Nine Astra Skies

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73 The Peak Of Ninth Stage

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After Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan shifted the treasures to the vault, Ye Changxuan remained behind to safeguard it. Meanwhile, Ye Zhantian continued to entertain the Elder Chiefs and Lords."That's all for today's celebration. My fellow Elder Chiefs and Lords, I hope you'll forgive the clan and I for not being able to host you for a long time. I'll make it up to you lots someday. Please." Ye Zhantian announced. After the events that had transpired today and with so many valuable treasures lying in the vault, they did not dare to keep the celebration going any longer, lest there be a theft took place in the vault, which would be a ma.s.sive loss.

'You're too kind, Elder Chief. The Xu Clan will take our leave now."

"Same here. The Yi Clan bids you farewell."

The crowd dispersed. The Ye Clan were no longer the weakling from before. They now even have a Tenth Stage combatant looking out for them. Even if the crowd was upset by the circ.u.mstances, neither of them could voice their disappointment. Most of the Lords and Elder Chiefs knew that if they had that many treasures, they would certainly close their doors too. Thinking about all that treasure made them furious. What thousand-year Flaming Serpent Berries, Millennial Fetal Ginseng! One random item from their vault could easily transform any member in their clan to a Tenth Stage combatant in three to five years, maybe even less than that!

The Ye Clan was about to prosper. They wondered which powerhouse did Elder Chief Ye mingled with to receive such valuable and precious gifts. Whoever it was, their powers did not pale in comparison to Master Apothecary Xuanyi! Thinking about how the Ye Clan was the powerful one now, the first to face their wrath would be the Yun Clan. As for the Second-Rank Prince's Palace, their fate remained to be seen. Deep down, the crowd was relieved that they were not sworn enemies with the Ye Clan or else they would be done for.

The banquet hastily ended. The Lords and the Elder Chiefs had left. The news of a Tenth Stage combatant staying in their castle grounds spread like wildfire. As the Ye Clan members looked to the East Residence, they did so with the utmost respect.

In the Ye Castle's Patriarch Residency, the fifty core members of the clan huddled together to discuss the events that had taken place earlier today while looking at Ye Zhantian as he shifted the golden chest out of the vault.

Just what exactly was inside the golden chest?

"Little Chen, just who exactly did you mix around with? Why is Mingyuan gifting you such valuable items?" Ye Changxuan asked Ye Chen as he could not contain his curiosity.

The rest of the clan members shifted their gaze to Ye Chen, Ye Changxuan's guess was as good as theirs. Ye Chen was not one to frequently set foot outside the castle, so how did he manage to get involved with Mingyuan?

"I think the one he seeks to form an alliance with isn't me but the Great Ancestor of the Ye Clan." Ye Chen made an excuse. As long as there was something inexplicable, it was best that he had blamed the Great Ancestor. 

"The Great Ancestor of the Ye Clan?" The crowd echoed. Ah, that must be it. Otherwise, a powerful Tenth Stage combatant like Mingyuan did not need to bow down to Ye Chen. The master that Mingyuan spoke of would never gift such valuable items.

"Do you know where the Great Ancestor is then?" Ye Changxuan probed.

The crowd looked on eagerly, Ye Zhantian included. They wondered if the Great Ancestor Ye Chen spoke of was some powerful guy.

"Nope." Ye Chen shook his head. The more he spoke, the more cracks would bound to show in his story. It was better for him to keep it simple.

The crowd was disappointed.

"It's alright. The Great Ancestor himself is pretty enigmatic anyway. Little Chen, you're the Elder Chief, where would you like to keep these?" Ye Changxuan consulted Ye Chen. He could not help but worry about the chest of valuable items.

"Can we consume them? Or does it have to be refined into medicinal pills?" Ye Chen questioned. A fragrant scent wafted out the gold chest as soon it was opened. 

"If we ate them as is, the efficacy of the medicine would only be a tenth of what it is. However, if we refine them to a medicinal pill, its efficacy would increase tenfold." Ye Zhantian mused. "Back then, Yun Yiyang's powers greatly increased because he had the Blood Fungus. Then again, the physic that he had can't possibly compare to this." Ye Zhantian was blown away at the sight of the physics in the chest. Herbs that were hundreds of years old could only be foraged and found deep in the woods of the mountains. This was the first time he had ever come across thousand-year-old physic.

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"If we keep the physics here, people would surely steal them. They might even wreak havoc in the clan. We should eat it now and increase our power, even if it means it won't be as effective!" Ye Chen spoke with conviction.

Ye Changxuan opened his eyes. There was a bright flash in his eyes.

"Well, Grandpa?"

"How was it, Sixth Uncle?"

The people surrounded him.

Ye Changxuan laughed so loud that his voice echoed through the room. "Ahaha, it's thousand-year physic indeed. It cleansed my meridian channels. This must be the legendary Pure Yang State that people speak of. My Celestial Chi cultivation has already reached top Ninth Stage and I'm having an easier time breaking through the Tenth Stage barrier. I doubt I'll even need one to two years to get to Tenth Stage!"

"Congratulations, Grandpa!"

"Congratulations, Sixth Uncle!" The clan members were ecstatic. All of them went up to congratulate him.

With a Tenth Stage combatant in the clan, they no longer needed to fear the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin! Soon, they would be invincible in all Donglin County, even The Thirteen Counties of Lingnan!

Long live the clan!

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