Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 339: Slipping Away!

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Cang Lu tried to escape Bi Lin's clutches a few times but ended up being blocked by Bi Lin who had used various Thunder Beast secret techniques. Thunder Beasts had powerful Psyches. Their physical body was their weak point. However, Bi Lin was protected by the Purple Demon Armor, so she did not need to fear Cang Lu at all.Cang Lu could not shake off Bi Lin nor could Bi Lin break away. Even so, she appeared calm and unconcerned. The distant Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were both enemies of the Tribunal Council and needed her protection. In the end, what else could Ye Chen and Little Wingsy do other than obediently hand over the Cosmic Stones they had collected to her?

On the sixth level of the Soul PaG.o.da, Ye Chen and Little Wingsy had no way of escaping the range of Bi Lin's Psyche. Moreover, she had cast Thunder Flash upon Ye Chen and Little Wingsy. Although Thunder Flash was simply a secret technique that boosted speed, it still contained her energy. As long as it had not vanished, she could instantly reach Ye Chen and Little Wingsy.

Therefore, Bi Lin was tranquil and composed. She glanced at the distant, gigantic light pillar, noticing that Ye Chen was flying upward swiftly. Those twirling and dancing Cosmic Stones seemed to be drawn by a magnet, flying toward Ye Chen with a "swish". In the blink of an eye, he had collected hundreds of Cosmic Stones.

"This little boy is impressive indeed!" Bi Lin felt a jolt of astonishment. She knew that it was not so easy to collect these Cosmic Stones. They were naturally repelled by humans, mystical beasts, and Celestial Beasts. When one approached the Cosmic Stones, they would automatically dodge and retreat. Earlier, she had spent many minutes and only gathered over seventy Cosmic Stones. As for Ye Chen, he had collected hundreds of them in a flash.

When Cang Lu saw the Cosmic Stones hurtling into Ye Chen's pockets, he nearly vomited blood out of rage. How galling! Why did he enter the Soul PaG.o.da so late? With his abilities, if he had entered the Soul PaG.o.da before Bi Lin and obtained the Purple Demon Armor first, Bi Lin would not be a problem! All these Cosmic Stones before him might have all gone to him!

"Bi Lin, my Tribunal Council will fight you to the death!" Cang Lu howled with wild fury.

"Senior Cang Lu, you must be exaggerating. A young girl like me has never wanted to go against the Tribunal Council. I'm only a frail young lady. Why would I oppose the Tribunal Council?" Bi Lin blinked and stared at Cang Lu with an aggrieved, guileless expression.

Cang Lu's heart dropped and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just as both of them were occupied, Fu Yu and Liu Ming had finally entered the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level.

"Fu Yu, Liu Ming, quickly kill that fellow over there and seize the Cosmic Stones in his possession!" Cang Lu immediately commanded Fu Yu and Liu Ming when he saw them, his voice booming like thunder.

Fu Yu and Liu Ming, who had just entered the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level, looked off into the distance and noticed Ye Chen and Little Wingsy. They promptly shot off like a cannonball, racing toward the light pillar.

Currently, Daemon King and G.o.dly Venerable fighters had entered the Soul PaG.o.da one after another. They still did not quite grasp the situation and were behind Fu Yu and Liu Ming by one step.

Bi Lin observed that among the people swarming into the Soul PaG.o.da, there were two G.o.dly Venerable fighters from the Tribunal Council. She instantly panicked. Considering Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's abilities, they were surely no match for Fu Yu and Liu Ming. Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were beginner Daemon Kings at most while Fu Yu and Liu Ming were experts who had been stuck at the G.o.dly Venerable Attainment Level for decades.

"Senior Cang Lu, more people are coming into the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level. How about we stop fighting?" Bi Lin beamed widely.

"It's too late to say you want to stop now. Let my men seize the Cosmic Stones first!" Cang Lu snorted icily. The lump of resentment in his heart was slightly alleviated now.

"Thunder Flash!"

Bi Lin was about to flee with Thunder Flash but Cang Lu scoffed angrily. "The Thunder Beast Secret Technique, Thunder Flash – you guys have used this tactic too many times. The leaders of my Tribunal Council have devised something to counter your secret technique long ago – Water Binding Technique!"

Although Cang Lu was mostly trained in Earth-type cultivation systems, he had a cursory grasp of Water-type cultivation systems too and was capable of utilizing a Water-type secret technique or two.

Whips of water dragons bound Bi Lin firmly. The thunderbolts around Bi Lin had just flared up when they vanished among the jets of water with a fizzle.

Although the Water Binding Technique could restrain Bi Lin, it could not injure her.

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"My boy, the two G.o.dly Venerable Ones from the Tribunal Council are rushing over. The Cosmic Stones have been fully collected. There are five hundred and thirty-one in all. What will you do?" Master Lion asked. Whether it was the Tribunal Council or the Thunder Beast Clan, they would not possibly let a colossal fortune like this slip away.

Although both of their speeds were much greater than Ye Chen, Ye Chen was now boosted by Bi Lin's Thunder Flash secret technique!

Bi Lin was still fighting Cang Lu and for a moment could not send her Psyche out to track Ye Chen. She had left a trace of Psyche energy on Ye Chen anyway. Even if Ye Chen was five hundred kilometers away, she could still find him immediately, unless Ye Chen entered the Soul PaG.o.da's seventh level. 

Ye Chen looked into the distance. The entrance to the seventh level of the Soul PaG.o.da was in front. Nevertheless, he was not about to enter the seventh level. Throughout this journey, the higher they went, the higher the level of the Spirit Beasts. On the sixth level of the Soul PaG.o.da, there were already Grand Supreme Rank Spirit Beasts. Would it not be worse if he headed up?

"Big Sis Lin, bye-bye." A smirk flitted over his lips. With a flick of his Astral Body, he slipped into the Heavenly Astra Seal. "Master Lion, erase my energy quickly."

"You don't have to tell me, I already know what to do." Master Lion burst out laughing. "That s.e.xy little lady must be spitting blood. What an affair of unrequited love!"

Ye Chen vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of energy.

Bi Lin, who was still fighting with Cang Lu, knitted her pretty brows. She had sensed that Ye Chen's energy had disappeared entirely, no longer traceable. What was going on? Logically speaking, the trace of Psyche she had left on him should still be detectable, even if he fled five hundred kilometers away. Ye Chen could not possibly have run so far! 

Even so, Bi Lin truly could not sense Ye Chen's presence!

Bi Lin hurriedly sent her Astral Body forward, hunting for Ye Chen far into the distance. She investigated the spot where the Psyche energy had disappeared. The place was blank and empty with no sign of Ye Chen. Nearby was the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da's seventh level. Could Ye Chen have entered the seventh level? How could he be so silly? The Spirit Beasts on the sixth level were already this powerful. Would it not be worse on the seventh level?

Fu Yu and Liu Ming went round and round, searching the place where Ye Chen had vanished. Still, they could not find any trace of Ye Chen. They stared at the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da's seventh level but did not have the guts to enter. As such, they turned back.

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