Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

64 Scarlet Sky Tiger

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Ye Chen stood up feeling all refreshed. He turned to look at Little Tanuki. Its shimmering eyes were staring back into him in the night."Coo coo." Little Tanuki waved its cute little claws.

"You want me to head outside of the Ye Castle with you? What for? Hmm, I think I know what you mean!" Ye Chen was a little confused but he sort of understood Little Tanuki's message. Thinking about it, maybe all of it had something to do with the Astral Body, just maybe.

The Astral Body was an extremely mystifying matter. 

Where was Little Tanuki taking him? To its home? With Ye Chen and Little Tanuki's combined power, they did not have to worry about running into some rank nine combatant or beast. At worst, they could just make a run for it.

While Ye Chen was in deep thoughts, Little Tanuki had already darted outside of the castle.

Ye Chen followed suit. The silhouettes of a man and a beast pa.s.sed by quickly.

"Who's there?" a voice called out. Five figures from the walls came to inspect the situation. It was a group of youths from the clan - all rank six at least.

"It's me," Ye Chen responded. The castle had tightened its defenses recently. Even if a rank nine combatant tried to sneak in, they would have been detected too.

Under the moonlight, the people could make out Ye Chen's face. They immediately saluted him. "Elder Chief."

Ye Chen cleared his throat. "I came to inspect the area. You guys are doing good. Keep it up." Ye Chen's face was red from lying but he carried on. "Continue with your night watch duties, I'm just going to head out for a bit." 

The youths were happy to receive Ye Chen's praise.

Like a large vulture, Ye Chen darted out of the Yun Castle.

"The elder chief is so cool. Seventeen years old and he's already rank nine. It's so rare for Donglin County to have such a prodigy!"

"Back at the battle earlier today, Ye Chen took out Yun Yixuan with a single strike. I bet he's way above rank nine."

"Maybe the elder chief's on the same power level as Grandpa Ye Changxuan? Mid rank nine?"

The fellow men looked on Ye Chen with admiration. They all hoped to have half of his power someday.

After getting out of the castle, Ye Chen finally relaxed. Being an elder chief was not easy as there were many expectations that came along with it. Had it not been for grandpa and father shoving the t.i.tle onto Ye Chen, he would have refused the role. Thankfully, it was merely just a t.i.tle. Major matters that concerned the clan were still handled by Ye Chen's grandpa and father so all he had to do was live his life and focus on his training. In half a year, he would depart from Donglin County for the city and learn the art of Alchemy from Master Apothecary Xuanyi. Hopefully, the matters concerning the Yun Castle would be resolved quickly.

Woosh. The sounds of wind billowed in Ye Chen's ears. Both sides of trees swayed as Ye Chen ran after Little Tanuki.

'Wait a minute. This path looks different from before.' Ye Chen thought to himself. It seemed like Little Tanuki was heading elsewhere, not home.

After a moment, the two had descended deep into Lianyun Mountains where beasts' howls could occasionally be heard.

They were deep in uncharted territory. Ye Chen had not set foot into this part of the region.

Little Tanuki continued to run ahead and Ye Chen followed without a second thought. Sending his Astral Body to inspect up ahead, he could see a ma.s.sive tiger in bright crimson color. Its eyes shimmered in the dark. It was hidden away in a thicket, ready to pounce on its prey. The tiger had appeared within the detection radius of his Astral Body hence Ye Chen was worried. It was a rank nine beast or even stronger - the Scarlet Sky Tiger! 

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Little Tanuki was within the tiger's hunting grounds. Oh no, Little Tanuki was in danger. Ye Chen picked up his pace and dashed up ahead.

Ye Chen was distracted momentarily. "What, you want me to enslave it?"

Little Tanuki nodded its head, its dewy eyes spoke of joy. 

Oh right! The Astral Body! Ye Chen suddenly thought of it. It was said that when a Celestial Beast could cultivate an Astral Body, they could enslave a beast. Maybe his Astral Body could enslave the Scarlet Sky Tiger. Would it work if his powers were weaker than the tiger's though?

Forget it, Ye Chen was determined to give it a shot!

Ye Chen summoned his breath, his strong Astral Body charged toward the tiger.

Just as the tiger came closer, it detected a large presence of Astral Body. The Astral Body intimidated it to the point where its legs were beginning to tremble. Only a Celestial Beast would possess such a strong Astral Body.

It trembled in its place, not daring to move.

In Ye Chen's previous world, tigers were considered the king of beasts in this world but here, there were far stronger beasts than the tiger. Of course, there was no denying a rank nine Scarlet Sky Tiger was equally a force to reckoned with.

Ye Chen was astonished at the sight of the tiger fearing his Astral Body. The saying that beasts were afraid of Psyche was true. Ye Chen used his Astral Body to penetrate into the tiger's mind, only to realize that the tiger's Psyche was only the size of a fist.

So, a beast's Psyche was inferior! It was probably much more inferior compared to the sanguine wolf. If that was the case, then the sanguine wolf must be a Celestial Beast!

With a weak Psyche, beasts should be easy to enslave. Now, for the big question, how was he going to enslave the Scarlet Sky Tiger?

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