Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

60 The God Of War!

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With two rank nine combatants on the enemy's side, the Ye Clan was at a complete disadvantage!Ye Chen could have managed a top rank eight combatant with little effort but he was far from capable of taking on a rank nine combatant.

Ye Chen was restless. In another one or two minutes, the Ye Clan was going to suffer a huge casualty.

"Watch out, Little Chen!" Ye Zhantian called out for Ye Chen as he noticed Niu Er sending his flail at him. Ye Zhantian tried to get back on his feet but the severe wounds made his chest hurt. He collapsed and fell onto the floor once more.

With no way to avoid Niu Er's flail, Ye Chen resorted to his Celestial Chi to take the blow.

Bang! Ye Chen was sent flying a few feet away. He was struck by Niu Er's flail another time.

The Celestial Chi in him began to disperse. His insides were also hurt from the impact and he struggled to regain his footing. Niu Er's Celestial Chi was unparalleled. He was truly a rampaging bull.

"I'll make sure you and your father die by my hands today!" Niu Er laughed fiendishly. He raised his flail at Ye Chen again. Its weight and the raw strength of a rank nine combatant were all that was needed to smash a rank eight combatant to a pulp!

Coo coo. Little Tanuki, who was on Ye Chen's shoulder, raised its hair and stared ferociously at Niu Er as he charged towards them, sending out a strong Psyche toward him.

Ye Chen sensed Niu Er's flail coming closer. Was it his time?

No, if Ye Chen died, the entire clan would perish along with him! He could not let it happen!

A light flashed across Ye Chen's eyes. He lifted his right leg backward slightly and descended into Dao Trance. As if heeding to his command, the Celestial Chi resonated accordingly. The Nine Astra spun and Celestial Chi began to pour forth from the Flying Dagger. At that moment, it felt like it was just him and Niu Er. 

Within the five elements, Wood birthed Fire and in turn, Fire grew stronger in the presence of Wood! A light bulb went off in Ye Chen's head as he had an idea.

The wood elemental Chi in him set into the Alpha Star as it began to ebb. In the blink of an eye, it turned into fire elemental Celestial Chi and was tenfold stronger than the Crimson Cloud Searing Skies that he had displayed at the Yun Castle.

Crimson Cloud Searing Skies!

Ye Chen screamed. Waves of flame burst out.

Niu Er was about to strike Ye Chen when suddenly, he fixed his gaze onto Little Tanuki's eyes. He felt entranced and his mind went blank. It was that moment when a wave of flame greeted him.

D*mn. Niu Er was startled but it was too late to change strategy now.

Boom! The wave of flame engulfed the surrounding area, destroying the flail in Niu Er's hands. Niu Er took a blow to his chest, his solid body flying and then dropping violently to the ground about seven to eight meters away. His body stopped after rolling a certain distance. He was charred and smoke came out of his clothing. He let out a couple of cries, each sounding weaker than the first.

What happened? Neither the henchmen of the Yun Clan nor the people of the Ye Clan could wrap their heads around the scene. Niu Er, a rank nine elite combatant, defeated by Ye Chen in a single strike and was now fighting for his life.

No words could describe their terror. Ye Chen was only a seventeen-year-old kid!

The men from the Yun Clan had lost their morale. They had two rank nine combatants with them and now they had just lost one. Yun Yixuan, who was the only rank nine combatant left may not even be on par with Ye Chen! The victor of the battle had been decided. What was there left for them to fight anyway?

After a moment of fear and terror, the members of the Yun Clan cheered. There was a glimmer of hope for them! Their morale had been lifted and they were now pushing back the attackers from the Yun Clan. They had an advantage. 

The surrounding was scorched following the Crimson Cloud Series Skies. Ye Chen remained still with his eyes closed. The Crimson Cloud Searing Skies took all the Celestial Chi that he had, including the reserve in his energy. Only The Flying Dagger in his subconscious continued to pour forth Celestial Chi. 

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Silence ensued. Within the energy center, the sound of an object crumbling could be heard yet Ye Chen remained in a state of trance.

Ye Chen had broken through the threshold of top rank seven following the earlier battle. Now, his Celestial Chi was way more powerful than before and it allowed him to create a layer of protective Chi-Construct mirroring that of a rank eight combatant. With the concentrated amount of Celestial Chi in Ye Chen, the layer of protective barrier was strong enough for him to take on a rank nine combatant.

Sensing that Yun Yixuan was merely a foot away, Ye Chen sidestepped, ama.s.sed all of his Celestial Chi in his right hand, and shoved his palm toward the opening in Yun Yixuan's Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike. 

Yun Yixuan felt his Chi being manipulated, his body was involuntarily flying forward. His Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike did not hit a thing. It was all too late when he had intended to counter Ye Chen's attack. Bam. Ye Chen struck Yun Yixuan on the chest, a loud explosion followed suit. He had broken Yun Yixuan's protective Celestial Chi barrier. One side of Yun Yixuan's chest collapsed, his ribcage broken and just like a kite that had lost its line, it flew outward uncontrollably. Yun Yixuan was sure to have suffered a heavy blow like Niu Er.

Everyone who had witnessed the scene was taken by surprise by the turn of events. Ye Chen had easily and skillfully defeated Yun Yixuan with a single strike.

The entire Ye Clan cheered at the sight of things.

"He's the G.o.d of War!"

"The G.o.d of War!"

A rank nine G.o.d of War had appeared in the Ye Clan! A seventeen-year-old war prodigy!

The people on the wall, too, roared proudly. They looked at Ye Chen with the utmost respect. To them, Ye Chen was undeniably a G.o.d of War!

The remaining attackers from the Yun Clan were now dispirited. Both of their rank nine combatants were gone. The fact that Ye Chen had soundly defeated Yun Yixuan with a single strike from the palm had caused them to lose their fighting spirit. The surviving members who did not retaliate and ran for their lives were swiftly apprehended or executed by the members of the Ye Clan.

Ye Chen looked at his surroundings. His kind had suffered a heavy casualty - the castle was in shambles but the people looked at him with a sense of renewed hope and joy. They knew that today marked the day that they need not live in the shadows of the Yun Clan any more for they have found a new protector and savior!

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