

Tuo Bayu scoffed. "Open up, you hear me? Otherwise, I'm going to destroy your castle gates!" His voice was menacing as he was exerting his Ninth Stage pressure.

Big Man Lei observed Ye Mu. The boy was in his early twenties. He spoke with conviction and looked to be a Seventh or Eighth Stage combatant. Recalling the information that Big Man Lei had gathered about Donglin County, he remembered that the Ye Clan was a n.o.body and thus, was not a very powerful clan. There were eighteen clans inhabiting the Lianyun Mountains known as the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun. The Ye Clan must be one of them. 

Tuo Bayu could not get the clan to open its doors. He turned to Big Man Lei. "Big Man Lei, let's just head in and trash the place." He had his intentions. With a castle as big as the Ye Castle, perhaps there might be some women in there. Once they had conquered the castle, they could have some fun. Without Big Man Lei's approval, however, he dared not move. 

"Control yourself!" Big Man Lei shot Tuo Bayu a stare before raising his head to speak, "Listen to me, Ye Clan. I'm old friends with the head of the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun. We're hoping we could make a pitstop at your place. It won't take long. Now, open up!" Big Man Lei's news was outdated. He had no idea that the Ye Clan had already obliterated the Yun Clan. 

Tuo Bayu and Lan Guzhuo looked at their honcho with admiration. They thought about how he was fit to be a leader of the gang. He knew everything, even the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun. Now that he had mentioned their name and spoke of the leader's name, surely the Ye Clan would open its doors to them, right? 

While they were thinking about that, a group of derogatory remarks came from the wall. 

"Old friends my *ss, get lost man!"

"Yeah, f*ck off Nanman ruffians, now!"

"A bunch of Nanman savages, how dare you even have the thought of staying in our place!"

With such a deep hatred for the Yun Clan, it was guaranteed that the Ye Clan would lash out at them. The moment Big Man Lei spoke of his alliance with the Yun Clan, the Ye Clan members proceeded to lambast them with any insults that came to their mind. 

Big Man Lei a.s.sumed that by raising the name of the head of Eighteen Houses of Lianyun, the Ye Clan would have subserviently opened their doors. He did not expect the clan to have such a strong reaction. Seeing how Tuo Bayu and Lan Guzhuo were laughing under their noses, Big Man Lei was embarra.s.sed. 

"Should we teach them a lesson Big Man Lei?" Tuo Bayu looked at him.

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Big Man Lei mustered his breath. 

"Ye Peng, take Ye Mu away. Get a few of our men to tend to the wounded," Ye Zhantian ordered. He looked up too. Someone had the nerve to storm their castle. He too, was angry. He clenched his fist, his veins bulging. 

The seven silhouettes landed at the center of the Ye Castle's compound. The rest of the Ye Clan huddled together and stared at Big Man Lei and his gang, all ready to strike. 

The situation was tense but Tuo Bayu remained nonchalant. He smiled. "Listen up Ye Clan. You're going to prepare a couple of rooms and some girls. We're going to take a good rest and if you don't do that, we'll kill all of you!" Tuo Bayu scanned the crowd, his eyes fell on a couple of girls. He was excited. "These don't look too shabby, I'm taking them!"

Tuo Bayu walked a few steps forward and reached out to grab one of the girls with his ma.s.sive hands. 

Seeing how unruly and evil these Nanman savages were drove Ye Chen crazier. He consolidated his Celestial Chi in his palms, ready to take a life on the spot.

A figure beside him stepped forward. It was Ye Changxuan. Usually mild-tempered, even Ye Changxuan could not contain his anger at the sight of these daring savages. He roared, "How dare you ruffians cause a ruckus in my home!" He stepped forward, Chi Construct enveloping his body, his sleeves moving in tandem to his movements and out came a strike of Shadow Storm.

Bam. Tuo Bayu decided to intercept Ye Changxuan's strike. He was knocked back, staggering five, six feet backward before managing to regain his balance. Meanwhile, Ye Changxuan remained still at his original spot.

"You've got a death wish, old fart!" Tuo Bayu did not expect Ye Changxuan to retaliate. He was angry that the old man had embarra.s.sed him. He conjured a protective Chi Construct barrier on him, the muscles on his body pumped as he was ready to make a move.

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