Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

337 Stop Right There!

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Hundreds of kilometers away, Bi Lin took out a Mystical Thunder Sword from her Heaven-Earth Pouch and slashed it toward a ma.s.sive, towering tree.At this point, something strange happened. The tree grew countless vines that flapped and unfurled toward Bi Lin.

"Little tree, be obedient. Big Sis will be gentle." Bi Lin was beaming all over but the Thunder Sword in her hands did not slow down in the slightest. Bolts of thunder and lightning spun around and turned into blades that sliced down.

"Zap zap zap"– the branches of the ma.s.sive, towering tree were instantly torn apart.

When they broke apart, the splintered branches swiftly shrank back and condensed into a black seed.

This black seed tried to flee with astonishing speed and had covered dozens of kilometers in an instant.

However, how could its speed possibly compare to Bi Lin who was a Boundless Stage powerhouse?

With a "swoosh", Bi Lin turned into a flash of thunder and appeared beside the seed. With a swipe of her right hand, she had seized this black seed.

"I didn't expect that the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level would have something like the Tree Spirit. Today's harvest isn't bad indeed." A satisfied grin stretched across Bi Lin's lips as she eyed the black seed in her hand. The black seed kept jumping, trying to escape but it could not struggle free from the binds of a Boundless Stage fighter. She closed her right hand and kept it safely. With a sweep of her Psyche, she saw that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy had swept up the bodies of the six Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts.

"There's so much treasure in the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level, but these two little boys only took a few Spirit Beasts' bodies." Bi Lin shook her head, thinking that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were rather undiscerning. However, she did not know that secret technique jade slips were concealed within the bodies of these Spirit Beasts. She a.s.sumed that these Spirit Beasts were like the rest, whose core metals were Tianyuan ancient coins.

Bi Lin's Astral Body filled the entire fifth level of the Soul PaG.o.da. Something purple glinted and reflected in her eyes and her mouth twitched upward in a slight smirk. 

No matter where Ye Chen and Little Wingsy went, they could feel that ever-present Psyche. The Psyche of a Grand Supreme combatant was too formidable, practically filling up the entire Soul PaG.o.da. When would Ye Chen be able to reach such a powerful attainment level?

Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were about to collect the other spirit artifacts when Bi Lin's voice rang out crisp and clear beside their ears. "Little boys, we're going to the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level now. Big Sis has gotten almost all of the spirit artifacts on the fifth level."

They could hear from Bi Lin's tone that she was quite satisfied at her haul.

Ye Chen felt rather despondent. He had only gathered a few Spirit Beast's bodies. From the looks of it, Bi Lin must have collected quite a few treasures.

"Little boy, do you want Big Sis to give you some good items?" Bi Lin's gently teasing voice drifted past Ye Chen's ear like the murmuring of sweet nothings between lovers.

"There's no need for that. Many thanks, Big Sis," Ye Chen hurriedly responded. When the fox preaches, take care of your geese. Who knew what this woman was really plotting? Plus, even if Ye Chen wanted something, Bi Lin would not possibly give him the truly good stuff.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh"– three thunder flashes disappeared within the large black door at the end of the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level. 

Just as Bi Lin, Ye Chen, and Little Wingsy entered the sixth level of the Soul PaG.o.da, another group entered the fifth level. It was Cang Lu, Fu Yu, and the rest. Furthermore, there were Daemon King and G.o.dly Venerable experts from other factions.

Among the various major factions that had come to the Soul PaG.o.da, the two strongest individuals were Bi Lin and Cang Lu. These factions did not expect that so many treasures would show up in the Soul PaG.o.da and had only sent a few powerhouses. When they later discovered the abnormal situation in the Soul PaG.o.da, it was too late. They hurriedly reported to their headquarters but the dispatched powerhouses would not be arriving for some time.

The moment Cang Lu entered the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level and saw the state of things, his face instantly darkened. He looked across the distance. The corpses of Spirit Beasts were littered everywhere. Peerless Powers could not fill the entire Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level with their Psyche like how Grand Supreme fighters could, but their eyes were still extremely penetrating, able to see everything for dozens of kilometers around.

All the treasures had been looted clean!

"D*mn woman! I'm p.i.s.sed off!" Cang Lu was in a rage. He had been behind Bi Lin by one step. Plus, Bi Lin had the secret technique, Thunder Flash of the Thunder Beast Clan. He had arrived too late. All the good stuff had been seized by Bi Lin!

"I'll go and stop that woman. The rest of you, catch up!"

"Yes, Grand Supreme Elder!" Fu Yu and Liu Ming immediately bobbed their heads.

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"Zoom"– Cang Lu's figure flashed and he turned into a streak of white light, cutting through the air.

Ye Chen held Little Wingsy back and did not approach the light pillar. He knew that if he had competed against Bi Lin for the Cosmic Stones, it would be a suicide mission. Even a Grand Supreme fighter, after seeing so many Cosmic Stones, would be unable to repress their greed and desire.

Bi Lin was taking all these Cosmic Stones and Ye Chen had no way of objecting. After all, his cultivation base was a long way off from Bi Lin's. He still had a degree of self-awareness. Even though Bi Lin did not seem to be malicious toward Ye Chen and Little Wingsy for now, if it came down to a matter of immense profit, she might actually act against them.

Each level of the Soul PaG.o.da was an enormous s.p.a.ce. Above them was pitch darkness and one could not see the far end. The distant light pillar was dozens of kilometers tall, with no sight of its tip. Cosmic Stones circled and twirled around the light pillar. Their numbers were inconceivable.

This was surely a matchless fearsome fortune. With all these Cosmic Stones, one could exchange them for a few hundred countries!

To fighters at the peak, even the vast swathes of the homeland were not more important than one's own strength!

Bi Lin's right hand stretched out and numerous Cosmic Stones flew into her palm. She circled the pillar and ascended, swiftly collecting more than ten Cosmic Stones.

There was nothing else more rousing than this.

"Little boys, you may each take ten Cosmic Stones. Any more than that would be a large fortune but also a catastrophe for you." Bi Lin's clear voice rang out beside the ears of Ye Chen and Little Wingsy. "There are so many Cosmic Stones here anyway."

Ye Chen looked toward Bi Lin's figure which was flashing like a thunderbolt. Bi Lin did not seem to be speaking insincerely. She could very well keep all the Cosmic Stones for herself without giving a thought to Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's feelings at all as they were no match for her. However, Bi Lin allowed Ye Chen and Little Wingsy to take ten each. This was a tremendous favor, even though there were over hundreds of Cosmic Stones here!

As Bi Lin collected the Cosmic Stones, she looked over at the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level. This light pillar was more than dozens of kilometers tall. She had to fly around it and ascend, gathering the Cosmic Stones one by one. These Cosmic Stones seemed to have grown legs. As she collected them, they would evade and hide by their own accord. Collecting so many Cosmic Stones was time-consuming. Moreover, that old man Cang Lu must be arriving soon. She could not collect so many anyway, so it did not matter much if she let Ye Chen and Little Wingsy take a few.

As soon as Bi Lin spoke, a figure appeared at the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level. It was an old man with long hair and beard. When he saw Bi Lin who was gathering the Cosmic Stones, he snarled furiously. His sleeves fluttered without wind, his Celestial Chi condensed into palm energy, and he charged at Bi Lin with his palm.

"Cunning woman, stop right there!" Cang Lu barked angrily. If he did not stop Bi Lin, who knew how many Cosmic Stones would fall into her hands? 

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