Nine Astra Skies

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41 Crimson Clouds Searing Skies

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Ye Chen digested the situation before him and then proceeded to whip out Palms Puncturing the Cosmos. The mantras in the manual were not of much help to him, but on the other hand, the battle spells were quite good. They all boasted a skill ranking of six or seven at the very least, which was what Ye Chen desperately needed.

Cultivation systems were only useful for cultivating one's Celestial Chi. In order to refine said Chi into combat ability, one would have to learn battle spells.

After one has mastered the Nina Astra Skies, they can master virtually any other battle spell.

Ye Chen flipped open the pages of Palms Puncturing the Cosmos and skimmed through it.

The first form of Palms Puncturing the Cosmos – Crimson Clouds Searing Skies!

A Lower Six Rank battle spell!

Even the battle spells back at Ye Castle were Upper Third Rank at most. Save for those smart alecs from the elite families, Ye Chen could practically obliterate anyone on his level if he mastered a rank six spell.

According to his findings, the spells inscribed within the manual should be combinations of fire and metal elemental spells, which was evident by the fiery characteristic for the current form of Crimson Clouds Searing Skies.

Rank six battle spells were obviously much more intricate compared to their rank three counterparts, Ye Chen thought as he read on.

The cultivation of a high-ranking battle spell was divided into six stages – Minor Advance, Minor Adroitness, Minor Arete, True Advance, True Adroitness and, True Arete. Additionally, the Palms Puncturing the Cosmos consisted of six forms – Crimson Cloud Searing Skies, Fury of Shattering Earth, Kunlun Sundering the Mountains, Heavenly King Rupturing the Sun, Rage Against the Horizon, and Usurper of the Welkin. Each form surpa.s.sed its predecessor in its might and of course, difficulty. Only by mastering the preceding spell to the state of True Advance would one be allowed to progress onward. Once all six forms were successfully mastered, they combined to form an unrivaled spell!

To Ye Chen, getting the hang of the spell was not a huge deal. The true challenge lied within cultivating it to the state of True Advance, as that would take a considerable amount of trial-and-error.

For now, Ye Chen memorized the incantations to Crimson Cloud Searing Skies and pondered in silence, when he suddenly had an epiphany.

Channeling the Blazing Discourse from Nine Astra Skies, a blazing aura enveloped Ye Chen. He howled, Crimson Cloud Searing Skies!

Ye Chen's blazing right fist mirrored the dance of a flare. Flexing his hand, the gra.s.s surrounding him was engulfed in flames and disintegrated into nothingness.

His first time casting a rank six battle spell and he had already achieved the Minor Advance stage. The other elite combatants would surely be astounded if they had witnessed this. 

The effort required to cast a rank six battle spell in comparison to a rank three battle spell was significantly higher. In fact, some pract.i.tioners could spend years upon years honing it to no avail, yet all Ye Chen did was take one look at the manual and he was already able to replicate it seamlessly.

"That was a little too weak. Compared to the intensity levels described by the manual, it can't compete." Ye Chen frowned and went back to casting Crimson Cloud Searing Skies repeatedly until he was out of Chi. He then took a break to recuperate, before returning to fine-tune things. 

Ye Chen was completely immersed in his training as Little Tanuki watched indifferently. As a result of all the intense heat Ye Chen released, it was forced to retreat into its s.p.a.ce.

As time went on, Ye Chen would smile to himself every time he had an epiphany. A faint light lingered in the skies, nightfall was beginning to settle in. Ye Chen was so engrossed with his training that he had completely forgotten about dinner.

Ding, ding, ding, a few knocks came from the door. 

Ye Chen finally paused his training, turned to open the door, and saw a tiny silhouette as he raised his head to look. It was Ye Xuan.

"Sister Ye Xuan, why are you here?"

"Dad and the elders noticed you weren't present at the dining room for dinner, so they had me send some food to you." Ye Xuan kept her head down as she replied meekly.

"Let me take that." Ye Chen felt rather touched upon noticing the trays of food in Ye Xuan's hands.

"No, let me," Ye Xuan responded, "I'll place it on the table for you."

"Sure thing. I had a little epiphany while I was training, I'm going to get back to it." Ye Chen smiled. Even though he and Ye Xuan had not spoken much, he was very fond of her kind and soft-spoken demeanor. Also, since they were family, there was no need for him to be formal about things. 

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Ye Xuan was momentarily taken aback when she set foot into the courtyard. The center of the court was ashen black as if it had been scorched.

Ye Xuan's footsteps paused, she teared up a little and nodded stiffly.

Once Ye Xuan was out of his sight, Ye Chen returned to his room to find the food on the table covered, still rather warm. Meanwhile, the books scattered across the table had all been neatly arranged, making everything seem tidy once more. 

Ye Chen couldn't keep himself from smiling. Ye Xuan was never much of a chatterbox and despite being the pride of the family, she never once displayed a sense of ent.i.tlement. She was kind and down-to-earth, forever caring about her loved ones to a fault. He sometimes feared that people would take advantage of her. 

Ye Chen hurriedly resumed his training after he chowed down his food. Half an hour later, Ye Xuan returned for the plates.

For the entirety of the following day, Ye Chen remained in his abode to perfect the art of Crimson Cloud Searing Skies. One cast after the other, followed by rounds and rounds of food delivered either by Xuan or Rou.

Things were a little more complicated between Ye Chen and Rou. Even though he thought of her as a little sister, he knew deep down that their feelings for one another ran deeper than that. With Xuan, it was a clear matter of blood is thicker than water, no questions asked.

As the evening drew closer, Ye Chen successfully perfected the spell to the Minor Arete stage. He was now able to wield two-thirds of Crimson Cloud Searing Skies full power, and while that his limit, the raw power of a rank six spell was still something to behold.

Just like always, feet on the ground, Blazing Discourse channeled. Soon, Ye Chen descended into a state of inexplicable trance, his feet now slightly arched, a fist outward and a howl, Crimson Cloud Searing Skies!

Columns of flame roared proudly while heatwaves poured out continuously. Crimson-colored skies enveloped the grounds within a few feet away, torching everything to the ground. 

From afar, the heat waves surrounding Ye Chen seemed like skies ablaze.

Each thrust of a palm was as forceful as the previous and in every thrust, a large amount of concentrated fire-elemental Chi guaranteed to surpa.s.s Shadow Storm Talon in raw power.

It may only be Minor Arete, but not even a rank eight elite combatant could withstand a blow of Crimson Cloud Searing Skies from Ye Chen.


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