Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

72 The Thousand-Year Physic

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The crowd took a deep breath. Even the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin would never think to lay hands on a Tenth Stage combatant.After Mentor Qin was given an eyeful, he quietly took a few steps back in fear. He could feel the ache running through the bones of his fingers. Mentor Qin was intimidated. This was his first time encountering a Tenth Stage combatant.

Liu Zhen knew what Mentor Qin was capable of. The man before them must be a Tenth Stage combatant or he would have never displayed immense power. The prince was embarra.s.sed and panicking at the same time. If they crossed a Tenth Stage combatant, the safety of the Second-Prince's Palace would be in question. 

Even Ye Chen was blown away by the pangolin's might. The pangolin must be Tenth Stage at least. Could the Earth-rank Adept Stage be the equivalent of mankind's Tenth Stage or higher?

"What's your name?" Ye Chen questioned. There was no denying that he was a little anxious facing a Tenth Stage combatant. If his guise was blown, the Ye Castle was bound to face the Tenth Stage combatant's wrath. Since things have come to this point however, Ye Chen could not back out. Instead, he decided to play along.

"Mingyuan, Your Majesty," the man quickly answered when questioned by Ye Chen.

His Majesty? The Tenth Stage combatant was referring to Ye Chen as His Majesty? The rest of the elder Lords and Chiefs widened their eyes, Mentor Qin and Liu Zhen included. The two imperial members shuddered at the sight of Ye Chen's calm expression, who remained seated away at the far end of the hall. Just who were the Ye Clan and why had they not know about them before this? The two were now extremely anxious.

This was a Tenth Stage combatant, perhaps even a Venerable One! Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the rest were dumbstruck.

The crowd pinched themselves to ensure they were not dreaming. The pain seemed to confirm so.

"Mingyuan, eh? Impressive." Ye Chen nodded his head slightly and smiled. 

Mingyuan beamed. The Daemon King seemed impressed. After all of this was over, Leo King was sure to shower him with praise. Mingyuan happily bowed. "My master has requested that I send some gifts over and said that whenever you're free, you're most welcome to pay us a visit." He did not forget his master's orders. Noticing Ye Chen's positive reactions, he repeated his words once again. 

The crowd finally caught on. This Tenth Stage combatant was on an errand and he was serving under a far more powerful master. A simple errand and they sent a Tenth Stage combatant. Who was this master that the man spoke of and where did he come from?

Ye Chen looked at Little Tanuki and transmitted a couple of messages to confirm if Mingyuan was a part of the wolves responsible for the ma.s.sacre of its race. Little Tanuki shook its head. Ye Chen remained quiet for a moment. It looked like the world of Celestial Beast was a complicated one. 

"As you can see, I'm in the middle of something critical. As such, I'm unable to leave. Please tell your master that I'lll surely visit if I ever find the time," Ye Chen replied. Given the Leo King possessed the rank of a Daemon King, he had to speak with a little more conviction or else he might not be able to keep it together.

Mingyuan's eyes widened and stared at Ye Chen confusingly. Then, realizing what he meant, Mingyuan quickly bowed down. Mingyuan was shocked. A critical moment? Could the Daemon King be at the peak of his rank and now he was looking to integrate into the human society to increase his rank? Breaking through the peak of Daemon King required at least one to two hundred years to do so. For a peak Daemon King, however, one to two hundred years was nothing.

Ye Chen did not expect that his words would have answered the question in Mingyuan's heart.

Sensing that Mingyuan was in deep thoughts, Ye Chen spoke, "Go ahead and present the gift that your master has brought to me."

"Certainly!" Mingyuan obliged. He took out a chest from his Heaven-Earth Pouch. It took both of his hands for him to even lift the chest. The chest seemed to be made of gold with intricate details on it. The details seemed to show the shape of a majestic lion. Mingyuan read attentively. "Enclosed herewith are thirty-five gifts including two-thousand-year Flaming Serpent Berry, three Millennial Fetal Ginseng, fifteen Mystic Rank Celestial Adept's Celestial Orb…"

"That's enough." Ye Chen stopped Mingyuan, his heart pounding.

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Ye Chen scanned the people in the hall. Even the Elder Chiefs and Lords looked over in surprise. They had no idea what a Celestial Orb nor a Celestial Beast was. Forget about the Celestial Orb, even Flaming Serpent Berries were a rarity. They had never come across a ten-year berry, what more a thousand-year berry. There was also the Fetal Ginseng which, as its name suggested were beast turned human ginseng that were also a thousand years' worth and there were three of them! Dear Lord, did they hear everything right?

Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan obliged. They walked to Mingyuan's side and carefully took the chest from him. The man before them was a Tenth Stage combatant. Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan were intimidated though they did not reveal their nervousness. Together, the men lifted the chest to the house at the back of the castle.

Ye Chen knew that whatever they had received would certainly attract thieves. With Liu Zhen and his men around, Ye Chen could not let Mingyuan go yet. Ye Chen had an idea. "Mingyuan, let me write a letter to your master for you to take home. You can stay in the East Residence for the time being."

Mingyuan was elated to hear Ye Chen call him by his name and that Ye Chen was going to write a letter. Mingyuan was so superbly excited. When Leo King received the letter, he would surely reward him. Mingyuan quickly agreed. 

With a Tenth Stage combatant in the Ye Castle, who would dare make a scene?

Liu Zhen and Mentor Qin looked at one another. 

"Elder Chief Ye, we'll take our leave for now. The Second-Rank Prince of Donglin will show up to personally apologize for the insolence," Mentor Qin explained. The Ye Clan was not a force to mess with so he would have to consult the king on the matter.

Mentor Qin was a smart man and knew how to get himself off from sticky situations. Liu Zhen, on the other hand, was at a loss for words. His face showed red in embarra.s.sment.

Ye Chen scoffed at the sight of the two. He would get even with Second-Rank Prince's Palace someday, just not today. 

Mentor Qin forced a smiled at Ye Chen. They had p.i.s.sed off the Ye Clan today. He was going to have to speak to the king on how to dissolve the misunderstanding or the palace would be in grave danger. They hastily left the castle.

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