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71 Tenth Stage Combatant?

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On Ye Chen's shoulder, Little Tanuki glared at Liu Zhen and the others, a strange expression flashing in her eyes.A war was imminent.

Two growls sounded. A giant red tiger and a yellow panther prowled inside.

"It's the Scarlet Sky Tiger and the Stormphantom Panther!" A group of Lords and Chiefs gasped in horror and took a few steps back. The Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther were Ninth Stage mystical beasts. How did they end up at the Ye Castle? Even mid-Ninth Stage combatants would get chills seeing the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther for fear that they would go mad and start attacking people.

"What's going on? Why are Ninth Stage mystical beasts appearing here?"

Even Mentor Qin's heart skipped a beat as he warily watched the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther. Although he could kill the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther, if two Ninth Stage mystical beasts went wild at the same time, it would be quite terrifying.

Liu Zhen took a few steps back and looked at the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther nervously.

Under the eyes of many shocked Lords and Chiefs, the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther stalked toward Ye Chen. Their copper eyes stared at Liu Zhen and the others before issuing a low roar.

Originally, many people thought the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther were wild mystical beasts that accidentally wandered into the Ye Castle. However, after seeing this scene, they understood that the Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther were kept by the Ye Clan!

It was unprecedented for Ninth Stage mystical beasts to listen to a person's orders. The Lords and Chiefs thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them but the truth was right in front of them, so they had no choice but to believe it.

Ye Chen looked at Liu Zhen coldly and enunciated, "You're welcome to try to lay a hand against my Ye Clan!" Besides, they were already sworn enemies with Junw.a.n.g Palace, so Ye Chen had nothing to be afraid of.

Liu Zhen calmed himself. He had also experienced much before. After suppressing the shock in his heart, he laughed loudly and growled, "What does the House of Ye think they can do with two extra pets? Don't underestimate Junw.a.n.g Palace! Nevermind two Ninth Stage mystical beasts, even if you have ten or twenty, do you think they can protect the Ye Castle? Mentor Qin, may I trouble you to please kill those two pets."

"Yes, Young Master." Mentor Qin fist saluted and stepped toward the main hall.

The Scarlet Sky Tiger and Stormphantom Panther flanked Mentor Qin, letting out roars that reverberated in the hall.

"Chief, I've brought him." Ye Ping appeared at the doorway. He saw the scene in the hall and froze.

The atmosphere in the hall was somewhat oppressive, and Ye Ping's sudden call attracted everyone's attention. Following behind him was a burly middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man glanced at those in the hall before stopping at Ye Chen. He immediately felt the oppression of a powerful Psyche, and his heart quivered. The middle-aged man thought that a Daemon King's pressure was different. He did not think much about Ye Chen being a youngster. Daemon Kings could a.s.sume any shape - whether it was old or young, male or female. Each Daemon King had their likes and dislikes, and had nothing to do with age. Which Daemon King was not an old monster who had lived for thousands of years?

"Who allowed you to speak? Impudent!" When a mid-Ninth Stage subordinate under Liu Zhen saw that it was someone from the Ye Clan, he directed his palm toward Ye Ping. The Young Master was determined to a.s.sert his power, so there was no need for him to hold back at all.

The palm was just about to hit Ye Ping but a m.u.f.fled bang rang out instead. It was as if Liu Zhen's guardian's palm had hit an iron plate. As a result, the aftershocks that ran up his arm caused it to become numb. The meridians in his arm had almost ruptured. When the guardian raised his head, he saw that the middle-aged man behind Ye Ping had waved his sleeve and caught his palm. This situation made him panic inexplicably. The other party had just flicked his sleeve but caught an attack which the guardian had put all his strength into. The middle-aged man might be much more powerful than Mentor Qin. Not knowing how to advance, the guardian took a few steps back and did not dare to approach again.

Ye Ping also got a fright and counted his blessings. That was an attack by a Ninth Stage combatant. If it had connected with him, he would have been flattened into a pulp of flesh. It was at that moment where Ye Ping realized that the bearded middle-aged man behind him was also a super powerhouse!

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In an instant, all eyes were focused on this burly yet ordinary-looking middle-aged man.

"Yes." The bearded middle-aged man bowed. He placed a hand on his chest and walked forward, still bent at the waist.

Why on earth was a top Ninth Stage combatant like him so respectful to Ye Chen? Could it be that Ye Chen had an amazing background?

Everyone was confused. Even the Ye clansmen could not understand.

When the middle-aged man pa.s.sed by Mentor Qin, Liu Zhen and Mentor Qin exchanged a look before Mentor Qin suddenly tripped. Celestial Chi condensed in his right hand as he slapped the middle-aged man in the back of his head. This man seemed to have a close relationship with Ye Chen. It was better to kill him first to avoid trouble in the future! So what if he was top Ninth Stage? This sneak attack would certainly kill him!

Mentor Qin was worthy of being called a top Ninth Stage combatant. His Celestial Chi was powerful to a frightening degree, and his Chi Construct burst out of his body. Even Xuan-iron and refined steel would be left with an imprint if they were hit by his palm.

"Watch out!" Ye Zhantian, Ye Changxuan, and the others cried out in warning but it was already too late.

They seemed to be able to imagine how tragic the next moment would be. Ye Chen's heart also tightened.

However, the middle-aged man made no move to evade, and Mentor Qin's palm hit him squarely in the back of his head. A dull sound rang out, like a clap on an iron plate, quite unlike the image in everyone's head of a brain exploding. The middle-aged man was completely unscathed as he glanced at Mentor Qin.

The entire place grew silent. The middle-aged man was slapped in the back of his head by a top Ninth Stage combatant but nothing happened to him. The middle-aged man did not even use Chi Construct to protect himself and simply took the full blow of a top Ninth Stage combatant with just his physical body. Just who in the world was this person? Could he be a Tenth Stage combatant?

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