Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Demon Suppressing Watch!

Emerging from the three stone rooms, Ye Chen heard Zhu Gonggong's shriek, “Return my treasure!”

A plump, pinkish figure rushed headfirst toward Ye Chen.

Seeing Zhu Gonggong about to collide into him, Ye Chen realized that while Zhu Gonggong did not appear majestic or powerful, it was still a Daemon King. Ye Chen's physical body would not be able to withstand a direct impact from Zhu Gonggong.

“Purple Demon Armor, deploy!” Ye Chen growled softly. Instantly, purple rays glimmered and his entire body was nestled safely behind the Purple Demon Armor's protection.

“Clang.” Zhu Gonggong's head slammed into the Purple Demon Armor. Huffing and puffing, it took a few steps back and lunged forward again with a big bite. “Crack.” Its pinkish face suddenly turned green.

“My teeth!” Zhu Gonggong had bitten into the tough Purple Demon Armor, so its teeth almost broke.

If an ordinary armor was bitten by Zhu Gonggong, the armor would most probably have been shattered. However, the toughness of this Purple Demon Armor was far beyond the level of a Daemon King.

“Stupid pig, you dare to challenge my Boss!” One Buck leaped from the side and swiped a big hand at Zhu Gonggong.

“You two dare to s.n.a.t.c.h the great Zhu Gonggong's treasure, you're a dead meat! I, Zhu Gonggong, am a reincarnation of the Almighty. Neither heaven or earth can save you now. Heavens, send down a burst of divine lightning and strike all of them!” Zhu Gonggong called out into the sky, then quickly escaped from One Buck's grasp.

At the moment, Ye Chen was unable to subjugate Zhu Gonggong. However, he also did not want to kill Zhu Gonggong. Hence, he could only scare it away. Ye Chen waved his right hand. There was a slight “hum”. Subsequently, three longswords appeared beside him.

Just as Ye Chen was about to wield the Ternary Sword Array, a flash of lightning suddenly descended from the sky. There was a loud rumble as the lightning struck Ye Chen's Purple Demon Armor.

Immediately, the Purple Demon Armor emitted a bright purple glow. The seal barriers on the armor were activated one after another, isolating the lightning outside the barrier.

Soon, the lightning disappeared and did not cause any damage to Ye Chen.

“What's going on?” Ye Chen was dumbfounded and halted his steps. He did not sense Zhu Gonggong making any Thunder-type technique movements. This flash of lightning appeared out of thin air, albeit a little weak.

Master Lion also frowned. The appearance of this lightning was a little strange. Even he did not sense any premonitions.

“Heh, heh, you're done for. You've angered me, Zhu Gonggong. G.o.d of Thunder, strike down these evil mortals!” When Zhu Gonggong saw that a lightning bolt appeared and landed on Ye Chen, its face flushed red and cried out gleefully.

At this moment, another flash of lightning appeared. “Boom”, it landed on Zhu Gonggong's body with a series of crackling noises. The crystal-white fur all over Zhu Gonggong's body stood up straight, almost like an explosion. Zhu Gonggong looked like a hedgehog. In addition, between its fur, there were still faint crackles of electricity.

Zhu Gonggong shrieked in pain. Kicking its hoofs, it ran. A delicious aroma of grilled meat wafted from its body.

One Buck watched the scene unfold and scratched his head in confusion. He did not understand how Zhu Gonggong had managed to summon lightning to strike itself.

“Haha, stupid pig, lightning-grilled suckling pig!” One Buck rested his hands on his hips and guffawed at Zhu Gonggong.

Just then, another flash of lightning crashed down. “Boom”, it exploded on One Buck. One Buck's entire body turned as black as charcoal while black smoke sizzled from his mouth and ears.

Following that, “boom, boom, boom”, multiple flashes of lightning came crashing down to the ground. When Zhu Gonggong and One Buck saw what was happening, their faces changed and they ran helter-skelter. Flashes of lightning landed on Ye Chen's body, but all of them were blocked by the Purple Demon Armor.

“This place is weird. Youngling Ye Chen, quickly s.n.a.t.c.h whatever is inside the coffin and leave!” Master Lion urged.

Could it be that Ye Chen's looting of the three stone rooms had angered the owner of the tomb? Ye Chen did not have time to think about it. He soared across the sky. With his right hand, he opened the sarcophagus. The center of the sarcophagus was empty. There was n.o.body. However, on the side, there were some clothes and other items. These must be personal relics of the owner of the sarcophagus.

Ye Chen did not look closely. With a wave of his right hand, he stowed everything into his armguard s.p.a.ce.

A torrential downpour of divine lightning descended upon Ye Chen at incredible speed. “Boom, boom, boom”, they exploded on Ye Chen's Purple Demon Armor incessantly. Electricity sparks danced in the air, but still the lightning could not penetrate Ye Chen's Purple Demon Armor.

The Purple Demon Armor's protection was truly powerful. Ye Chen looked at One Buck and Zhu Gonggong. They were both running away haphazardly. Each of them had been struck by more than five flashes of lightning. Fortunately, they had the physical body of a Daemon King, so even though the lightning could make them suffer, it could not kill them.

“One Buck, let's go!” Everything in this place had been taken by Ye Chen, so he did not plan to stay any longer. With a “swish”, he rushed toward the exit.

Zhu Gonggong saw Ye Chen and One Buck leave together. It was a little further from the exit, so it did not catch up to them. Zhu Gonggong saw that wherever the lightning struck, the stone figurines, stone horses, stone chairs, and stone tables were blown up into rubble. Zhu Gonggong had been here for almost half a month, yet it had never encountered any lightning. What was happening today?

“I, Zhu Gonggong, am a reincarnation of the Almighty. Divine lightning, stop right now!” Just as Zhu Gonggong's words fell, the lightning suddenly stopped.

For a second, no lightning struck.

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Zhu Gonggong looked up. Blinking in shock, it muttered in bewilderment, “Am I truly a reincarnation of the Almighty after all?”

“Youngling Ye Chen, this mantle isn't a spirit artifact. It looks extremely ordinary. However, it's woven out of gray embroidered silk and has been imbued with a secret technique. Once you put it on, it'll completely mask the wearer's energy and form its own subs.p.a.ce. Even a Transcendent Stage powerhouse will not be able to examine you,” Master Lion explained.

“This mantle possesses such a useful feature.” Ye Chen was slightly surprised. This was a good find, perhaps one day, he could use it. “What about this golden watch?”

“This golden watch is called a Demon Suppressing Watch. Once activated, it can be used to suppress a few supreme fighters. However, this Demon Suppressing Watch consumes too much Celestial Chi. Based on the Celestial Chi in your body, you cannot activate it.”

“So, this item is completely useless to me?” Ye Chen asked. It was incredibly difficult to find this piece of treasure, but in the end, he could not activate it.

“Not necessarily. There's another way to activate it!”

“What is it?”

“Use the medicinal pills in your hand. Inject tens of thousands of Chi Deposition Pills into the Demon Suppressing Watch. The amount of Celestial Chi acc.u.mulated inside tens of thousands of Chi Deposition Pills should be enough to mobilize it once.”

“Tens of thousands of Chi Deposition Pills can only mobilize it once? How powerful is the effect of this Demon Suppressing Watch?” Ye Chen asked with a tinge of doubt.

“That, I don't know either. We'll only find out when you use it against an enemy in battle,” Master Lion replied. He did not know much about this Demon Suppressing Watch.

“I wonder who the owner of the ancient tomb was…” Ye Chen muttered to himself. There were so many treasures among his burial goods.

“In terms of status, the owner of this ancient tomb is much more inferior compared to Emperor Ming. So, the Demon Suppressing Watch cannot compare to Emperor Ming's Belt,” Master Lion said, “however, it's still a rare treasure. According to my estimation, it must be a Human Tier item.”

“Human Tier spirit artifact!” Ye Chen's heart skipped lightly. Nevertheless, wielding the Demon Suppressing Watch just once required tens of thousands of Chi Disposition Pills. Unless it was necessary, Ye Chen would not dare to test this item. After all, tens of thousands of Chi Disposition Pills were not a small amount. Ye Chen did not have an abundance of Chi Disposition Pills.

Ye Chen's Astral Body moved and discovered that Zhu Gonggong had appeared not too far away.

“I, Zhu Gonggong, will surely take back my treasure!” Zhu Gonggong grunted in anger. It hid behind a large tree, constantly flicking its tail. Its body was covered in precious gems and soul jade ornaments.

Since Ye Chen had already gotten so many soul jade ornaments, he did not plan to take any from Zhu Gonggong's body.

Ye Chen did not know what Zhu Gonggong was planning to do, so he did not retract the Purple Demon Armor. He continued wearing the armor. He took a Chi-transforming Pill from his armguard s.p.a.ce and swallowed it with a gulp. A warm gush of energy flowed into his dantian.

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