Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

74 The Rise Of The Ye Clan

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"Why don't you try eating another physic? See if you can continue to cultivate." A youngster suggested.Ye Changxuan shook his head. "No. The limit is one physic. Once consumed, the effects of the medicine will remain in the body for at least a year or two for it to be fully absorbed. If I consume another physic during this period, I could die from an overdose." 

The rest of the youngsters gasped in disgust, so even herbs should not be over consumed or there would be adverse effects.

"Little Chen. Take whatever physics you need. The rest of it can go to combatants of the Eighth Stage and above. As for those Eighth Stage and below, they can each have a little piece of the ginseng. Ginseng is soothing so there shouldn't be many problems.However, remember not to over consume them. Once Ye Zhantian and I have fully absorbed the effects of the medicine, the both of us will help cleanse your meridian channels. I'm sure many of us will achieve Pure Yang State by then!" Ye Changxuan explained. Once the physics were all consumed, the clan's power would reach new heights. Even if they did not stand a chance against the Second-Rank Prince's Palace by then, the prince would think twice before pulling any stunts. 

"I'll take ginseng, the Spirit Pills, and the Celestial Orbs." Ye Chen figured Ye Changxuan and the rest would have no use for the Spirit Pills and Celestial Orbs. 

Ye Chen placed the pills and orbs into his Heaven-Earth Pouch. Leo King was a generous man. Leo King had gifted Ye Chen fifteen red Celestial Orbs and thirty Spirit Pills. He had to keep them at a safe place. Then, Ye Chen took a Millennial Fetal Ginseng. It was a ginseng shaped like a baby, red, and transparent. Streams of raw Celestial Chi came from the plant. One whiff of it was enough to invigorate a person. Good stuff indeed!

Ye Zhantian had a Flaming Serpent Berry too and proceeded to cultivate the effect of the medicine. Meanwhile, Ye Chen and Little Tanuki came forward to observe the process.

Little Tanuki cooed. It looked at Ye Chen innocently. It did not have any interest in physics but the fifteen Celestial Orbs that Ye Chen had in his hands caught its eyes.

"Relax, I'll give some to you later so that you can cultivate too. How many stages are there to a Celestial Beast, Little Tanuki?" 

Little Tanuki showed a number with its paws and made some noises. Although it could not speak, Ye Chen could roughly gauge its message. 

"Ten, like humans too? Or do you mean there are an additional five stages after Tenth Stage?" Ye Chen was surprised. There were an additional five stages after Tenth Stage? Tenth Stage was considered impressive but no one would have expected that there was more powerful presence after Tenth Stage.

Celestial Beasts typically reside deep in the woods and so, they rarely come into contact with humans. At most, they had only heard of Nine-Tailed Fox Spirits who a.s.sumed the guise of a seductive lady to attract men or the Azure Jiao who had inhabited the river streams and channels, and posed as Hebo to prey on little boys and girls. 

"What about the Earth-rank Adept Stage that Mingyuan spoke of? What stage is that?" Ye Chen understood Little Tanuki's gestures. The Earth-rank Adept Stage was a level above Tenth Stage combatants. In the ranks of a human, Mingyuan was considered a Venerable One. Ye Chen casually slipped in another question. "These orbs are Mystic-rank Adept Stage. What stage is Mystic-rank Adept Stage? What about the Daemon King himself?"

Soon, Ye Chen had a firm grasp of the levels of power among Celestial Beasts. Earth-rank Adept Stage was a rank above Tenth Stage while Mystic-rank Adept Stage were three stages ahead Tenth Stage. There was another stage between Earth-rank and Mystic-rank Adept Stage but he did not know the name. Above Mystic-rank lied the Daemon King. There was another stage above Daemon King though Little Tanuki had never heard of a Celestial Beast who had attained a level that high. 

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"So, there are five additional stages following Tenth Stage in human terms?" Ye Chen looked at Little Tanuki.

The people in the grand hall were busy as ever. After ingesting the Flaming Serpent Berry, Ye Zhantian too had reached the top Ninth Stage though his cultivation was somewhat lackl.u.s.ter compared to Ye Changxuan but on par with Mentor Qin nonetheless. On the side, Ye Zhanxiong and the rest had all attained mid-Ninth Stage after taking the physics. Meanwhile, the younger generation ate the Millennial Fetal Ginseng. With the help of the seniors and elderly, they began cleansing the impurities within them.

There were different stages to Pure Yang State too. After Ye Chen had undergone the cleansing ceremony by the Flying Dagger's Celestial Chi, there was not a single impurity in his body. He was in the purest state possible and his cultivation speed had increased monstrously. Ye Changxuan and the rest who had relied on herbs to attain a Pure Yang State arrived at a slightly lower stage. Their meridian channels did not solidify through their lifespan although with their cultivation speed had been extended greatly. On the other hand, due to a lower volume of impurities within the younger generation, their meridian channels would solidify following the ingestion of a little physic and they would cultivate quicker than the average folk. However, if they sought a higher result, the rest of it was dependent on luck.

After spending the entire afternoon ingesting the physics, the clan members had finally used up all the physics in the box. Everyone had at least one physic. When a round-up was conducted following the use of the physics, it was found that Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian were top Ninth Stage. Six of the members were mid-Ninth Stage, eight were low Ninth Stage and there were thirty Eighth Stage members. Under the effects of the medicine, Ye Meng, Me Ming, Ye Peng, and Ye Mu all made it to Eighth Stage too. 

The Ye Clan would have never expected a scene like this at all.

After taking the Spirit Pills, Fluffy One and Fluffy Two had risen to mid-Ninth Stage. A beast's combat abilities were far stronger than a human and so, their powers were equivalent to a top Ninth Stage. Thus far, the Ye Clan had four peak Ninth Stage combatants, which meant they had one more Ninth Stage member compared to the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin's Palace. If the prince had ever decided to stir up some trouble, they would not need to fear him, not until he had sent an armada toward their direction. Meanwhile, the effects of Millennial Fetal Ginseng remained to be seen as Ye Chen had not ingested it.

Ye Chen's eyes fell on Little Tanuki. His Astral Body observing every change taking place in Little Tanuki's body. Like the human's Psyche, Little Tanuki's Psyche was rapidly developing. Its fur became more refined as it grew, like the white fur coat of a sheep. The fifth tail was growing rapidly, now maturing into a full-grown tail. Five of its tails hung beautifully in the air as if swaying to the breeze.

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