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58 In Grave Danger

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Yun Yixuan staggered a few steps backward, bleeding from the clash. He was stunned. Ye Zhantian turned rank nine not long ago but he was on an equal footing with him. How was that possible?"Ye Zhantian, a ma.s.sacre is going to go down at the Ye Castle today. All of you can think twice about trying to survive the onslaught. I've brought a rank nine elite combatant and a couple of rank eight and nine fighters along with me. Resistance is futile. You should just submit to your fate!" Yun Yixuan was excited.

Ye Zhantian grimaced. He did not think that Yun Yixuan would bring such a large company. If the sixth uncle did not return in time, the Ye Castle would be reduced to rubble.

"You can forget about Ye Changxuan and your son. They've long perished at the Yun Castle. They're never coming for you!" Yun Yixuan laughed maniacally. 

Ye Zhantian turned pale. He could barely compose himself. The sixth uncle and Little Chen dead? The boy was so young and he had such a bright future ahead. How could he have… Ye Zhantian was devastated. He could not hold back his emotions.

Capitalizing on Ye Zhantian's moments of weakness, Yun Yixuan raised his hand and struck Ye Zhantian in the head with True Yang Polaris.

"Even if the Ye Clan is going down today, I'm taking you along with us. I'll avenge my son!" Ye Zhantian looked furious, his eyes turned red from rage. He channeled all his Celestial Chi and moments later, dashed across the screen with ma.s.sive pressure, letting out a thunderous roar with every ounce of muscle in him. 

Ye Zhantian's pressure was deadly. Yun Yixuan thought the news of Ye Changxuan and Ye Chen's death would devastate him but it only served to enrage him further. Before Yun Yixuan had a chance to strike Ye Zhantian down with True Yang Polaris, the former had already charged full speed ahead for him.

Bam! A large amount of Celestial Chi struck Yun Yixuan and sent him flying a few feet backward. Ye Zhantian was relentless. He followed up with a Shadow Storm Talon.

"Brother Niu! Come, give me a hand. Let's take down Ye Zhantian together!" Yun Yixuan could not hold himself under Ye Zhantian's array of attacks.

"Yun Yixuan, you're losing your grip by the day. You can't even beat a random rank nine fighter!" Not far away, a large man with a flail who was attempting to defeat Ye Zhanlong and the rest leaped to Yun Yixuan's rescue the moment he had heard him calling. As agile as a panther, he leaped forward and slammed his flail down.

With both men ganging up on him, Ye Zhantian was suddenly having a difficult time.

On the other end, Ye Zhanlong was intercepting the rest of Yun Yixuan's rank eight henchmen with his own team of rank eight combatants. Ye Zhanlong and the rest looked over to Ye Zhantian worriedly. There was no way his brother could fight two rank nine combatants concurrently. Meanwhile, he and his group of warriors were surrounded by the enemy. There was no way out of this!

Apart from rank nine and eight combatants, Yun Yixuan brought along seven other rank seven combatants, all who were pursuing the clan's youngsters. The most proficient combatant among the younger generation was only rank six. They were no match for a rank seven combatant. One of them was cornered by five or six men and took some heavy beating. Using an unknown spell, Little Rou managed to increase her power to rank seven to intercept the remaining two rank seven elite combatants. Had it not been for them, the Ye Clan would have suffered a greater loss.

The rest of them who were weak were barely even cut out for a fight. One pressure from the rank nine combatants and they were shoved out of the way.

Woosh. A volley of arrows flew toward Yun Yixuan and his men. Given the chaotic scene, the archers on the wall did not dare fire their crossbow frequently, fearing that they may hit their own kind. Instead, they shot intermittently. 

Bam. Ye Zhantian took a hit from Niu Er's flail. He fell onto his knees and began spitting out blood.

"Prepare to meet your maker, Ye Zhantian!" Yun Yixuan laughed mercilessly. He was enjoying the scene every step of the way.

Ye Zhantian was beginning to blackout. If it were not for the power of the Thunder Emperor Discourse, he would have given in long ago. It was only through his Celestial Chi that he could stall Yun Yixuan and Niu Er. Looking at all the clan members who were fighting to their deaths, Ye Zhantian knew that he could not fall. Because if he did, the Ye Clan would face a ma.s.sacre. 

Ye Zhantian was the clan's G.o.d of war. Now that the sixth uncle was dead, the fate of the clan rested in his hands.

Even if it meant being crippled or losing his life, Ye Zhantian would do anything to protect his clan. Otherwise, he dared not face the Ye ancestors in the afterlife. 

Without regard for his body, Ye Zhantian continued to release a large amount of Celestial Chi. Arching his back like a wounded tiger, he was prepared to attack Yun Yixuan and Niu Er, who were closing in on him.

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"What a stubborn guy, you still won't give in." Niu Er looked at Ye Zhantian. "I've never had a difficult time killing anyone in battle. Then again, I've seen many who won't quit. In the end, they all died by the hands of my flail just the same. Let's see if you can afford to take another hit!" He slammed his flail once more.

Ye Chen paused. His grandpa should have no problems dealing with three low rank nine combatants. Only, it was difficult to tell who would emerge the victor half an hour later. Regardless, Ye Chen was sure his grandpa would be fine.

"Watch yourself, grandpa! I'm going now!" He gathered himself up and dashed toward the castle at full speed once more.

The Yun Clan sent three rank nine combatants to stop them in their tracks. Ye Chen wondered just how many more combatants were there and how was the castle faring? Up ahead, the Ye Castle was within his view. 

It was a mess in the castle. Ten bodies sprawled on the ground motionless, many of the clan members were hurt, and there were two death counts on the Yun Clan's side.

Under the pressure from two rank nine combatants, Ye Zhantian came close to exhausting his Celestial Chi. He was on the brink of death. He could hear his men's cries of anguish. Was this the end of the Ye Clan?

Ye Zhantian took another breath, gathered his remaining Celestial Chi in his right hand, and thrust toward Yun Yixuan. Bam!.

Yun Yixuan took another beating and staggered again. Thank G.o.d Ye Zhantian was already worn out, otherwise, he would have taken another beating. Yun Yixuan was furious. "You animal! Let's see how long you can go on!"

"Leave it to me. He's close to kicking the bucket. You go handle the rest." Niu Er flashed a terrifying smile. 

Following that strike that Ye Zhantian had delivered, Ye Zhantian could feel the last of his Celestial Chi. He struggled to keep himself on both feet, his vision blurring. Niu Er was closing in on him but it was pointless to even retaliate.

"Farewell, my men. I, Ye Zhantian must go now." He coughed. There was blood in it.

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