Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Temple of War Combatants!

Ye Chen silently revolved the Celestial Chi inside his body. The Chi-transforming Pill took effect inside his dantian and merged with his Nine Astra. The s.p.a.ce inside his dantian slowly expanded. The Nine Astra orbited around, like planets in a galaxy.

The Celestial Chi inside Ye Chen's body began to gush out and gradually turned stronger. His cultivation also increased rapidly.

After about more than two hours, Ye Chen's cultivation finally advanced from beginner Mystique Venerable Rank to mid-Mystique Venerable Rank. He was not far from reaching top Mystique Venerable Rank.

The effect of this Chi-transforming Pill was truly amazing!

Although Ye Chen's Astral Body cultivation was still stagnant at beginner Daemon King Rank, he could sense that as the Nine Astra continued to revolve and his Astral Body seemed to have improved marginally. It was ready to break through to mid-Daemon King Rank, but something was missing.

The higher one got in their cultivation, the more difficult it became to level-up. The fact that Ye Chen was able to advance so quickly within such a short time was already nothing short of remarkable. Even those whom people regarded as natural prodigies might never get to Ye Chen's level within their lifetime.

“Master Lion, have you ever heard of someone saying that they can cultivate a s.p.a.ce within their dantian?” Ye Chen asked.

“Cultivate a s.p.a.ce? That's a bit strange. Allegedly, during ancient times, someone did cultivate such a thing, but it's probably just a faraway myth.” Master Lion's eyebrow twitched, and he continued, “Youngling Ye Chen, do you know how I got trapped inside the Heavenly Astra Seal?”

“How did you get trapped?” Ye Chen asked curiously. Master Lion had never revealed such a thing before.

“I might as well tell you. Back then, I was quite a popular existence. My master's name was Geng Yu and he was the young master of one of the super families. That super family had several supreme fighters. They had immense power under their thumb and could clear any obstacles in their path. The number of G.o.dly Venerable Rank fighters they had were too many to count. In those days, they were an invincible force. However, one day, Geng Yu had offended someone. All the supreme fighters in the family were preparing to destroy that person, but unexpectedly, a finger appeared from the sky. With just a single finger, all the supreme fighters of the super family were completely suppressed while Geng Yu was crushed into dust. I was the only one who was spared from harm.” As Master Lion recounted the story, chills were running down his spine.

“A single finger managed to suppress uncountable G.o.dly Venerable Rank fighters as well as several supreme existences above that?” Ye Chen was completely taken aback. How strong was that person? “So, how did Master Lion end up inside the Heavenly Astra Seal?”

“That man simply waved his hand and a piece of gravel lying on the ground turned into the Heavenly Astra Seal. Then, I was trapped inside.” Master Lion revealed a painful smile.

It turned out that the Heavenly Astra Seal was merely a piece of gravel on the ground? Hearing Master Lion's story, Ye Chen's heart was filled with awe at this world. Apparently in this world, there was such a powerful existence.

“There will always be higher mountains and deeper seas. Since there are so many spectacular cultivation systems, it's practically impossible to discern their limits. Therefore, on your cultivation journey, don't be surprised if you encounter new things. Those who are destined will eventually discover the Ultimate Dao while those who lack destiny will simply live a meaningless struggle. Youngling Ye Chen, if I die one day, erect a monument for me. You don't have to write anything else, just leave an epitaph saying, 'Where lies Heaven's Dao?'” Master Lion's tone sounded despondent and emotional.

Listening to Master Lion's words, Ye Chen stayed silent. He gained a slightly better understanding of Dao.

Even a Grand Supreme or Peerless Power powerhouse could only seek the meaning of Absolute Martial Truth. They could not attempt to discover Heaven's Dao like Master Lion. Where lies Heaven's Dao, this was Master Lion's pondering. When Ye Chen heard those words, there was a faint inkling of emotions. It seemed like he was gaining some enlightenment.

“I can't answer Master Lion's question for now, but soon, I'll give you an answer,” Ye Chen replied with confidence.

Upon hearing Ye Chen's reply, Master Lion was stunned. A few moments later, he shook his head and laughed. Following the growth of his abilities, Ye Chen's confidence was also growing. Ye Chen might have started as a village fool, but slowly and steadily, he was transforming and maturing.

Ye Chen finished trans.m.u.ting the Chi-transforming Pill and stabilized his cultivation. He prepared to continue his journey. The next part of his plan was to first drop by the Scarlet Flame Sect to see Little Rou, then go to the Oracle Sect to visit Second Uncle and the others. He would then ask Second Uncle and the others to bring some Cosmic Stones back to the Xiwu Ye Clan.

Just as Ye Chen was preparing to stand up, he sensed an irregularity. In a distance, dozens of silhouettes were heading in his direction at an incredible speed. Among them, at least six or seven were G.o.dly Venerable Rank.

“Youngling Ye Chen, leave quickly, they have two Peerless Power fighters. One of them is a First Grade Boundless Stage and the other is a Third Grade Boundless Stage!” Master Lion exclaimed.

Ye Chen's face paled. It was too late to leave now.

Two Peerless Power fighters? Ye Chen frowned and looked up. He saw that those people had sealed his way.

Thirty-six people stood in the sky. There were twenty-seven Mystique Venerable Ones, Seven G.o.dly Venerable Ones, and two Boundless Stage powerhouses. Judging from their outfit, all of them were from the Temple of War.

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Hu Feng and Wan Junxie were both Grand Supreme elders of the Temple of War. All of them came from the Soul PaG.o.da. The moment the Temple of War left the Soul PaG.o.da, they split up into three teams. Along the way, they had killed numerous independent cultivators and robbed their treasures. As they were flying across the mountains, they happened to chance upon Ye Chen who was sitting still to refine those medicinal pills.

The chi movement in the surrounding had been frozen, so he could not enter the Heavenly Astra Seal subs.p.a.ce. Ye Chen lifted his head. His opponent consisted of two Peerless Power combatants and seven G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants. They were far beyond his abilities, but Ye Chen would not just sit around and allow them to kill him.

Ye Chen did not for a moment believe that they would spare him if he handed over his treasure. Surely, the Temple of War would rob and kill him afterward. Such a deserted mountain range was the ideal place to get rid of a dead body.

To live, Ye Chen had to fight!

Ye Chen moved his right hand and three longswords appeared. There was the Searing Sun Sword, the Celestial Ice Sword, and the Storm Sword. They floated beside him like live snakes, buzzing and humming. He raised his head to look at Hu Feng and Wan Junxie in defiance. In a cold voice, he said, “If you want my treasure, speak with your skills!”

“Little boy, since you want to die so badly, don't blame us for being ruthless! Do you think that you can withstand a Peerless Power combatant with just the Purple Demon Armor?” Hu Feng sneered. A Tier Nine spirit artifact steel blade suddenly appeared in his right hand. With a powerful momentum, he soared downward and roared, “Die!”

“Even if you kill me, don't even think of getting the Purple Demon Armor. To kill me, you'd have to break through the Purple Demon Armor first! Let me see, how formidable is the legendary Peerless Power!” Ye Chen snorted softly. With a single stroke of his finger, the three Tier Nine spirit artifact flying swords which const.i.tuted the Ternary Sword Array flew toward Hu Feng.

Wan Junxie raised his eyebrows. He maintained the binding array and stood aside in the air. He did not plan to attack for now. Most probably, Hu Feng's abilities were more than enough to deal with Ye Chen. Wan Junxie looked at Ye Chen below thoughtfully. “This kid summoned three Tier Nine spirit artifact longswords at the same time, he must be very rich. He has a lot of treasures!”

“This kid is dead for sure. Even though he might have a full set of Tier Eight Purple Demon Armor, he cannot possibly block a full-on hit from Grand Supreme Elder Hu Feng!”

'Although Elder Hu Feng is only a First Grade Boundless Stage, his blade chi secret technique has been cultivated to the apex. Just that terrifying blade chi should be enough to break the Purple Demon Armor, right?' The G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants in the vicinity thought to themselves.

How could the authority of a Peerless Power combatant be challenged? The G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants regarded Ye Chen contemptuously. Provoking a Peerless Power combatant was a death sentence!

Hu Feng's blade slashed down. Several blade outlines spiraled toward Ye Chen. An unparalleled pressure erupted and bore down. With Ye Chen in the center, all the trees within a ten-mile radius were crushed into dust.

A single slash completely altered the entire landscape.

“It's over, it's over. Boss is done for.” One Buck's expression fell.

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