Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

61 The Aftermath

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A group of clan members hurried to rescue the injured. Words could not describe the anguish and sorrow that they experienced at their men's deaths. Some were even crying at the top of their lungs.Ye Chen walked over to Ye Zhantian's side and placed his right hand on his father's wrist. His father's meridian channels were in a bad shape but thank goodness something kept his heart from giving way. Ye Chen looked at the item in his father's hands. It was Ye Rou's jade pendant. Grateful for what Ye Rou had done, he shot a look of grat.i.tude at her as she was walking toward them.

Ye Zhantian's Celestial Chi was fully depleted. Immediately, Ye Chen inserted a Thunder Quintessence Pill into his father's body and then took out a piece of Earth Quintessence Pill.

"What's this?" Ye Zhantian looked at the pill in Ye Chen's hands. It was ash green and he had not seen it before.

"An Earth Quintessence Pill. Eat it father, quickly." Ye Chen was heartbroken at the sight of his gravely wounded tiger father. 

Ye Zhantian glanced at Ye Chen in surprise. Where on earth did he get such a valuable medicine though now was not the time for such questions. He hurriedly took it.

"Little Chen, where's grandpa? Why isn't he with you?" Ye Zhantian struggled to speak.

Ye Chen gasp. He was so concerned about his father's wellbeing that he had forgotten about grandpa!

"Grandpa and I encountered some resistance along the way. He covered me while I made the trip back here. You rest here father, I'll go look for grandpa!" Ye Chen replied.

"Go now," Ye Zhantian ordered. He was worried about Ye Changxuan's safety.

Just when Ye Chen was about to leave, Ye Zhanxiong and the rest roared triumphantly. "Sixth Uncle's back!"

Ye Changxuan swiftly entered the castle and landed at the center. He inspected the surroundings and saw Yun Yixuan's lifeless body. Though a little surprised, he was relieved nonetheless. The battle at the Ye Castle had finally come to an end.

"Sixth Uncle, you're hurt." Ye Zhanxiong noticed his uncle's pale complexion. His clothes were slightly tattered and his shoulders injured. Ye Zhanxiong quickly helped Ye Changxuan and administered some treatment. 

"Don't worry about me, help the rest." Ye Changxuan brushed him off.

"Grandpa, are you okay?" Ye Chen rushed over anxiously. By right, the three low rank nine combatants should not have given his grandpa a difficult time.

"Those sc.u.mbags from the Yun Clan loaded their sleeved darts with poison. A little longer and I wouldn't have made it. I managed to take two out and let loose of them. Then, they decided to retreat and stop pursuing me after they got some message." Ye Changxuan forced a smile.

The Yun Clan had this all thought out through. Three rank nine combatants ambushed Ye Chen and Ye Changxuan with Yun Yixuan and Niu Er coming over to kill them. Then, have the said three rank combatants gang up on grandpa. This was all well planned but neither of them would have predicted the duo would arrive home so soon. With Ye Chen's impeccable timing, he managed to defeat Yun Yixuan and Niu Er and turned the tables, causing the clan to suffer the loss of two experienced fighters.

"Who did the Yun Clan send to attack the castle?" Ye Changxuan inquired as he was looking at the deceased members of the Ye Clan being carried away.

"Yun Yixuan led the attack alongside a guy named Niu Er. There were two rank nine combatants, nine rank eight combatants, and a few top rank seven combatants," Ye Zhanlong replied.

"Yun Yixuan and Niu Er?" Ye Changxuan gasp. He knew Niu Er was a bandit from the nearby mountains. He wondered how did he get involved with the likes of the Yun Clan. Niu Er specialized in Chi Construct, even he dare not underestimate him. He expressed his surprise. "I didn't know that Ye Zhantian's power had grown tremendously."

Ye Zhanxiong, Ye Zhanlong, and the rest smiled. "You're wrong, granduncle. It was Little Chen who had defeated Yun Yixuan and Niu Er, not brother."

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"Little Chen single-handedly defeated the two of them?" Ye Changxan's mind went blank. He looked over to Ye Chen in disbelief. "Really?"

"These Earth Quintessence Pills, are they for us?" Ye Zhanlong asked again.

"You know, we could always exchange these Earth Quintessence Pills for some Chi-ama.s.sing Pills for the people." Ye Zhanxiong could feel the heat coming from the pill.

"During the Grand Martial Tournament of the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun, Little Chen had managed to earn the admiration of Master Apothecary Xuanyi's disciple, Master Li. These were medicines that he gave to Ye Chen and Ye Chen's gift to all of you. Take it. You have to get your powers up, your men need you." Ye Changxuan waved his hand and muttered. Ye Zhanlong and the rest are such cowards. A little medicine and they were already scared out of their wits. How were they ever going to lead the future generation? Ye Changxuan was grateful for all of this. Five Earth Quintessence Pills were a ma.s.sive help to the clan!

An Earth Quintessence Pill could only be produced by a high-ranking apothecary and they do not usually have that great luck at replicating it. These were all produced by Master Apothecary Xuanyi. Producing a furnace of these can potentially take up to fifty days. Once it was done, there could be two thousand of them at best or a thousand at least. It may be a lot but with Xuanyi distributing a portion of it to his disciples and the other half being bought by rich families, there was honestly not a lot to go about. Therefore, it made the Earth Quintessence Pill extremely valuable. In the past, a small tribe like the Ye Clan could never possibly be able to afford these.

With four Earth Quintessence Pills have been given out, Ye Chen had one left in his hand. He looked at Ye Rou who stayed by his side.

"Ye Rou, this is for you." Ye Chen shoved the pill into Ye Rou's hands.

"It's okay Brother Ye Chen, I don't want it." Ye Rou smiled at Ye Chen with bright eyes. She was happy that Ye Chen was back in one piece.

No matter how much Ye Chen insisted, Ye Rou did not want it. Perhaps Ye Rou truly did not need it. After all, her jade pendant was a relic! As such, Ye Chen gave the remaining Earth Quintessence Pill to Ye Changxuan and he pa.s.sed to Ye Zhanying. Ye Chen gave one Marrow Absolution Pill to Ye Xuan and another to Ye Meng who, despite his severe injuries, was alive and well.

"There's still some Chi Deposition and Chi Ama.s.sing Pills. I'll leave it to you to decide, Grandpa. Give it to the rest."

"Where did you get all these?" Ye Changxuan took the Heaven-Earth Pouch from Ye Chen's hands and saw about five to six thousand Chi Deposition and Chi Ama.s.sing Pills. Master Li would have never given Little Chen such an amount of pills and considering his status, these were certainly not something worth gifting.

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