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Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Wounding A Daemon King!

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Sha Moling had begun another wave of wild blows.

 However, no matter how Sha Moling struck, Ye Chen stood there, calm and unruffled, looking like he was without a care in the world.

 “Silly Elder, come, hit here, and put some force into it. It's slightly itchy here, so help me scratch it.” Ye Chen pointed at his back and even deliberately offered his back to Sha Moling.

 “You!” Sha Moling's face was ashen with fury. How he wished to smack this punk to death a thousand, ten thousand times, yet he could still achieve nothing even when he gave it his all.

 When everyone else heard Ye Chen's words, they were quite speechless. This young guy was confident in his ability. A lofty elder from a clan must not have suffered such impudence before.

 “Elder Sha, stand back. Witness my Petrifying Slash!” A mystical beast Daemon King drew a Tier Nine spirit artifact longsword from his Heaven-Earth Pouch. That sword seemed to be made of crystal, gleaming, and transparent. It buzzed and whistled like clear, melodious birdsong.

 “A Tier Nine spirit artifact sword?” Ye Chen shuddered slightly. Four components of the Purple Demon Armor he wore were Tier Eight whereas the mystical beast Daemon King was holding a Tier Nine spirit artifact sword!

 Tier Nine versus Tier Eight – could the Purple Demon Armor hold up?

 “Youngling Ye Chen, don't worry too much. Without a cultivation base at Grand Supreme or Peerless Stage, a Daemon King can wave around a Tier Nine spirit artifact sword as much as he likes – it's still impossible to break a full suit of Tier Eight Purple Demon Armor! Although the Purple Demon Armor you're wearing is composed of many Tier Eight components, how can one compare the Purple Eye Clan's smelting process against ordinary blacksmiths? Unless they found a Human Tier spirit artifact weapon – only then can they break open a complete suit of Tier Eight Purple Demon Armor!” Master Lion's voice came out from the Heavenly Astra Seal. “Do you know how many defensive spells are placed in this suit of Purple Demon Armor?”

 “How many?”

 “When you were taking the blows just now, I did a quick count. There were seven hundred and twenty-one spells that were activated, which protected each part of your body. These are just the activated ones – I don't know how many were not activated! Each of these spell barriers is on par with the defense of an ordinary Tier Nine spirit artifact armor! Using Tier Eight material to create an item equivalent to a Tier Nine spirit artifact – that's how the Purple Eye Clan do things!”

 When Ye Chen heard what Master Lion had said, he felt more a.s.sured and stood up straight, casting a gaze at Sha Moling.

 “You punk, just wait to die. Witness how my Tier Nine spirit artifact shall split open your Purple Demon Armor!” The mystical beast Daemon King snarled in rage and brandished the Tier Nine spirit artifact sword. The blade glided through the air.

 Ye Chen did not evade or turn because he could not possibly avoid this attack from a peak Daemon King fighter.

 There was a sharp “clang”. The sword of the mystical beast Daemon King landed on Ye Chen's head and collided against the Purple Demon Armor. There was a vibrating “tw.a.n.g”.

 The Purple Demon Armor did not budge, rippling with blinding purple light. As for the mystical beast Daemon King's Tier Nine spirit artifact longsword, it started to show signs of cracking.

 “My Trilling Sword – it's impossible!” The mystical beast Daemon King's face twitched incredulously. This was a Tier Nine spirit artifact he had inherited. How could it break? How could this happen? The Purple Demon Armor Ye Chen wore was merely made of Tier Eight and Tier Nine components!

 “Silly idiot!” In the Heavenly Astra Seal, Master Lion cackled at the Daemon King's misfortune. “The head is the most vital part of the human body. A severed hand or leg can still be regrown, but a blade to the head typically spells death. Wouldn't the Purple Eye Clan have thought of this? That's why the helmet is one of the strongest parts of the Purple Demon Armor. If he had slashed at another part, this Tier Nine spirit artifact might not be damaged. However, this little runt aimed for the hardest part of the Purple Demon Armor right away. I also noticed a Metal-type Ring-shaped Seal Barrier glowing upon the Purple Demon Armor. It's a Metal-type spell with extreme defense and a strong backlash. It'll directly attack the spirit artifact of the attacker. I guess that even spirit artifacts above Human Tier can be shattered. This runt used a Tier Nine spirit artifact on a Ring-shaped Seal Barrier – he's asking for trouble. The artifact spirit of his spirit artifact has been eliminated, that's why the blade itself is splintering!”

 Ye Chen was joyfully surprised. He looked down at the Purple Demon Armor he was wearing. This armor was truly impressive and unrivaled indeed.

 'As expected of a group of master blacksmiths from the legends, the Purple Eye Clan is brilliant indeed!' Ye Chen thought to himself.

 “Argh, I'll kill you!” That mystical beast Daemon King seemed to go insane, pummeling Ye Chen's Purple Demon Armor with his fists. The Tier Nine spirit artifact sword had been an inherited treasure. Today, it was shattered. The emotional impact this had on him was obvious. His hair was disheveled and he looked wild.

 “Bang, bang, bang”, – no matter how vicious the blows were, Ye Chen who wore the full suit of Purple Demon Armor was still totally unharmed.

 “Stop!” Sha Moling huffed icily and stopped that mystical beast Daemon King. No matter how violent their attacks were, it did not matter to this Purple Demon Armor.

 Two Celestial Beast Daemon Kings and three mystical beast Daemon Kings had spent every effort, yet they could not break through the Purple Demon Armor Ye Chen was wearing. Even a Tier Nine spirit artifact long sword had been broken. Everyone wore expressions of utter shock as they stared at Ye Chen amid the battle. There was a sense of indescribable envy and admiration. If they had such armor, they would not need to be afraid, even if they encountered Daemon King Rank powerhouses!

 Just when Sha Moling halted the mystical beast Daemon King, Ye Chen raised an eyebrow. “It won't be so easy to retreat!”

 Ye Chen's right finger swooped through the air. The three Tier Nine spirit artifact swords, hovering not far away, suddenly flared up brightly. Three sword flashes sliced through the air towards that mystical beast Daemon King.

 “Die!” Ye Chen's voice contained no trace of sympathy. The deadly energy pouring off him was like a reaper from h.e.l.l.

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 Three sword flashes swelled up violently, slashing downward.

 When they looked down, the Daemon King falling from the air had been pierced by Ye Chen's Celestial Chi Flying Dagger. Under the siege of five Daemon Kings, Ye Chen had somehow used a secret weapon to strike down one of them! The surrounding spectators were dumbstruck. This guy had formidable capabilities!

 The Celestial Beast Daemon Kings who were watching with their Psyches from afar were stunned to their cores. What were those flying daggers? They were so merciless, able to pierce a mystical beast Daemon King's body without resistance. It should be known that a peak Daemon King Rank body could not be easily injured by Tier Six or Seven spirit artifacts!

 “Still want to fight?” Ye Chen barked out a cold laugh. He activated the Water Spirit Sword Technique of the Storm Sword. Countless sword images of the Storm Sword suddenly appeared and hovered in the sky. Wisps of rippling, fluid energy spread through s.p.a.ce.

 “The Storm Sword – you're from the House of Storms!” Sha Moling unleashed a sinister snarl. “If my Sand Beast Clan doesn't vanquish your House of Storms, I swear I will not rest! Little punk, you think that with your Purple Demon Armor, my Sand Beast Clan is helpless against you? Even though I can't slay you now, we have a Grand Supreme Stage master in our Sand Beast Clan. Your Purple Demon Armor can only defend against Daemon King Rank existences. If you're up against a Grand Supreme Stage combatant, you're dead for sure! My Sand Beast Clan will surely cause you to be abandoned by everyone and die without a proper burial!”

This Storm Sword was a large target indeed. 'Still, if they want to cause trouble for the House of Storms, all the better for me.' Ye Chen chortled brightly. “Old fellow, who do you think you are? You dare to threaten me, someone from the Storm lineage. Do you think my House of Storms is merely the faction that you see on the surface? The super powerhouses in my House of Storms outnumber your Sand Beast Clan by far. Come on then, if you have the gall. The House of Storms is only afraid that you won't do it, being a gutless b*stard!”

 Sha Moling had never imagined that Ye Chen would act so impudently. He was nearly mad with rage, yet he could do nothing against Ye Chen.

 “Hey, guys, do you still want to fight? If not, I'll be leaving!” The swords hovered around Ye Chen and he looked ready to strike at any time.

 If they continued fighting, the remaining four Daemon King fighters of the Sand Beast Clan could not do anything against Ye Chen. If they were careless, they might be hit by Ye Chen's sneak attacks. Already a peak Daemon King combatant had been struck down by Ye Chen!

The more Sha Moling brooded over this, the more furious he became. In a distant tent, Sha Moling's physical body heaved and spat out a mouthful of blood. Ye Chen had infuriated him to the point of spitting blood.

 “House of Storms, my Sand Beast Clan will not rest until you're wiped out!”

 As the Daemon Kings of the Sand Beast Clan watched, Ye Chen stepped into thin air and left. He deliberately strolled along slowly. Although the two Celestial Beast Daemon Kings and two mystical beast Daemon Kings of the Sand Beast Clan were so angry they nearly swiped at him, they could only watch powerlessly as Ye Chen left step by step.

 “I've memorized your appearance and energy. One day, the powerhouses of my Sand Beast Clan will dismember you into ten thousand pieces!”

 Memorized Ye Chen's appearance? Ye Chen grinned slightly. From the very start, he had not shown his true appearance. It was likely that the Daemon Kings of the Sand Beast Clan would never imagine that Ye Chen would own a secret technique like Daylight Thief. It was impossible for them to track him down through his appearance and energy.

 Ye Chen sauntered through the air step by step. The four Daemon Kings of the Sand Beast Clan glowered at him helplessly as he vanished at the end of the horizon.

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