Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: A G.o.dly Venerable Rank Arrives!

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Ye Rou always had trouble expressing her feelings for Ye Chen. No matter what happened, she was willing to always stay silently by his side, just like back then when his meridian channels were completely severed.

 It had been more than ten years. The bond they shared throughout the years was as deep as still water.

 Ye Chen smiled and headed toward Ye Rou's direction.

 Ye Rou sensed the magnificent Celestial Chi oozing from Ye Chen's body and she was astounded. It had only been close to two weeks since they last met and Ye Chen had improved his cultivation base tremendously again. He was close to the boundary of Mystique Venerable Rank.

 Ye Chen sensed a gentle energy from Ye Rou. It was the sort of energy that was able to calm a beating heart. He was not sure if it was just him, but he felt very comfortable as he was at ease. Whenever he was together with Little Rou, he found himself in a very relaxed mood without a hint of worry.

 “Little Rou, don't you want to just get out of here for good? Return to Xiwu Ye Clan. Why bother protecting the Scarlet Flame Sect?” Ye Chen asked as he stole a glance at the members of the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 Ye Rou mustered a smile and shook her head. There was a hint of delight in her eyes but there was also a little sense of stubbornness. She was willingly risking her life to catch up to Ye Chen. She had entered the forbidden Mystique Moon zone of the Scarlet Flame Sect and trained fervently every day. She could not just give up halfway through.

 “Since you insist on staying, then there's nothing I can do.” Ye Chen shrugged. Ye Rou may seem gentle and quiet but she was also a very opinionated lady.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, I'm just glad you returned safely.” Ye Chen probably could not fathom how happy Ye Rou was at this moment.

 “Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.” Suddenly, dozens of figures appeared atop the mountain of the Scarlet Flame Sect. They were Mystique Venerable Rank and Ye Zong was one of the members among them.

 When Ye Zong saw Ye Yan being beaten senseless, he quickly beckoned to Ye Chen, “Please hold back!” He was horrified. He was aware of Ye Yan's level. He could not believe that a mere five to six-year-old child like Little Wingsy was able to hand Ye Yan such a savage beatdown.

 Ye Chen thought for a moment. Ye Zong was Little Rou's father. It was only right to show him a little respect so he called out to Little Wingsy, “Little Wingsy, stop.”

 “Oh.” Little Wingsy grumpily returned to Ye Chen's side. It had been so long since he had enjoyed a good fight and yet, he had to stop before he even really got started.

 Ye Yan was covered in bruises and her face was a swollen mess. To receive a brutal beatdown from a five to six-year-old little toddler in front of the young clan members, this was certainly a stain on her pride that was not going to be wiped off so easily. She glared venomously at Ye Chen and Little Wingsy. She wanted to chew off their flesh and drink their very blood.

 Ye Chen paid no mind to Ye Yan.

 Ye Yan was far older than he was. It would be difficult for her to further advance her cultivation base and she would soon reach her peak and grow old. As for Ye Chen, he was at his prime age and his cultivation was improving at a tremendous pace. Within a short time, he was going to surpa.s.s Ye Yan and advance into a realm far beyond Ye Yan's imaginations. He had already faced a Boundless Stage master before, why would he worry about a Mystique Venerable Rank?

 Several Mystique Venerable Rank fighters went to give Ye Yan a hand and they stared daggers at Ye Chen.

 “To bring harm to the Grand Supreme Elder of our Scarlet Flame Sect, how arrogant can you be!”

 “For the Grand Supreme Elder to receive such treatment within her Sect, this is a great insult to my Scarlet Flame Sect. Sect leader, give the word and I'll kill this man myself!” The group of Mystique Venerable Rank fighters all looked to Ye Zong for permission to kill and were behaving very emotionally.

 Ye Zong only frowned and looked at Little Rou. After exiting from the forbidden Mystique moon zone, she was now the hope of the Scarlet Flame Sect. If the Scarlet Flame Sect tried to land a hand on Ye Chen, Little Rou just might leave the Scarlet Flame Sect without a second thought. She understood where Little Rou was coming from. However, it was also difficult for him to appease the Mystique Venerable Rank elder's anger.

 “Arrogant? Is there anyone more arrogant than your so-called Grand Supreme Elder? Also, it was this old hag who started it, who's blaming who now? If you want to fight, come at me, I'm right here waiting for you!” Ye Chen stepped forward and glared at the Mystique Venerable Rank fighters.

 Ye Rou was about to speak up for Ye Chen when Ye Chen stopped her. Ye Chen smiled faintly at Ye Rou. “These people can't do anything to me!”

 Even when facing so many Mystique Venerable Rank fighters, Ye Chen remained calm as still water. Ye Zong was an experienced fighter and could tell that Ye Chen was not at all afraid of the Scarlet Flame Sect. He sighed. It seemed like the Scarlet Flame Sect no longer posed any threat whatsoever to Ye Chen. He gestured for the other elders to stand down. “This matter ends here, no need to keep pushing it.”

 “Sect leader, are we just going to let this slide?”

 “That's right, sect leader. Our esteemed Grand Supreme Elder of the Scarlet Flame Sect was injured right in front of us. If the sect leader doesn't seek to settle this matter, what would happen to the pride of the sect if word of this gets out?”

 The group of elders was bewildered. They were so frustrated it looked like their mustache was about to flip right off their lips.

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 Ye Chen snorted in response to Ye Zong's order. Ye Chen was not an unreasonable man. He only let Little Wingsy to hit Ye Yan because the old hag was too despicable. He would not be concerned in the least if the Scarlet Flame Sect wanted to escalate the matter. Since Ye Zong wanted to take a step back, he would not further pursue this matter as well. After all, Ye Zong was Little Rou's father.

 “It's alright.” Ye Chen comforted Little Rou and smiled faintly.

 Little Rou was surprised when she saw Ye Chen maintain his cool poise. She could not understand it. How was Ye Chen able to remain so calm before such powerful enemies?

 The G.o.dly Venerable Rank fighters hardly considered the Scarlet Flame Sect as a worthy opponent. Ye Zong felt his sword-hand become clammy with sweat. The Mountain-shielding Formation was his final crutch. He was not even sure if the Mountain-shielding Formation was enough to stop the G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters.

 The Scarlet Flame Sect was the foundation of his ancestry, how could he just abandon it? As the sect leader of the Scarlet Flame Sect, it was his duty to stay here. He looked at Ye Rou and said grimly, “I've already sent several descendants away from the Scarlet Flame Sect. Ye Rou, you have to go with Ye Chen. Even if the Scarlet Flame Sect crumbles, at least we'd be able to preserve the bloodline of the Central Empire Ye Clan.”

 Ye Rou defiantly shook her head but no words came out of her mouth. Her mother treated her kindly. Even though she was not close with her father, they still shared a thick bond. How could she just walk away?

 Ye Chen sighed. He understood how Little Rou felt. She would not change her decision after having made up her mind. No matter what happened from here on, he would protect Little Rou. Even though he had no affinity for the Scarlet Flame Sect, they were still part of the Ye ancestry! It would not be right to let their bloodline end here.

 “Lord Zong, there may have been some misunderstanding between our humble house and the House of Storms. Please have some understanding and forgive the Scarlet Flame Sect.” Ye Zong went on his knees and asked for mercy.

 “Misunderstanding? My son Zong Yi was wounded gravely right here at the Scarlet Flame Sect. Is this some sort of misunderstanding too?” Zong Chengtian rebuked coldly.

 “Lord Zong, it certainly is a misunderstanding. The one who wounded the young lord Zong Yi doesn't belong to the Scarlet Flame Sect. It was him! This man here!” Ye Ming suddenly leaped up in the air and pointed at Ye Chen. She was already scared out of her wits, facing a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master. At Heavenly Venerable Rank, she was just an ant before the G.o.dly Venerable Rank master.

 Zong Chengtian's fierce gaze turned to Ye Chen, his voice was heavy. “Sect leader Ye, is this true?”

 Ye Zong turned to Ye Chen, then to Little Rou, he shook his head. “Lord Zong, Zong Yi was wounded in an accident during the tournament. The members of each sect can bear witness to it. It has nothing to do with the young man. Please have some mercy, Lord Zong.”

 Ye Chen was stunned when he heard Ye Zong. At such a crucial moment, Ye Zong showed that he still had some kindness in his heart and did not expose him. No matter what his reasoning for doing so was, Ye Chen found himself having a better impression on Ye Zong's character.

 “Hmmph, an accident during the tournament, that's one way to put it!” Zong Chengtian belted furiously. An invisible force slammed heavily on Ye Zong's chest as if he was struck by a hammer. Ye Zong stumbled several steps backward and coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.


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