Nine Astra Skies

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50 Three-Way Celestial Chi

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"Well done Lord Yun, you have raised a worthy successor." Yan Yin applauded Yun Yiyang though with a slight hint of jealousy. With an outstanding talent like Yun Yifei, the Yun Clan was destined to be the rightful ruler of the Eighteen Houses of Lianyun for another fifty years.The other rank nine combatants congratulated him too.

Yun Yiyang was feeling rather cheeky.

"That little fry Ye Chen is about to be obliterated." All the lords and elder chiefs were antic.i.p.ating a good show. 

Ye Changxuan did not bother to look at them. He clenched his fist tightly. He was overwhelmed with a surge of emotions. The day for Little Chen to shine had arrived! 

Li Xu looked at Ye Chen and Ye Changxuan and chuckled as if realizing something interesting between the two.

In the arena, Ye Chen a.s.sumed a random pose as he waved his right arm.

Yun Yifei was fuming. How dare Ye Chen take him so lightly. He leaped into the air, formed the image of a three shadowed palm from waves of Chi-construct Heavenly Strike, a signature technique of the Yun Clan, and flew at Ye Chen at a demonic speed like an eagle swooping down to catch a hare. 

"This is the clan's signature technique - the Chi-construct Heavenly Strike. I bet your clan doesn't have any rank three martial techniques, does it? Well, I'm about to show you the might of one. Let's see how you dodge this!" Yun Yifei had grossly underestimated Ye Chen. It was clear that he intended to humiliate him. It was only the first move and he had already unleashed his ultimate technique for Ye Chen to fall in a single strike.

The Chi-construct Heavenly Strike was a mid-rank three martial technique. Even if Yun Yifei was born a prodigy, such a technique would have taken up to a year or two to fully master.

The crowd's expression changed when Yun Yiyang's signature Chi-construct Heavenly Strike was brandished. The technique was well-known throughout the entire Donglin County. One would never have expected that Yun Yifei could master it too.

The palm-like image of the Chi-construct Heavenly Strike was beginning to close in. Soon, it would come into contact with Ye Chen yet he showed no signs of fear. After having learned a rank six martial technique like the Crimson Clouds Searing Skies, a rank three martial technique like Chi-construct Heavenly Strike seemed relatively tame to him. It would never compare to the most basic form of Shadow Storm Talon either.

"I can't believe he thinks a rank three martial technique is worth flaunting," Ye Chen remarked snidely. He determined the opening within the shadow palm, angled his body slightly and out came a Rumbling Thunder Burst that went directly for Yun Yifei's arm.

Yun Yifei's hand felt an impact. He sensed a vibration but he saw nothing. Just as he was about to switch his hand, he heard a soft roar of thunder. Sensing something amiss, he frantically catapulted two to three feet backward. Had he did that any later and took another hit, his arm would have been crippled.

Yun Yifei had his living daylights scared out of him. Even he could not comprehend what happened in that clash. 

Below the stage, the crowd broke into a string of confusion. They had thought that Ye Chen was guaranteed to lose the moment Yun Yifei had unleashed his Chi-construct Heavenly Strike though they were not sure if he could take the hit. None had expected Ye Chen to survive Yun Yifei's strike and sent him retreating by using a rank one or two martial techniques. They thought they were imagining things. 

The rest of rank nine combatants who were watching from above fell into deep thoughts. Recounting Ye Chen's calm and collected composure, they would not have guessed that the Chi-construct Heavenly Strike possessed a flaw. A sudden realization swept over them. Even if they knew what was going on, none could say a word.

"It looks like your almighty Chi-construct Heavenly Strike needs some tweaking, Lord Ye!" Ye Changxuan cackled. With Li Xu around, he had nothing to fear, might as well humiliate Yun Yiyang. 

"Well done. The Ye Clan must've spent a great deal of time to pinpoint the flaws in the Chi-construct Heavenly Strike." Yun Yiyang snorted. He was unhappy. Even he did not notice the flaw in his technique.

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Deep down, the rank nine combatants understood what went on. Of course, the Ye Clan could have identified a flaw in the Yun Clan's techniques. After all, both clans had a long-standing feud with one another for ages, the Ye Clan must have had enough time to study their techniques. What was surprising was a young boy who had identified it. 

Before the crowd had a chance to react to his words, they were taken by surprise the wave of Celestial Chi that came from Ye Chen's right hand.

That Celestial Chi in his hand felt different. It had the rage of the thunder, the breeze of the wind, and the heat of the fire.

Since when did the Ye Clan start practicing wind and fire elemental Celestial Chi?

In the Cultivation Systems world, some focused on cultivating one Celestial Chi while others focused on cultivating a few though not more than three and they were cultivated simultaneously for a unique effect. Otherwise, neither effects from the Celestial Chi would be as p.r.o.nounced. At the same time, cultivating three systems simultaneously required insurmountable energy which could result in nothing.

All the while, the Ye Clan only cultivated the Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation!

The crowd's expression changed upon seeing Ye Changxuan and Ye Chan. Could the Ye Clan be masking their true potential? If Ye Chen could cultivate wind and fire elemental Cultivate Systems, surely the likes of Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian could too!

Had the entire Ye Clan been keeping their true powers a secret all along? If so, then the outcome in the battle the Ye and Yun clan would be difficult to predict!

The Ye Clan was certainly no pushover! The lords and elder chiefs who watched from above were in awe. The Ye Clan hid their powers well! Even Yan Yin, Qin Yu, and the rest were sweating now. All the time, they bowed to the power of the Yun Clan. They thought the Yun Clan could easily take down the Ye Clan with ease but now, they had to reconsider their allegiance.

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