Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 338: Seizing Frantically!

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Ye Chen at first had felt rather grateful toward Bi Lin, but the moment Cang Lu appeared, he instantly understood, and that sense of grat.i.tude vanished without a trace.Currently, Ye Chen had realized that Bi Lin was simply doing them a favor at no cost to herself. She knew that she could not possibly harvest all the Cosmic Stones before Cang Lu arrived, so she allowed Ye Chen and Little Wingsy to take ten each. If she was able to sweep all the Cosmic Stones away for herself, she would not have acted so generously. After all, twenty Cosmic Stones would also be an enormous fortune to any super faction.

Bi Lin had collected more than seventy Cosmic Stones. When she saw that Cang Lu had appeared and was attacking her, she scoffed. Her Astral Body turned into a ma.s.sive Thunder Beast that lunged at Cang Lu.

Cang Lu's palm energy and the Thunder Beast collided. There was a booming crash as the violent impact swept over like a ferocious gale.

Ye Chen was presently more than a kilometer away. When he saw the shockwave spreading toward him, he huffed loudly and slammed his palm down. A large turtle halo appeared around him, protecting Little Wingsy and him within.

There was an ear splitting "boom" and the turtle halo fractured in an instant. Still, it had neutralized that impact.

"Run!" Ye Chen yelled and he raced away with Little Wingsy in tow. With a "swoosh", they were many kilometers away. 

"Big Brother Ye Chen, they're so impressive," Little Wingsy said, taken aback.

Ye Chen nodded slightly as he was overwhelmed with astonishment. A battle at Boundless Stage was already frightening. How scary were the Transcendent and Preeminent Attainment Levels which were even higher than Boundless Stage? If Bi Lin had not boosted Ye Chen and Little Wingsy with the secret technique, Thunder Flash, he and Little Wingsy might have been seriously injured by now.

In this collision, Bi Lin's figure paused in the air yet Cang Lu hurtled forward at an extreme speed.

"Bi Lin, even now you're just at grade five Boundless Stage. I broke through to grade seven Boundless Stage two months ago. You can't possibly be a match for me. Hand over the treasures you have and I'll spare your life for the sake of the Thunder Beast Clan," Cang Lu roared in a low voice. He was channeling endless Celestial Chi around him and his body was like a gigantic sword.

'This d*mn old man has broken through two months ago.' Bi Lin cursed silently. However, she maintained a calm, unruffled demeanor, and said gently, "Senior Cang Lu, must you use such brutal methods against someone as delicate as me? I won't be able to take it. Senior Cang Lu must be more gentle."

"Bi Lin, this tactic of yours might work against others but it's useless against me. I've already reached a point of complete inner peace. Any sort of beauty is merely transient to me." Cang Lu grinned coldly and formed a claw with his hand, striking down.

"Senior Cang Lu is truly unromantic." Bi Lin laughed prettily. "With my grade five attainment level, of course, I'm no match for Senior Cang Lu. How about this – you don't have to attack and I'll give everything I've obtained to you."

Cang Lu's claw energy was about to land. When he heard Bi Lin's words, he paused. If Bi Lin was willing to hand over her treasure, he would not attack. After all, if he killed Bi Lin, the Thunder Beast Clan would not take it lying down.

Just as Cang Lu's claw paused in mid-air, Bi Lin's Psyche materialized as a Thunder Beast and appeared behind Cang Lu, slamming down with a palm.

Cang Lu detected the whistling wind of energy behind him and his expression changed. "You've tricked me!"

"Has Senior Cang Lu never heard of the saying, all is fair in war?" Bi Lin let out a tinkling laugh, but her attack was completely merciless.

Cang Lu cried out. Earth-type Celestial Chi revolved around him and transformed into a thick, solid wall. With a "thud", the Thunder Beast's palm energy merely landed upon a layer of dirt.

Bi Lin's expression shifted slightly, revealing a hint of surprise. "Solid Earth Technique!"

"That's right, the Tribunal Council's Earth-type secret technique, Solid Earth Technique. You have good judgment!" Cang Lu snorted once and columns of earth formed into a huge hand that struck at Bi Lin.

Bi Lin was about to move when she suddenly discovered that a ma.s.sive cage, made entirely of earth, had formed around her body. She could no longer evade it.

"I didn't expect Senior Cang Lu to use the Solid Earth Technique. I'm truly in awe." Bi Lin was still smiling pleasantly, overflowing with flattery.

In terms of strength, Cang Lu was truly much more formidable than Bi Lin.

"The Thunder Beast Clan had always been known for their inherited secret techniques. Well, let me see what kind of secret technique your Thunder Beast Clan has!" A murderous glint appeared in Cang Lu's eyes. The columns of Earth-type Celestial Chi in the sky turned into sharp steel spikes that shot toward Bi Lin who was caged.

"My Thunder Beast Clan has many inherited secret techniques indeed, but how could I have the nerve to wield it in front of Senior Cang Lu? It'll only disappoint you!" Bi Lin's mouth twitched and she gave a cold, biting smile. "I do apologize – I entered the Soul PaG.o.da before Senior Cang Lu, and have come across quite a few treasures, including this nifty trinket!"

There was a "swoosh" and Bi Lin's body was surrounded by purple light. A set of purple armor had materialized around Bi Lin, which fully shielded her body. "Thud thud thud"– the Solid Earth spikes crashed into Bi Lin and exploded loudly, yet Bi Lin did not budge at all, still keeping her graceful smile.

"The Purple Demon Armor!" Cang Lu shuddered in shock. Each component of the Purple Demon Armor Bi Lin was wearing was at least at Tier Nine Spirit Artifact Rank. Once combined, not even a grade ten Boundless Stage expert could break it with a full-force attack. 

"That's right, it's the Purple Demon Armor. Senior Cang Lu has good judgment." Bi Lin smiled daintily.

No wonder Bi Lin who was two grades below Cang Lu still acted so calm and composed in the face of his attack! She had a set of Purple Demon Armor for protection! If Cang Lu had entered the Soul PaG.o.da before Bi Lin, this Purple Demon Armor would not have fallen into Bi Lin's hands!

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Cang Lu knew about the might of the Purple Demon Armor. At his current capability, he was certainly unable to break through the Purple Demon Armor.

"Huh, did I say anything of that sort? Senior Cang Lu, you must've heard wrongly. You used a secret technique to trap a young girl like me, yet you don't allow me to use the secret technique of the Thunder Beast Clan. Does that even make any sense? If not, we can ask someone to be the judge of this!" Bi Lin looked completely innocent.

The Thunder Beast Clan had many secret techniques. In addition to wearing a full set of Purple Demon Armor, Bi Lin did not need to fear any of Cang Lu's attacks. Cang Lu was powerless too. He was blocked by Bi Lin, unable to approach the light pillar. He felt extremely frustrated as he watched Ye Chen taking so many Cosmic Stones.

"Why aren't Fu Yu and Liu Ming here yet?" Cang Lu was extremely gloomy. If the two G.o.dly Venerable fighters under him were here, he would not be in this state.

Bi Lin's right hand swiped at the Solid Earth before her. The cage, which was restraining her, cracked open with a "bang" under her gentle pinch.

"So, the Purple Demon Armor is this powerful!" Bi Lin was filled with amazement. With this Purple Demon Armor, she can forget that Cang Lu was only two grades above her. Even if he was five grades above her, she could handle him with ease.

Cang Lu saw that the cage that was formed by his Solid Earth Technique could not even withstand a blow from Bi Lin. He was even more furious now. With a loud yell, he sent forth a Solid Earth Technique that was fortified many times over.

"Boom boom boom"– Bi Lin and Cang Lu's fight caused the sky to darken.

Ye Chen and Little Wingsy had been collecting Cosmic Stones non-stop and had already taken more than twenty by now.

"You guys are rather slow. In a few minutes, the rest should be reaching the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level. At that point, these other Cosmic Stones would no longer belong to you!" Master Lion's voice came out from the Heavenly Astra Seal.

"Master Lion, what should we do then?" Ye Chen asked. "When these Cosmic Stones detect Celestial Chi, they would dodge automatically."

"Use your Astral Body to make an opening in the Heavenly Astra Seal!" Master Lion said with a sigh.

Ye Chen's Astral Body stretched out and bashed the restrictive spell of the Heavenly Astra Seal. A gash was created by Ye Chen's Astral Body.

Master Lion opened his mouth and inhaled. The opening in the seal immediately became a strong vortex. The distant Cosmic Stones seemed to be drawn in by a tremendous force, flying toward Ye Chen's palm and into the Heavenly Astra Seal's s.p.a.ce.

Ye Chen used the Thunder Flash secret technique and kept on flying upward. On his way, all the Cosmic Stones turned into tiny meteors that fell into the Heavenly Astra Seal.

"Wow, how amazing. So many Cosmic Stones! That bunch of old men in Tianyuan Ancient City – from where did they rustle up so many Cosmic Stones? Ye Chen, my boy, quickly fly further upward. We've already collected more than three hundred and twenty Cosmic Stones! Quick quick quick!" Master Lion exclaimed enthusiastically. 

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