Nine Astra Skies

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56 Li Xu's Appease

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Mo Feng walked over, his face red, flashing an awkward smile. "Congratulations, Lord Ye. It looks like I'll be making quite the frequent trip to Ye Castle from now on." He was not used to flattering people."Please do, Brother Mo." Ye Changxuan gave a good laugh. He did not take whatever that had happened in the past to heart. Still, now was the time for him to strike some good rapport with the clans to ensure the safety of the Ye Clan.

How the tables have turned. Yan Yin, Qin Yu, and the rest looked at one another but they kept their distance from Yun Yiyang. They went up to congratulate Ye Changxuan.

All the lords and elder chiefs were pledging their loyalty to the Ye Clan. With a little help, the Ye Clan could easily defeat the Yun Clan. Staying on the same page with the Yun Clan was as good as having a deathwish now.

Looking at how Yan Yin, Qin Yu, and the rest had reacted, Yun Yiyang felt isolated, angry, and utterly betrayed. He cursed them under his nose. "Such hypocrites!" His face was gloomy and he glued his gaze to Ye Changxuan. Yun Yiyang hated him and Ye Chen to the bones. The victor of the outcome had yet to be decided! He snorted, adjusted the sleeves of his robe, and turned to walk away. Yun Yiyang was deeply hurt by the betrayal and could not bear to see the faces of these traitors. Though, if Yun Yiyang were in Ye Changxuan's shoes, he would be delighted too. It was unfortunate that the Yun Clan lacked a promising talent like Ye Chen.

"Lord Ye, I'd like to have a word with your grandson," Li Xu said to Ye Changxuan.

"Please, go ahead." Ye Changxuan concurred. With Li Xu around, Ye Changxuan knew Ye Chen was in safe hands. Ye Changxuan dragged Ye Chen over and returned to entertain the elder lords and chiefs.

Ye Changxuan understood that these chiefs and elder lords were two-faced people. They can talk the talk but when it came to walk the walk, it was unlikely that they would keep to their words. Then again, with so many people around and with a little alliance, they'd probably be willing to gang up against the Yun Clan. After all, there was strength in numbers!

"Come with me," Li Xu beckoned Ye Chen over with a smile.

Together, they walked toward the East Court. 

In the room at the East Court, the scent of sandalwood clouded the air. The decors around the room looked rather exquisite. It was obvious Yun Yiyang had put extra thoughts into welcoming Li Xu. None would have predicted that the Grand Martial Tournament of the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun hosted by the Yun Clan would end up being a "matchmaker'' between two clans. Had Li Xu known that Ye Chen was such a prodigy, Li Xu would have done what it took to prevent that fateful encounter!

"Ye Chen, would you like to join Master Apothecary Xuanyi's sect?" Li Xu asked Ye Chen. There was no beating around the bush with his question. Li Xu was extremely fond of nurturing young talents like Ye Chen though he knew he could not mentor him and that he was better off in the hands of Master Apothecary Xuanyi. "If you'd like, I can recommend you to my master and we can be brothers from hereon."

Ye Chen was skeptical. After a brief thought, he asked, "If I do that, will I have to leave Donglin County?" 

Li Xu paused for a moment. He understood the question and responded, "Is there some sort of conflict going on between the Ye Clan and the Yun Clan?"

"The Ye Clan and the Yun Clan are sworn enemies!" Ye Chen's voice deepened. Even if the Ye Clan was willing to be the bigger one of the two to bury the hatchet, the Yun Clan might not necessarily agree. It would always be a battle of the survivor of the fittest.

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"In that case…" Li Xu tapped his right fingers on a table and began to explain his plan, "When I came to Donglin County, the Yun Clan oversaw my welcome. Now's not a good time for me to intervene or people will start badmouthing me and accusing me of being a disgrace to Master Apothecary Xuanyi. Let's do this instead. If you agree to join the master's sect, I'll make the matter known to the public. When the elder chiefs and lords outside know that you're now a part of my sect, they'll surely offer their aid to the Ye Clan. When both clans have settled their scuffle, I'll send someone to come get you for the city. How does that sound?"

"In that case, I'll take it. I won't forget your kindness, Master Li." Ye Chen bowed and accepted the medicinal pills. He was excited as there were so many pills. The pills could increase the Ye Clan's power by a level, especially the five Earth Quintessence Pills.

Li Xu smiled upon hearing Ye Chen's words. Now that Ye Chen had put it that way, he knew he had put the pills to good use.

"As promised, danger awaits if you and your old man were to remain at the Yun Castle. In half a day, I'll have my men escort the two of you out of the compound. The rest is up to you!"

"Thank you, Master Li." Ye Chen expressed his grat.i.tude. With Li Xu sending his man to come to get them, both Ye Chen and his grandpa had their work cut out for them.

After entertaining all the elder chiefs and lords, Ye Changxuan had informed them to come over to the House of Ye in two days. Of course, they all accepted Ye Changxuan's invitation. After a short moment, Li Xu relayed the news of Ye Chen's referral to Master Apothecary Xuanyi and that Ye Chen was now Li Xu's junior before taking his leave. 

The crowd was astounded. They had thought Ye Chen would be Li Xu's disciple. They did not expect that Li Xu would leave Ye Chen in the care of Master Apothecary Xuanyi. Once the word was out, Ye Chen's social status rose. Even though Ye Chen had not accomplished anything yet, the t.i.tle alone made him very highly respected. Rumor had it that those who became Master Apothecary Xuanyi's disciple would be granted a ma.s.sive amount of high-grade medicinal pills. Any random pill alone would certainly fetch a higher price than any clans in the Donglin County could ever afford.

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