Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Leo King Levels Up

“As for the second transaction, Your Excellency requires two Tier Eight, perhaps even Tier Nine or above spirit artifacts, together with the training sword array. Your Excellency has come to the right place. Our Spirit Artifact Council may not have much, but the one thing we're never short of are spirit artifacts. We can provide you with two Tier Nine spirit artifacts. What kind of Sword Array Runic Seal would Your Excellency like us to engrave on them?” Elder Zi Lin looked up at Ye Chen and asked.

“I'll draw the runic seal for Elder later,” Ye Chen replied. He once retrieved a book filled with array diagrams from Tuoba Yan's hands in the Exclusion Zone. Inside, there were three arrays. One of them was a Ternary Sword Array, another was a Binding Array, and the last one was a Myriad Sword Array. Ye Chen was hoping to use this opportunity to recreate the Ternary Sword Array and the Myriad Sword Array.

“As for the price…” Zi Lin glanced at Ye Chen hesitantly.

“Elder Zi Lin, please go ahead,” Ye Chen replied with an unconcerned gait.

“These Tier Eight and Tier Nine spirit artifacts are extremely hard to forge. For each item, Your Excellency may choose to pay with one secret technique jade slip or thirty pieces of twilight gold. If you don't have enough twilight gold pieces, you may subst.i.tute with nephrite pearls. As for the Sword Array Runic Seal engraving, we'll do it for free.” Zi Lin looked at Ye Chen. This was a highly profitable transaction. As long as they had enough material, they could forge any Tier Eight or Tier Nine spirit artifacts. As for the artifact spirit inside the items, they had a special cultivation method for that, so it was not too difficult. Additionally, the Spirit Artifact Council had a mult.i.tude of spirit artifacts of various tiers. Only Human Tier, Earthly Tier, and Heavenly Tier spirit artifacts were more difficult to find. A Tier Eight or Tier Nine spirit artifact was not a problem at all.

“No problem.” Ye Chen nodded slightly. After all, he had quite a large number of twilight gold coins and nephrite jade.

Hearing that, Zi Lin was very happy. Ye Chen was indeed a generous patron. He agreed to such a hefty deal without so much as blinking. For skilled masters in the Spirit Artifact Council, they could easily forge a ton of Tier Nine spirit artifacts from just ten pieces of twilight gold. On the other hand, collecting thirty pieces of twilight gold would require killing at least thirty Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts! Once this transaction was concluded, Zi Lin's ranking among the elders of the Spirit Artifact Council would likely rise to a new level.

“As for ten thousand Tier Five flying swords, the Spirit Artifact Council can also make them. However, due to the large quant.i.ty, it'd take several days to complete. The price could be slightly expensive.” Zi Lin hesitated. “Since Your Excellency has given the Spirit Artifact Council much business, we'll surely help you complete the order. As for the price…” Zi Lin looked at Ye Chen and bit his lips. “It'll cost at least ten secret technique jade slips or three hundred pieces of twilight gold. If you don't have that many, we can also accept Cosmic Stones or Purple Demon Armor.”

Did Zi Lin think that Ye Chen was an idiot? Ye Chen shook his head. “A Tier Nine spirit artifact is considered precious. A Tier Nine spirit artifact is worth three thousand Tier Five spirit artifacts. Based on that calculation, it shouldn't cost more than three or four secret technique jade slips. Moreover, engraving Sword Array Runic Seals on a Tier Five spirit artifact can be done by ordinary disciples without requiring an expert master. Including the cost of manpower, four secret technique jade slips should be more than enough. For the Tier Nine spirit artifacts and Sword Array Runic Seals, I know that only the Spirit Artifact Council can forge them, so despite the high prices, I have no choice but to accept. However, the engraving of Sword Array Runic Seals on Tier Five spirit artifacts can be done by many other people. If the Spirit Artifact Council doesn't want this job, I can find someone else to do it. The most I'm willing to offer is three secret technique jade slips.”

Zi Lin smiled grudgingly in his heart. Although this client was rich and lavish in his spending, he was also very intelligent. In doing business with such a person, it was important not to offend them. He quickly followed up with a smile. “Indeed, many other factions can engrave Sword Array Runic Seals on a Tier Five spirit artifact, but not all of them can forge ten thousand Tier Five longsword spirit artifacts. Of course, the Spirit Artifact Council has the stellar reputation of never divulging any of our client's information. What about we agree on five secret technique jade slips, Your Excellency?”

Ye Chen considered in silence.

At this moment, Zi Lin was mentally breaking out in cold sweat. He looked at Ye Chen anxiously. The addition of one more secret technique jade slip to the price was very important to him.

“Okay, I can accept this price, but I want to see the item within ten days. Then, I'll send someone to come pick up and pay!” Ye Chen nodded.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Zi Lin was overjoyed. Negotiating this business was very fruitful. His ranking within the Spirit Artifact Council would certainly soar.

“It'll take less than ten days. The Spirit Artifact Council will deliver the items to Your Excellency. Your Excellency can pa.s.s me the Sword Array Runic Seal drawing and I'll do it immediately. Your Excellency can rest for a few days in our place. n.o.body will bother you here. If there are any more requirements, Your Excellency may pa.s.s me a message through one of the Spirit Artifact Council disciples.” Elder Zi Lin beamed. The longer he looked at Ye Chen, the more pleased he felt. It was great luck to encounter such a generous patron.

Ye Chen pa.s.sed the Sword Array Runic Seal drawing to Zi Lin and the latter left.

Outside the tent, Zi Lin looked ecstatic. He summoned a few disciples and ordered sternly, “Look here, without my permission, no one can enter this tent and disturb the guest inside. If the guest comes out for a walk, treat him courteously. If there's any problem, I'll question all of you!”

“Yes, Great Elder.” The group of disciples chorused in unison.

Zi Lin glanced toward the tent and set off to contact the higher echelons of various factions. From Zi Lin's point of view, Ye Chen's ident.i.ty was shrouded in mystery. Not only did Ye Chen have an abundance of secret technique jade slips, twilight gold, and nephrite pearls but he also had a spare Purple Demon Armor component to be traded. This was truly remarkable. Perhaps, Ye Chen only needed two more components to form a complete set of Purple Demon Armor. Of course, Zi Lin was aware how rare the Purple Demon Armor was. At the moment, Bi Lin was the only person who had managed to collect a complete set of Purple Demon Armor. Even the various major factions only managed to collect two or three Tier Eight or Tier Nine Purple Demon Armor components!

The Spirit Artifact Council had a longstanding reputation of doing business to make money. When encountering such a client, they would not entertain any stray thoughts. This was if they had offended such a valuable client, the Spirit Artifact Council would suffer much more than an insignificant loss.

Upon receiving the order, the Spirit Artifact Council moved quickly. They had business dealings with all major factions and had many important clients. Surely, a lot of people would be interested in a Tier Nine Purple Demon Armor component.

Inside the tent.

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“Master Lion, can that man from the Spirit Artifact Council be trusted?” Ye Chen spoke up. He did not release his Astral Body, so he could only depend on Master Lion.

Master Lion peeked at Tong Tian the Leo King and the others from afar. After observing them for the last few days, he found that Tong Tian and the others were quite agreeable.

“Little boy Tong Tian, come here,” Master Lion said.

“Senior is calling me?” Tong Tian the Leo King immediately stood up and asked respectfully. Although Tong Tian was more than a thousand-years-old, the Purple-fire Astra Lion was more than ten-thousand-years-old. Compared to the Purple-fire Astra Lion, Tong Tian was an insignificant junior.

“Yes.” Master Lion nodded. Seeing the courteous treatment offered to him by Tong Tian the Leo King, Master Lion was pleased.

Tong Tian the Leo King walked before Master Lion and stood still. His heart was filled with wonder. He did not know why Master Lion had called him over. Tong Tian might be the supreme ruler of the Leo King's Palace but before Master Lion, he did not even dare breathe too heavily.

The faint authority emanating from Master Lion's body, coupled with his ancient and matchless energy, caused Tong Tian's Psyche to tremble involuntarily.

Ji Lei and the others watched from afar and dared not utter a word.

Master Lion stretched out his right paw and touched Tong Tian the Leo King on his forehead. A magnificent purple spark descended upon Tong Tian the Leo King's body and engulfed his body with purple flames.

Tong Tian the Leo King was shocked. Although an unbearable pain was spreading through his body, he merely frowned and did not make a sound. He felt like his body was filled by infinite and unparalleled power. At this moment, the barrier that had been preventing him from leveling-up for the past thousand years had finally shattered. Tong Tian the Leo King felt every cell within his body leap with joy.

“No matter what, you're a descendant of the Lion Clan. I can't allow you to bring shame to the Lion Clan's repute.” Master Lion raised an eyelid to look at Tong Tian the Leo King, before going back to sleep.

The purple fire around Tong Tian the Leo King slowly dissipated. A bright shimmer appeared in the corner of his eyes. Even an existence as old as him could not help but feel excited at this moment. He had finally leveled-up! He was now at grade one Boundless Stage!

A moment like this, Tong Tian the Leo King had been waiting for over a thousand years!

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