Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

350 If There Is An Afterlife

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The war began instantly.The vanguards of both sides engaged in a vicious, b.l.o.o.d.y battle. Tong Tian the Leo King, the Blood Wolf Daemon King, and the others took to the skies above. Below them, Mystique Venerable Rank fighters were being killed off one after another. This was nothing but a common occurrence in a war to them.

"Tong Tian, I've been plotting for today for a long time. I've even invested a hefty sum on recruiting four Daemon Kings. There are a total of eleven Daemon Kings on the side of the Wolven Kingdom against merely four Daemon Kings on your side. I don't believe you have what it takes to turn this situation around!" The Blood Wolf Daemon King grinned grimly as he looked at Tong Tian the Leo King.

From the battleground below, eight figures appeared. They were Daemon King Rank fighters.

When they saw the situation above, the other three Daemon Kings of the Leo King's Palace immediately took the skies as well to provide cover for Tong Tian the Leo King. When they looked ahead of them, their faces turned dark.

If they were only up against seven Daemon Kings, they would at least still feel confident. These three Daemon Kings had remained at the peak level of Daemon King rank for hundreds of years. Their experience greatly triumphed over those who had only advanced to Daemon King Rank for a short time. They could easily take on two opponents each. The problem now was that the Wolven Kingdom had added another four Daemon Kings into their ranks. At a glance, they could tell that those Daemon Kings had been recruited from outside forces.

"Yan Feng of the Ashen Condor Clan. The Ashen Condor clan dares oppose the Leo King's Palace?" Tong Tian the Lion King roared furiously and glared at one of the Daemon Kings.

One of the Daemon Kings was visibly fazed by the sight of Tong Tian the Leo King. In terms of strength, the Ashen Condor Clan was no match for Leo King's Palace. He was the only Daemon King in the clan who had only recently advanced.

"Tong Tian, spare me your bluff. From today onward, your Leo King's Palace will be nothing but ashes and dust. What makes you think you can threaten anyone?" The Blood Wolf Daemon King scoffed.

When Yan Feng heard the Blood Wolf Daemon King's, he was slightly a.s.sured and relaxed a little.

Tong Tian the Leo King inspected the other three Daemon Kings who did not belong to the Wolven Kingdom and he belted out, "Han Hong of the Otter Clan, Zong Ming of the Black Scorpion Clan, and Ying Sha of the Ghost Bat Clan. Very well! Are you lot confident that my Leo King's Palace will meet its end today? The Leo King's Palace had stood for tens of thousands of years. Did you think it would last this long if it could be destroyed this easily? After I get myself out of this mess, it'll be the end for you lot! If you'd wisely take your leave now, I, Tong Tian will overlook this incident!"

Han Hong, Zong Ming, Ying Sha, and Yan Feng exchanged glances between one another. They had a look of uncertainty upon their faces. If the Leo King managed to survive this, then it would mean they were doomed!

"Don't be persuaded by his desperate pleading. After my brother takes his head with the Daemon Wolf Manic Blade, we'll present the four of you with a Human Tier spirit artifact as promised. Besides, the four of you have already received gifts from our Wolven Kingdom. If you're afraid of offending the Leo King's Palace, shouldn't you worry about making the Wolven Kingdom your enemy too? This isn't a threat, it's just that it would not do well for your reputation if word of this gets out!" the Silver Wolf Daemon King said.

The four Daemon Kings exchanged looks again. They gritted their teeth and made a resolution. Since it had come to this, they would see it through its end!

"Should you a.s.sist the Wolven Kingdom in taking down Tong Tian, the Wolven Kingdom will not let you down," the Blood Wolf Daemon King proclaimed loudly.

"I'm on the three Majesty's side!" Han Hong and the rest vowed together.

The Blood Wolf Daemon King laughed thunderously as he glared at Tong Tian the Leo King. "Tong Tian, if you put down the Leo King's Divine Hammer, I'll spare you!"

"You think too highly of yourself. You think you can just recruit several lowly Daemon Kings and expect to trample over the Leo King's Palace? Do you think just eleven Daemon Kings can threaten my Leo King's Palace?" Tong Tian the Leo King roared furiously. "You lot think that I come unprepared, you have greatly underestimated Tong Tian the Leo King!"

When the Daemon Kings of the Wolven Kingdom heard Tong Tian the Leo King's proclamation, they became slightly unnerved. Did Tong Tian the Leo King truly have something up his sleeves or was this just a bluff?

"Tong Tian, you think you can faze us with some clever speech?" The Blood Wolf Daemon King scoffed.

"Haha, everything that I, Tong Tian said isn't just mere bluff. Today isn't the day the Leo King's Palace meets its end but the Wolven Kingdom's!" Tong Tian the Leo King's expression grew cold as a mighty aura poured out of his body.

The Blood Wolf Daemon King suddenly realized that what Tong Tian had been doing all along was just trying to buy time.

"Daemon Kings, come with me, destroy the Leo King's Palace. We shall split the bounties among us. You have my word! Kill!" The Blood Wolf Daemon King growled and lifted the Daemon Wolf Manic Blade.

The riches ama.s.sed by the Leo King's Palace over the past tens of thousands of years could only be described as unbelievable. Even one-tenth of that acc.u.mulated wealth was an astronomical amount. The eyes of each Daemon King was filled with greed at the prospect of such riches. "Swoosh swoosh swoosh", eleven figures darted toward Tong Tian and the others.

"My three brothers, let's stop them together. The Thunder Cliff has already cut off the Wolven Kingdom's path of retreat. Today shall be the day we bring an end to the three rabid wolves!" Tong Tian the Leo King said when he saw the Blood Wolf Daemon King charging toward his direction.

The Leo King had planned for this and already had someone seal off the Wolven Kingdom's path of escape?

The faces of the Blood Wolf Daemon King and the others went pale when they heard what the Leo King had said. Even though the Thunder Cliff was acquainted with the Leo King's Palace, chances were they would not be able to dispatch all their forces to a.s.sist the Leo King's Palace in battling the Wolven Kingdom. Though the Wolven Kingdom had so many Daemon Kings in their ranks, when it came down to a war, both parties would still suffer losses. 

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"He's just trying to intimidate us, kill him!" The Blood Wolf Daemon King raised the Daemon Wolf Manic Blade and swung it down at Tong Tian the Leo King.

"D*mned ghost bat, don't get ahead of yourself!" Dozens of Mystique Venerable Rank Celestial Beasts of the Leo King's Palace combined their Psyche and fired it toward the Ghost Bat.

Ji Lei, Ye Qiu, Qing Yu, Ming Yi, and Fei Ying followed suit and merged their Psyche into it as well.

The bolt of combined Psyche was made up of the Psyche of twenty-one Celestial Beasts. It was considerably powerful.

"A feeble glow of a firefly dares to compete with the radiance of the moon!" The Ghost Bat Daemon King chuckled. "Watch how I take care of your Psyche!" The gigantic bat materialized from Psyche extended its b.l.o.o.d.y jaws and abruptly sucked in the bolt of Psyche. The bolt of Psyche formed an enormous whirlpool in its mouth.

"Oh no!" Ji Lei and the others went pale. They quickly tried to retract their Psyche.

Some of the Mystique Venerable Rank Celestial Beasts could not withstand the powerful suction and their Psyche was devoured by the Ghost Bat Daemon King.

"Hahaha, your Psyche will only make me stronger!" The Ghost Bat Daemon King laughed. His laugh was a sharp, piercing shriek that was like sawing blades together.

The Psyches of Ji Lei and the others were going to be devoured by the Ghost Bat Daemon King. If their Psyches were devoured, they would be gravely wounded and became easy targets for the enemies.

"I'll stop him. You guys get out of here!" the corners of Ji Lei's eyes grew red as he muttered some sort of incantation.

"Brother Ji Lei, no!" Ye Qiu cried out.

Ji Lei was preparing to cast the Lion Clan's secret ancestral technique, Psyche Self-destruct Technique. It was an extremely destructive spell, capable of damaging opponents far stronger than the user. However, it was greatly harmful to the caster as well. In mild cases, it may cause one to lose consciousness while in severe cases, the caster may die casting it.

"Ji Lei, stop!" Qing Yu called out urgently, he was aware of the terrible drawback of the Psyche Self-destruct Technique.

Ji Lei looked up and glared at the Ghost Bat Daemon King Ying Sha. The incantation was complete and his Psyche had turned into a menacing, deep red color. He laughed. "Of all the things that I, Ji Lei, have done in my life, the one that gave me the most pride is getting to know and become brothers and sisters with you all. If there's an afterlife, I'll see you there!"

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