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62 An Opportune Momen

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"From the Yun Castle." Ye Chen beamed. He took out a few more books from his sleeves. "Here, Grandpa. These are manuals of Concentrated Celestial Construct, Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike, and True Yang Polaris. See if our people can put it to good use."Manuals to the Yun Clan's Concentrated Celestial Construct to Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike, and True Yang Polaris?

The rest looked at Ye Chen in confusion for a long while. Neither of them had the chance to come around to their senses.

"Did you ransack the Yun Clan's treasure, Little Chen?" Ye Changxuan probed in surprise after finally getting the idea. He took the manuals from Ye Chen's hand. No doubt, these were the manuals to Concentrated Celestial Construct, Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike, and True Yang Polaris. To the side of the Heaven-Earth Pouch, the word Yun was st.i.tched onto it.

"That's right." Ye Chen nodded his head, deciding not to reveal that Little Tanuki had a part in it.

After receiving a confirmation from Ye Chen himself, a weird expression showed on Ye Changxuan's face followed by a burst of laughter. "You stole the manuals to the clan's cultivation systems and martial art techniques. I bet that Yun Yiyang must be p.i.s.sed to high heavens!" He did not have a good laugh in such a long time.

Finally catching on to the situation, the crowd cheered. For so long, the Ye Clan was under the mercy of the Yun Clan. No one had expected the day when they could finally exact their revenge!

"Let's look into these manuals and see if we can find the flaws in their techniques. The next time we fight them, we'll be at an advantage. Besides, with the manuals in treasures, we can take it out for an occasional read. It's a win-win!" Ye Zhanlong added. Ye Chen had been bringing the clan a steady stream of surprise all day long.

After resting a little while, Ye Zhantian felt better. Hearing Ye Changxuan's words, he too cheered on.

"You're wounded, Father. You should head back in for more rest." Ye Chen looked at Ye Rou. "Little Rou, I'll leave Father in your care. I've got to help the rest." Between Ye Chen and Ye Zhantian, one of them had to oversee things. 

"Sure. Leave it to me, Brother Ye Chen." Ye Rou smiled and nodded. Ye Zhantian was proud of Ye Chen for the latter had grown. Ye Zhantian allowed Ye Rou to bring him to the Patriarch Residency. With his injuries, there was nothing he could do here, might as well not get in the way.

The rest of the elderly and the weak who had hidden at the clan's cellar also rushed out to help. Every wounded fighter was given a medicinal pill. Those with the middle name Zhan, Ye Peng, and Ye Mu included were given an additional one or two Chi Deposition Pill as it hastened their recovery process.

The entire castle went into a full rescue mode. Meanwhile, those in charge of security continued to keep a lookout for any possible danger.

Back at the Yun Castle.

Yun Yiyang had just received news of the deaths of Yun Yixuan and Niu Er along with reports of their failed attack. Yun Yiyang was red in the eye, his teeth clenched. Not only did he failed to destroy the Ye Clan but he had also lost two rank nine combatants in the process, especially Yun Yixuan, his blood brother!

"Are you sure you saw Ye Chen kill Yun Yixuan and Niu Er with your own eyes?" Yun Yiyang asked again, thinking that he had mixed up the news.

"When the second lord led the a.s.sault at the castle, I was observing everything from afar. The little boy killed Yun Yixuan and Niu Er." The henchman stuttered when he took note of Yun Yiyang's violent expression.

"I'm not going down without a fight!" Yun Yiyang clenched his fist. He was trying to keep his emotions in check. It was after a moment that he finally managed to calm down.

Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and Ye Chen - the Ye Clan had three rank nine combatants now!

Yun Yiyang got gooseb.u.mps just thinking about Ye Chen. What more hidden powers were there to the boy? How could his power have increased tremendously in such a short period? Was he a prodigy like the Great Emperor of Mingwu?

Yun Yiyang had just lost two of his finest generals. The likes of Yan Yin and Qin Yu no longer answered to him. Two of the three rank nine combatants that the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin had provided him was gravely injured. He had no other options. He could not be sitting around and waiting for death to knock on his door. After some thoughts, Yun Yiyang decided to only inform the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin of the incident and leave it to him to handle. Yun Yiyang was anxious as he sincerely hoped the prince's elites would arrive soon. Now, Yun Yiyang could only protect his people and tighten security. He was worried that the Ye Clan might attack them out of the blues.

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After a busy afternoon, the deceased in the Ye Clan were finally laid to rest. Some of them could not help but be sentimental and somber, given these were people they had lived alongside for the longest time.

"Don't forget our honor! Our clan would never rest until the Yun Clan is dead!"

A group of men argued, each with an opinion of their own.

"What do you think, Little Chen?" Ye Changxuan consulted Ye Chen.

The moment Ye Changxuan spoke, the rest ceased their argument. They shifted their focus to Ye Chen. It was a pin-drop silence in the hall. Ye Chen was considered the clan's elder chief. No matter his words were, they would never go against them. This was the code of the clan. In the clan, the elder chief's words mattered more than the Emperor's.

Noticing the men's attention, Ye Chen was careful with his words. Peering into their eyes, Ye Chen finally realized how important his words were to the clan.

"It's okay, Little Chen. Just say it." Ye Changxuan rea.s.sured Ye Chen.

"I think it's alright for us to wait for the opportune moment to strike. The Yun Clan is on a slippery slope to destruction now. Meanwhile, our clan is on the rise. Let's not harp on the past. Even if we wanted to attack the Yun Castle, we would have to wait for Grandpa and Father to take the Earth Quintessence Pill before we can plan." Ye Chen offered. "In two days, the clan will be expecting a large number of lords and elder chiefs. If we form an alliance with some of them, the clan will be safe. By then, even if the Yun Clan sent the Second-Rank Prince's finest warriors to our doorsteps two months down the road, they'd never lay hands on us."

The rest of the men took in what Ye Chen had said.

"He's right. We should wait for the right moment to strike. Within the next two months, I expect everyone to train hard! If we're going to take the fight to the Yun Castle, we should all be rank eight and above or we can forget about getting even!" Ye Changxuan sternly reminded the rest.

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