Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Tier Nine Purple Demon Armor Component

The young lioness beside Master Lion, on the other hand, felt her legs turn wobbly. True, she had been with Master Lion for a long time. With his help, she had absorbed the Cosmic Powers from two Cosmic Stones, allowing her to advance from Earthly Adept Rank to Heavenly Adept Rank, and was now almost at the level of Mystique Adept Rank. Nevertheless, the one standing in front of them was none other than His Majesty Tong Tian the Leo King!

Every time the Leo King's Palace had a big meeting, she could only see the Leo King from a distance. The commanding presence of Tong Tian the Leo King made her feel deeply in awe.

The lioness did not imagine that Tong Tian the Leo King would behave so respectfully before her mate.

Ye Chen knew Master Lion's temperament very well so he spoke up, “Master Lion, the Lion Clan of Leo King's Palace is also a descendant of the Lion Clan. Isn't it very embarra.s.sing for the Lion Clan, if the Leo King's Palace is subjugated by the Wolven Kingdom? If Master Lion can teach them a few secret techniques, they can retaliate against the Demon Wolves of the Wolven Kingdom and at least uphold your reputation.”

Master Lion's eyes were shut. He lifted his left eyelid and glared at Ye Chen. Giving two consecutive huffs, Master Lion conceded. “I can teach them a few secret techniques, but I will not give them any Cosmic Stones! I'll give you guys a few cultivation systems and secret techniques, but whether or not you can understand them is up to your own efforts.”

With that, Master Lion waved his right paw. Numerous techniques floated into the air and flew straight into the bodies of Tong Tian the Leo King and the others. Not only Tong Tian the Leo King but even the others such as Ji Lei and Qing Yu received a few cultivation systems and secret techniques. Master Lion had lived for a very long time, so the cultivation systems and secret techniques that he had compiled were not just for show. Of course, most of the cultivation systems and secret techniques were specifically attuned for mystical beasts. Only a small handful of cultivation systems and secret techniques could be used by humans.

Tong Tian the Leo King paused. He could feel scores of techniques appearing in his mind.

“The Lion Clan's Mad Lion Technique, an Earthly Tier cultivation system!” Tong Tian the Leo King was overjoyed. The Mad Lion Technique was a long-lost superior cultivation system of the Lion Clan. Currently, the best cultivation system of the Lion Clan was only an Eight-Tier cultivation system. Beyond that was Nine Tier, Human Tier, and then only Earthly Tier. With this new cultivation system, not only would the Lion Clan be able to nurture a large group of Mystique Rank combatants within a short time, they would also be able to break through to Daemon King Rank. If Tong Tian cultivated this technique, coupled with the nourishment of medicinal pills, his combat power would be fully restored in three days!

“Secret techniques, Golden Sun Rupture, Golden Clock Lion Roar, Shadowless Illumination…” Tong Tian the Leo King examined the secret techniques within his consciousness with unspeakable excitement. All of these secret techniques were unparalleled secret techniques that had been lost over time. Each of them was more powerful than Golden Sun Beam. Golden Sun Beam was merely a high-level secret technique whereas these secret techniques were Thunderbolt Secret Techniques!

“Thank you, sir!” Tong Tian the Leo King quickly uttered in reverence. Such a large number of secret techniques would need a long time to be cultivated successfully, but even if he just cultivated any one of them, it would be enough to defeat the Wolven Kingdom!

After all, these were Thunderbolt Secret Techniques!

Ji Lei and the others also bowed in thanks. Their hearts were still in tremendous shock. The cultivation systems and secret techniques bestowed to them by this senior were truly invaluable.

Tong Tian the Leo King could almost see the rebirth of the Lion Clan once again.

“Okay, you guys cultivate your thing, don't disturb my sleep. If you leave this place, don't tell anyone that I'm here,” Master Lion said sternly.

“Yes, this junior will heed your words!” Tong Tian the Leo King that the others quickly affirmed. This senior had got to be joking. He was a Great Ancestor of the Lion Clan, who would dare to offend such a powerful ancestor? That would be equivalent to seeking death!

Tong Tian the Leo King and the others glanced at Ye Chen gratefully. First of all, Ye Chen had rescued them, then with a few choice words, brought so much benefit to them. He was a benefactor of the Leo King's Palace!

“Brother Ye Chen, from today onward, if you issue any command, the Leo King's Palace will surely obey!” Tong Tian the Leo King said. Ordinarily, even if a Celestial Beast or mystical beast transformed, they could not change their appearances easily. Tong Tian the Leo King did not know what method Ye Chen had used to alter his appearance, but he was sure that Ye Chen was the same person he met at Jadeite City.

Ye Chen smiled wanly. “Leo King is too generous.”

Tong Tian the Leo King answered in a serious tone, “Brother Ye Chen's deed enabled the Leo King's Palace to rebuild ourselves. How can such a valiant deed be forgotten?”

“I'm merely the same age and generation as Ji Lei and the others. It stands to reason that Leo King is my senior,” Ye Chen said. Since Qing Yu was Little Tanuki's older brother, it was better not to mix up this seniority.

“We're speaking as individuals, don't get hung up by all these inconsequential details.” Tong Tian the Leo King dismissed his concerns.

Ye Chen thought for a moment and did not argue further.

Although Ji Lei, Qing Yu, and the others still spoke to Ye Chen as their peer, their att.i.tudes toward Ye Chen were no longer as casual as before. They were not sure whether Ye Chen was a descendent of the Purple-fire Astra Lion, in which the latter was one of the most n.o.ble lineages of ancient times. Therefore, they dared not offend him.

“Little Qiuqiu, don't be too sad,” Ye Chen said to Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu thought about her grandfather and her eyes started to tear up again.

“Everyone, why don't you cultivate in here for a few days? Outside there, the Wolven Kingdom is still searching for your tracks. If you go out, I'm afraid it'd be very dangerous.”

“In that case, we'll impose ourselves upon you,” Tong Tian the Leo King and the others replied.

Initially, Ye Chen wanted to give a Cosmic Stone each to them since he had so many. However, Tong Tian the Leo King would not accept it no matter what he said. Previously, Master Lion already warned that he would not give them any Cosmic Stones, hence they would not dare to accept the stones. Moreover, Ye Chen had already rescued them and enabled them to receive so many superior cultivation systems and secret techniques from the Purple-fire Astra Lion. At this rate, they would never be able to repay him. How could they still accept the Cosmic Stones from Ye Chen?

All of them stayed inside the Heavenly Astra Seal and cultivated in one corner. They did not dare to disturb Master Lion's slumber.

“Brother Ye Chen, does the Purple-fire Astra Lion senior have any hobbies? I'd like to express my grat.i.tude to him on behalf of the Leo King's Palace,” Tong Tian the Leo King asked Ye Chen in a soft voice.

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Ye Chen thought for a while and answered with a straight face, “The young lioness.”

The three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves communicated briefly with the Daemon King's Psyche, then said to Ye Chen, “You may go.”

Ye Chen pretended to be relieved. He flew away with a “swish”.

“That fellow is an idiot. That place in front is where the Spirit Beasts gather. Going over there is just courting death.”

“He chose to walk to his death, it's not our fault.”

The three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves said as they flew away.

Ye Chen felt the Psyche follow behind him for several kilometers before finally withdrawing. The Blood Wolf Daemon King did not realize that this ordinary-looking middle-aged man was none other than Ye Chen!

After traveling through the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da for half an hour, a huge Spirit Beast appeared in the corner of his eye, nestled among the hills far away. The Spirit Beast looked like a giant lizard. It had three pairs of transparent wings on its back and its eyes glowed a faint shade of red.

“I can sense the Purple Demon Armor. It's a pair of Purple Demon Armor gauntlets, Tier Nine. If you can get it, you'll have four Purple Demon Armor components. With these four Purple Demon Armor components, although they cannot fully protect your body, they will still be very useful against an opponent of the same rank.” Master Lion smiled.

“The problem is, how can I obtain that Purple Demon Armor component?” Ye Chen furrowed his brows. At his current strength, he was not a worthy opponent of the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast.

“Youngling, did you forget about this Master Lion? Tear open a portion of the Heavenly Astra Seal's suppression, I'll scare it away,” Master Lion said.

“Would that work?” Ye Chen was slightly baffled. If the Spirit Beast could be sacred away by Master Lion, it would be a good solution.

“Spirit Beasts are neither very spiritual nor very intelligent. With my energy, scaring a top Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast shouldn't be a problem. Nevertheless, Spirit Beasts are especially possessive of their territories. If the Spirit Beast realizes that you took its belonging, it'll come back immediately. So, you must quickly escape once you get the item,” Master Lion said.

“Master Lion, in that case, can I also use the Heavenly Astra Master Seal?” An idea flashed across Ye Chen's head.

“Yes, it can be used but it'll cause a big commotion. Aren't you worried about attracting other combatants here?” Master Lion was taken aback.

“I have an idea. For now, I'll need Master Lion to help me.” Ye Chen gave a mysterious grin.

“Very well, let's begin.”

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