Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

347 Ambushed!

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Ye Chen quickly raised his left arm to block, dropping the h.e.l.l Rupture Sword. Suo Mang's sharp claws were about to cut Ye Chen's left arm. Ye Qiu shouted in panic, "Watch out!"

The claws of a Mystique Rank Demon Wolf were sharper and more powerful than some of the Tier Three spirit artifacts. One claw was enough to cut through half of his body! Ye Qiu anxiously tried to rescue Ye Chen, but she was blocked by Suo Lang. She could not rescue him in time. She was beyond anxious. Although she argued a lot with Ye Chen, her kind heart would not allow Ye Chen to die just like that. 

"Clang!" Suo Mang's claws swiped down, but he was blocked by Ye Chen's left arm. 

Just as Suo Mang was slightly taken aback, a flame burst out of Ye Chen's left arm and hit Suo Mang in the face. 

This flame was blasted by the armguard's artifact spirit. The fire landed on Suo Mang's face, drawing a terrifying scream from him. Ye Chen swung his sword. With a squelch, Suo Mang's head was stabbed through. 

Although Ye Chen's h.e.l.l Rupture Sword was not as high tier as the Storm Sword, it was more than enough to kill a Mystique Rank combatant. 

Suo Mang was dead? 

No matter Suo Lang or Ye Qiu, both could not believe their eyes. How could a top Mystique Adept Demon Wolf be killed by a beginner Mystique Venerable human with just one strike? 

Ye Qiu did not understand. This guy who had only reached beginner Mystique Venerable Rank cultivation and did not seem reliable at all. In terms of abilities, he had none and in terms of character, he also had none. How could he kill Suo Mang in one blow? Luck, it must be pure luck! 

Seeing that Suo Mang had died, Suo Lang turned to escape. However, Ye Qiu's whip wrapped around his neck. There was another squelch and fresh blood squirted in every direction. A dismembered head flew into the air. 

Looking at this scene, Ye Chen could not help but retracted his neck. This little Lolita was truly fearsome and should not be provoked. 

"Let's go!" Together, Ye Qiu and Ye Chen transformed into two wisps of smoke and disappeared into the distance, leaving behind the Mystique Rank combatants from the Wolven Kingdom. 

"How did you do that just now?" Ye Qiu fluttered her doe eyes at Ye Chen curiously. 

"Aha, I guess a top Mystique Adept combatant isn't all that!" Ye Chen lifted his sleeve and showed his left arm with a grin. "That guy thought that he was untouchable just because he had an armguard? Well, I have an armguard too and it's better than his! My armguard can even breathe fire!" Ye Chen threw a punch with his left hand and sprayed out a fiery column. He appeared like he was truly having fun. 

Ye Qiu rolled her eyes. It seemed that she had overestimated Ye Chen yet again. Ye Chen was only able to kill Suo Mang due to pure luck. If Suo Lang had not been distracted by Ye Chen's armguard, how could a top Mystique Adept Demon Wolf be killed so easily? 

Regardless, Ye Chen did not escape but came back to save her. At least this part was worthy of acknowledgment. Otherwise, she would have despised Ye Chen. 

"Let's go." Although Ye Chen had only achieved beginner Mystique Venerable Rank cultivation, Ye Qiu did not look down on him. 

Ye Chen followed behind Ye Qiu and flew on. 

"Youngling Ye Chen, you're good at pretending to be crazy." Master Lion chuckled from inside the Heavenly Astra Seal. 

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "Master Lion, I cannot release my Psyche. Can you help me check if there are any treasures on the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da?" 

"Don't worry, I've been looking." 

Ye Chen said, "The seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da must've a number of Grand Supreme Stage Spirit Beasts, right?" 

"From my observation, there are about a dozen. Among them, only a few are at Transcendent Stage." Master Lion grinned. 

Hearing Master Lion's words, Ye Chen sucked in a deep breath. More than a dozen Grand Supreme Stage Spirit Beasts and some were even at Transcendent Stage? 'Oh my G.o.d.' 

As they were chatting, Master Lion suddenly paused. Then, he said excitedly, "Youngling Ye Chen, look north!" 

Ye Chen immediately looked north upon hearing Master Lion's exclamation. Amid the darkness, there was a flash of purple light. Although the purple light was very fleeting, Ye Chen's eyes spotted it. On the contrary, Ye Qiu the little Lolita did not notice anything and continued to fly ahead. 

"Little beauty Ye Qiu, you go ahead, I'll catch up with you!" Ye Chen said to her. 

Ye Qiu frowned slightly when she heard Ye Chen's words. "What are you going to do? You're only at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank. If you're found by the Wolven Kingdom, you're dead meat. Even if you encounter a Mystique Rank Spirit Beast, you should escape! It's better that you follow me." 

"I need to relieve myself." Ye Chen cradled his stomach with an apologetic grin. 

"You…" Little Lolita Ye Qiu's face reddened. A Mystique Rank combatant only needed one medicinal pill to fill their bellies and medicinal pills had very little waste material, so they did not need to relieve themselves for an entire month. Ye Chen, on the other hand, wanted to relieve himself at such a juncture. 'Hmph, lazy people s.h.i.t the most!' Ye Qiu harrumphed and pouted. "I'll wait for you here." 

"You won't sneak a peek at me, will you?" Ye Chen put up a worried expression and glanced at Ye Qiu. 

"Who'd want to sneak a peek at you! Urgh, you make auntie so mad!" Ye Qiu looked furious. Although she was very young, she liked to refer to herself as "auntie". 

"It's good if you won't peek." Ye Chen grinned and flew northward with a swish. 

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Ye Qiu almost wanted to hit Ye Chen. When Ye Chen first arrived, he acted like a skilled combatant. Unexpectedly, he merely attained beginner Mystique Venerable Rank cultivation. Then, when they were fighting Suo Mang and Suo Lang, he was a distraction. Now, he had the guts to think that she would take a peek at him relieving himself. Ye Qiu had an uncontrollable urge to curse him. No matter what, she was also a beautiful girl. Although she was not as graceful and elegant as Sister Fei Yin, she still had an entire city's worth of admirers. Why would she need to peek at Ye Chen relieving himself? 

Soon, they found Ji Lei, Mingyi, Qing Yu, and Fei Yin flying northward. 

Ye Chen and Ye Qiu caught up to them. 

The six of them gathered in one place. 

"Brother Ji Lei, where's Brother Hei Ming?" Ye Qiu asked curiously. 

"I haven't seen him." Ji Lei shook his head. "Perhaps, he's still chasing after the Wolven Kingdom fighters!" 

"Where are we going now?" Ye Qiu asked. 

"There are about a dozen Wolven Kingdom fighters in front. Let's get rid of them together!" Ji Lei said. Their flying speed was very fast as six of them moved like a meteor. 

Fei Yin and Qing Yu flew very close to one another, like a pair of lovers. Ye Chen smiled. Fei Yin might end up becoming Little Tanuki's sister-in-law. 

"Youngling Ye Chen, you're being ambushed!" Master Lion's voice resounded from the Heavenly Astra Seal. 

"Ambushed?" Ye Chen's eyebrows twitched. He did not detect any danger but Master Lion's consciousness was very acute, so he would not be mistaken. 

"Hold on, slow down!" Ye Chen called Ji Lei and the others.

Ye Chen halted his steps suddenly. 

When Ji Lei and the others heard Ye Chen's yell, they also stopped and looked at him in confusion. 

Qing Yu and Fei Yin looked at Ye Chen inquiringly while Ye Qiu and Mingyi gazed at him with perplexed expressions. 

"How far are we from the main troop of the Leo King's Palace?" Ye Chen smiled at Ji Lei and the others. 

"Just tens of kilometers," Ji Lei replied. What was the significance of Ye Chen's sudden question?

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