Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 378

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Chapter 378 Young Man of Xiwu

When they saw Ye Chen above them, the crowd of the Scarlet Flame Sect was stunned.

“Does this brat not want to live anymore?”

“He's suicidal, that's a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master!”

Ye Zong and the others were surprised as well, they did not expect Ye Chen to take two G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters head-on, what in the world was he planning? Did he understand just how powerful the G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters were? Their cheeks became flushed red. When G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters came to their doorstep, none of the apprentices even dared to confront them. Ironically, it was the member of the Xiwu Ye Clan which they had looked down on all this time who had stepped up to face them. It was an embarra.s.sment!

Ye Rou looked up at Ye Chen, she nervously clenched her small fists. She clearly understood what sort of existence G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters were. Just a moment ago, the Scarlet Flame Sect's Mountain-shielding Formation was torn apart by Zong Chengtian!

Even though it was just the remnant of the former Mountain-shielding Formation, it was still considerably powerful. Even if there were hundreds of Mystique Venerable Rank fighters, they would still not be able to break through it.

If it was not for Ye Rou, Ye Chen would not stand up for the Scarlet Flame Sect like this. Ye Rou bit her lip and looked at Ye Chen's figure from behind. He was like a great mountain, always protecting her.

Ye Rou clenched her fists tightly. She was ready to cast her secret technique any moment now to a.s.sist Ye Chen.

“Little brat, I didn't even go look for you and you surrender yourself willingly. You're even acting all high and mighty!” Fu Yu had never thought that Ye Chen would reveal himself in such a manner. He sneered viciously. “Hehe, no one is going to help you this time!”

“Brother Fu knows this man?” Zong Chengtian asked Fu Yu.

“Of course, I do. This brat robbed away something of mine. I'm going to take care of him!” Fu Yu did not mention what was stolen from him as the mention of the Celestial Martial Chi would draw too much attention.

Something was taken away from both G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters? The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect were visibly confused. How did Ye Chen manage to take something from Fu Yu?

“Seems like Brother Fu also has a history with this brat. Let me take care of him!” Zong Chengtian glared at Ye Chen, a torrent of Celestial Chi began to form around him. The G.o.dly Venerable Rank master's aura bellowed like a raging storm and swarmed toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was like a boat in the middle of a vast ocean. He could be drowned below the waves at any moment.

A G.o.dly Venerable Rank master could kill a Heavenly Venerable Rank just by using Celestial Chi!

They were a fabled invincible ent.i.ty!

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect who stood below felt an ominous suppression, the color drained off from their faces. Was this the prowess of a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master? It was terrifying.

“That brat of the Xiwu Ye Clan dares to face a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master head-on, he's suicidal!”

“The G.o.dly Venerable Rank master can crush him into pieces just by using his aura.”

Ye Chen stood in the air, calmly staring in front of him despite Zong Chengtian's heavy aura suppression. A faint smile appeared on Ye Chen's face. It was a confident smile, even with a hint of scorn.

“Such insolence, even when you're about to die!” Zong Chengtian shouted. An even more powerful Celestial Chi solidified into a sword and struck toward Ye Chen. If Ye Chen was struck by the bolt of Celestial Chi, even if he survived, he would be gravely wounded.

Secret technique, Myriad Heart-piercing Sword Technique!

As the enormous Celestial Chi enclosed in, a purple fire burst in Ye Chen's eyes. Following a large blast, Psyche energy erupted and enveloped his body.

The condensed energy rained down on Ye Chen like numerous sharp blades.

“Boom, boom, boom”, Zhong Chengtian's Celestial Chi collided with Ye Chen's Astral Body. A giant storm began to form in the skies above.

The violent storm tore through everything it came into contact with. Several buildings of the Scarlet Flame Sect collapsed when struck by the storm.

The st.u.r.dy buildings stood no chance against the violent storm.

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect turned pale.

“Defensive Sacrificial Formation!” Ye Zong shouted. The Celestial Chi of thousands of apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect exited their bodies and merged in the skies above. Their Celestial Chi formed a layer of barrier, enclosing all of the people below in the defensive formation.

The stray Celestial Chi slammed viciously on the barrier, the defensive formation began to quake violently.

“Such powerful energy!” It struck a chill in Ye Zong's heart.

Just the shockwave of the Celestial Chi alone was so powerful. What was it like for Ye Chen who was in the center of the Celestial Chi storm? He looked up above, Ye Chen remained cool amid the storm. Even when facing a G.o.dly Venerable Rank supreme fighter, he showed no signs of fear. His unyielding temperament amazed all of the members of the Central Empire Ye Clan.

The Xiwu Ye Clan young man had already grown so powerful! From here on, the Central Empire Ye Clan was going to have a difficult time trying to catch up!

“Ye Zong, oh, Ye Zong. You're not even above a mere young man. You bring shame to the ancestors of the Central Empire Ye Clan!” Ye Zong muttered to himself. He suddenly felt a lot older than he was.

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Enduring the secret technique of Zong Chengtian, the Astral Body barrier around Ye Chen was demolished into fragments. He grunted and slammed his palm down, a giant turtle appeared in the skies above. It slammed down on the condensed waves of Celestial Chi, creating a large ripple.

Ye Chen smirked a little and looked at Fu Yu who was charging toward him. “If you want to make this a brawl, be my guest! Come out! Little Wingsy, One Buck, and Fluffy Nine!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh”, three figures exited the Soul Pearl.

A giant figure emerged and let loose a roar so vicious even the mountains trembled. The moment it emerged, it charged toward Fu Yu and thrust its steel pan-sized giant fist toward Fu Yu.


A clash between a G.o.dly Venerable Rank and Daemon King Rank master. The explosion burst like a strike of lightning and rang in the ears of the crowd below.

Fu Yu felt like there was a wall erected in front of him. Even when he evoked all the Celestial Chi in his body, it did not seem to move even an inch. He felt as if his organs were being shattered inside of him and he nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood. He immediately retreated a distance and looked ahead of him. A giant bald figure stood before him. The figure's body was covered in a bulging ma.s.s of muscles, his skin was like anvil forged steel with what seemed like metallic properties. He glared savagely at Fu Yu. It made Fu Yu tremble as if it was h.e.l.l itself staring at him.

Who was this?

Judging by the previous confrontation, Fu Yu sensed that the gigantic figure was no weaker than himself. The opponent did not use Celestial Chi or Psyche so it must be a Daemon King Rank being.

When Fu Yu glanced in the other direction, he saw a large golden condor and Little Wingsy who had transformed into his primal form. They both went after Zong Chengtian.

“Thump, thump, thump!”

Amid the unimaginably vicious battle, the skies above the Scarlet Flame Sect turned dark as if there was a dark cloud pressing over the region. There seemed to be steel blades creeping within the dark cloud.

The Golden Sun Condor's chirp echoed around the skies.

The crowd in the Scarlet Flame Sect could not believe what they were witnessing. They stood there with their jaws agape.

It was getting more difficult for them to understand what exactly the young man of the Xiwu Ye Clan was made of. He was able to hold his own against a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master. When Zong Chengtian and Fu Yu decided to attack him together, Ye Chen even summoned three beings that rivaled the G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters.

Anyone of these beings was capable of destroying the Scarlet Flame Sect!

Previously, Ye Zong and the others had just a small hint of admiration for Ye Chen. Now, they held nothing but great respect for Ye Chen.

Ye Min and Ye Yan felt extremely conflicted when they looked up at the figure above. The two of them had never thought that the young man who they had offended was such a powerful being. If they had known earlier, would they still treat him with such arrogance?

Ye Rou lifted her head and she was overjoyed. The green glow on her body slowly faded away. When she saw the three powerful beings, her confidence in Ye Chen grew. It looked like Ye Chen knew what he was doing all along.

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