Nine Astra Skies

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346 Little Beauty, I'll Save You!

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"My G.o.d, there are at least tens of thousands of Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts!" Everyone's faces paled. Even the perpetually dark and sullen Hei Ming looked slightly frightened. 

"Brother Ji Lei, what does the Leo King plan to do?" Mingyi consulted Ji Lei. 

Ji Lei closed his eyes briefly and reopened them. In a determined voice, he said, "Kill. Everyone, work together and protect yourselves!" Since he was from the Lion Clan, he had a secret technique to communicate with the Leo King at any time. 

"If none of the Spirit Beasts are of Daemon King Rank, then the Leo King should be able to handle them." Ye Chen, on the other hand, was extremely calm. No matter how many Mystique Rank opponents there were, it was impossible to kill a Daemon King. Furthermore, if someone managed to attain Daemon King Rank, they would have some life-preserving tactics up their sleeves. As for the others, if they formed a battle formation, the Spirit Beasts would not be able to defeat them within a short time. 

The group of Mystique Rank combatants got into position and awaited the battle. 

Looking into the distance, they saw the Leo King let out a ma.s.sive roar. His Psyche consolidated into a five or six meters gigantic male lion and lunged towards the tens of thousands of Spirit Beast. With a wave of his paw, bang, bang, bang, a dozen Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts were sent flying into the air, killed with a single blow. 

"The Leo King is matchless!" 

They saw the three other Daemon King Rank mystical beasts next to the Leo King also transformed into their primal forms. One of them was a Purple Flame Roc covered with purple flames, the next one was a gigantic jet-black elephant about five or six meters tall, and the last one was an incredibly large pangolin. 

The Purple Flame Roc spat out a huge ball of flames which instantly burned several Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts into ashes. 

The giant elephant and pangolin were like moving fortresses. They merely lumbered forward and sent countless Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts flying into the air, grievously injured almost to the brink of death. If these Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts happened to be stepped on by the giant elephant and the pangolin, they were painfully crushed into meat patties. 

The humongous wave formed by tens of thousands of Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts were split into four, as the Mystique Rank combatants in front formed a solid defense line to face the swarming Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts. 

Rays of sword flashes and blade flashes filled the air. From time to time, Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts were killed, but there were also occasional screams by the humans, mystique beasts and Celestial Beasts combatants as they were torn into pieces by the Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts. 

It was a fierce battle. 

JI Lei was just about to rush forward to join in the ma.s.sacre of Mystique Rank Spirit Beasts, but he suddenly frowned and said, "There are people from the Wolven Kingdom following us. There's thirteen of them, all Mystique Rank, let's get rid of them. Come with me!" 

Ji Lei immediately flew to one side. 

Qing Yu and Mingyi flew after him at once. Ye Qiu and Fei Yin paused a little, but also followed after them. 

Hei Ming glanced at Ye Chen coldly and flew away. 

Hei Ming's expression seemed to convey a distinctive meaning. Ye Chen snorted in his heart. 'I won't bite if you don't. You better not provoke me.' Then, Ye Chen, too, flew after them. 

On the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da, the Psyches of the Daemon King Rank mystical beasts were greatly suppressed. They could not extend their Psyches for a few kilometers like normal. The three Wolf Kings from the Wolven Kingdom could not use their Psyches to trace the Leo King's Palace's team, so they sent a few scouts to follow them. 

The scouts followed them from afar, but alas, they were discovered by Ji Lei. 

What Ye Chen did not know was, it was not Ji Lei who had found the scouts but Tong Tian the Leo King! 

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh", several figures soared across the air at amazing speed. 

In a distance, the figures seemed to notice Ji Lei and the others coming. They rose into the air and prepared to escape. 

With a glance, Ye Chen could see that Suo Mang, Suo Lang, and the others were among the thirteen people. 

"Split up!" The thirteen Mystique Rank combatants from the Wolven Kingdom flew in different directions in groups of twos and threes. 

Ji Lei frowned and looked at the group behind him. "We'll split up and pursue! Ye Chen with Ye Qiu." According to Ji Lei's impression, Ye Chen's abilities were not yet sufficient to confront two to three Mystique Rank combatants alone. 

"I don't want to be with him." Ye Qiu pouted and grumbled. However, when she raised her head, Ji Lei and the others had already flown several hundred meters ahead. 

Ye Chen looked at Ye Qiu and shrugged helplessly. It did not matter to him. The reason he came to the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da was just to look around and see if he could find a thing or two. If he encountered any danger, he could escape using the Heavenly Astra Seal. 

"Let's go." Ye Qiu harrumphed. She could not leave Ye Chen alone. 

"Swish, swish", Ye Qiu and Ye Chen flew toward the Mystique Rank combatants in pursuit. 

In this dimly-lit world, there were no plants. All around them were mountains. Occasionally, there were shadows of Spirit Beasts flying. Ye Chen and Ye Qiu continued their pursuit. The two figures in front of them happened to be Suo Mang and Suo Lang. 

Suo Mang and Suo Lang who were escaping into the distance suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Chen and Ye Qiu with cold expressions. 

"I didn't expect to meet you here. This time, no one can save you!" Suo Mang eyed Ye Chen with a dark look. "If you kneel down and bow your head three times to me, I'll spare your life and merely undo your cultivation!" 

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"I want to see how you can undo my cultivation." Ye Chen landed with a thoughtful expression. Ye Qiu also landed beside him. 

Ye Chen nodded. If this little girl could win, then it did not matter. He stood there and cultivated his Celestial Chi using the Nine Astra. Even while standing up, Ye Chen could cultivate himself. 

As time went on, Ye Qiu gradually occupied the upper hand. She growled softly. 

Purple Flame Secret Technique, Flame City!

A huge fire erupted around them, encircling Ye Qiu, Suo Mang, and Suo Lang in it. The blazing flames danced like snakes. It was very spectacular. 

The moment the secret technique was wielded, Suo Mang and Suo Lang were at a disadvantage. From time to time, the fiery snakes would lunge at them, causing them to become distracted. "Slap, slap, slap", they were hit by Ye Qiu's whip several times. 

'Although this little girl is only fourteen or fifteen years old, she's truly a hot chili pepper. She can oppress two Mystique Rank opponents to such a level.' Ye Chen thought in his heart. This little Lolita was very fierce. 

At this time, "swish, swish, swish", five figures headed toward them from a distance. These people were also from the Wolven Kingdom! 

Ye Chen's eyebrow twitched. He shouted to Ye Qiu, "Hey, little beauty, we have to go now. Your secret technique has attracted more people from the Wolven Kingdom!" 

"Can't you just hold them off?" Ye Qiu shouted crossly, the whip in her hand did not stop attacking. She was already under immense pressure, fighting two top Mystique Rank opponents all by herself. It would take a few more minutes to determine the winner of this battle, yet now Ye Chen announced that the Wolven Kingdom had sent backup. 

"They have five Mystique Rank combatants!" Ye Chen yelled, "If you don't leave, I will!" He did not want to fight. If there was a fight, a lot of his powers would be exposed. 

"You… You're not a man!" Ye Qiu stomped her feet and pouted in discontentment. "Let's go!" 

Although Ye Qiu looked like she was only fourteen or fifteen years old, she had fought through many battles with her clan elders. She knew that moments like these did not allow for any hesitation. 

"Want to leave? Not so easy!" Suo Mang and Suo Lang roared. Although they were injured, their backup had arrived, which meant that victory was within their grasp. Naturally, they would not allow Ye Chen and Ye Qiu to leave. 

"Little beauty, I'll save you!" Ye Chen knew that if they continued to engage in this fight, the Mystique Rank fighters from the Wolven Kingdom would descend upon them. At that time, it would be difficult for them to leave. Ye Chen retrieved the h.e.l.l Rupture Sword and slashed it in Suo Mang's direction. He had only used beginner Mystique Venerable Rank Celestial Chi. 

"You're only a beginner Mystique Rank?" Ye Qiu was momentarily dumbfounded. Earlier, she did not sense Ye Chen's Celestial Chi cultivation, so she thought that Ye Chen was also a top Mystique Rank master like her. When Ye Chen wielded his Celestial Chi, Ye Qiu realized that he was only at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank!

"A beginner Mystique Venerable Rank? You dare to court death!" Suo Mang sneered wolfishly. He waved his sharp claws and swiped down on Ye Chen. 

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