Nine Astra Skies

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336 A Feisty Woman

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This item was a jade slip and the energy it gave off was similar to the other secret technique jade slip Ye Chen had obtained!As for whether this thing was a secret technique jade slip, Master Lion would have to be the judge. Nonetheless, from its appearance, that was most likely the case.

"Master Lion, is this a secret technique jade slip?" Ye Chen secretly moved the secret technique jade slip into the Heavenly Astra Seal and inquired.

When Master Lion saw this, his expression grew mystified and solemn as he nodded. "It's a secret technique jade slip indeed!" Previously, they had extracted Tianyuan ancient coins from the Spirit Beasts, which was already perplexing. Now, they had obtained this secret technique jade slip. Even Master Lion felt like he was over his head. This matter was too peculiar.

If Bi Lin knew that the Aberrant Spirit Beast's core metal was a secret technique jade slip, who knew if she would still be so indifferent?

Ye Chen wondered if he could learn the secret technique in this secret technique jade slip. Up until now, this was the second secret technique jade slip he had!

"Secret techniques are divided into Low Rank, Mid Rank, and High Rank. The secret techniques you've encountered, including the Water Spirit Sword Technique, Storm Armor, and the other secret techniques of the House of Storms, are considered Low Rank secret techniques. Your Black Turtle Guard is also comparable to a Low Rank secret technique. I wonder what rank of secret techniques is contained within these two secret technique jade slips.

"It's impossible to determine from the secret technique jade slip's exterior. Plus, the functionality of secret techniques varies wildly. If you're lucky and get to learn a relatively useful Mid Rank secret technique, your strength may surge up many times over. If your luck is even more outrageous and you learn a useful High Rank secret technique, fighting beyond your level would not be an issue. These secret technique jade slips are ancient relics!" Master Lion sounded quite excited. 

Ye Chen was taken aback. Mid and High Rank secret techniques were this incredible? In that case, the value of the secret technique jade slips was rather inestimable. What if this secret technique jade slip concealed a High Rank secret technique? Would it not be priceless?

"Master Lion, how do I determine the rank of a secret technique jade slip?" Ye Chen asked.

"This isn't that straightforward. To do so, you must let a master blacksmith evaluate it. I don't know how many blacksmiths are left who can be considered a master blacksmith." Master Lion laughed bitterly. "I'm afraid there aren't many master blacksmiths who have survived."

Ye Chen was silent for a moment. It was best to carefully hold on to these secret technique jade slips for now.

There were plenty of treasures within the Soul PaG.o.da. If they moved forward, they would reach the fifth level of the Soul PaG.o.da. Ye Chen glanced at Bi Lin in front. He wondered if he would get even a crumb if he followed behind this woman.

"Little boy, the strength of your physical body is only at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank?" Bi Lin turned around and asked in astonishment. Earlier, when her Psyche had locked upon Ye Chen's body, she noticed that his body was only at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank. She felt incredulous. Ye Chen's Astral Externalization could reach Daemon King Attainment Level, so why was his real body only at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank?

However, Ye Chen's current flying speed was just like a snail, which proved that Ye Chen was truly at beginner Mystique Venerable Rank! Moreover, how did he cultivate a Psyche by training with Celestial Chi?

Bi Lin was very curious to know how Ye Chen's Psyche got so formidable? Ye Chen had many secrets indeed, which piqued her interest.

"Mm." Ye Chen did not deny this.

"Little boy, if you don't hurry up, the old man from the Tribunal Council will be here soon and we won't be able to have the first pick of the treasures on the fifth floor of Soul PaG.o.da. Do you want Big Sis to carry you?" Bi Lin turned back with a smile.

"There's no need for that. I'll let Little Wingsy carry me," Ye Chen said quickly and landed atop Little Wingsy. This woman was incomparably charming. Although her voice was as melodious as an oriole released from the valley, Ye Chen was constantly bewildered, always feeling like this woman had ulterior motives. 

"How unappreciative you are. Big Sis will feel sad, you know. You guys are too slow. Big Sis will show you a secret technique!" Bi Lin's marble fingers formed an abstruse runic seal and she murmured, "Thunder Beast Secret Technique, Thunder Flash!"

With a "whoosh", Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were circled by thunderbolts.

As the thunder flickered around them, Ye Chen and Little Wingsy abruptly sped up, just like lightning. "Whoosh whoosh whoosh"– they were already fifty kilometers away.

"What amazing speed!" The wind whistled past Ye Chen's ears. If it were not for his Astral Body's perception, he would not have been able to observe his surroundings with just his eyes.

"Wow wow wow, so fast!" Little Wingsy yelled in delight. It was his first time experiencing such astounding speed and he was endlessly entertained.

There was a flash of thunderbolt and Bi Lin appeared beside them.

"Little boys, we're about to enter the fifth level. You'd better keep up!" Bi Lin chuckled and zipped into the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level entrance.

The moment Bi Lin appeared on the fifth level of the Soul PaG.o.da, her Psyche extended into all directions.

As if they were startled by Bi Lin's Psyche, tens of thousands of Psyches surged up within the fifth floor, barreling toward Bi Lin. Each Psyche had top Mystique Adept power!

These Spirit Beasts were like Celestial Beasts who manifested Psyches!

"Even puny Mystique Adept Rank Spirit Beasts dare to act so impudently!" Bi Lin growled. Her Boundless Stage Psyche burst forth furiously. "Boom boom boom"– the myriad of Psyches exploded in mid-air.

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The Mystique Adept Rank Spirit Beasts of the Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level howled wretchedly and spat out blood, collapsing without getting up. The entire fifth level of the Soul PaG.o.da was filled with pitiful whines.

Bi Lin looked as breezy as before as if she had not just clashed against six Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts. The power of six Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts was unable to affect Bi Lin's Psyche!

Bi Lin's Psyche had filled the entire Soul PaG.o.da's fifth level. She gave a radiant smile that would charm anyone. "All the Spirit Beasts in the fifth level are gravely injured now. Big Sis is going to collect the treasures. Take what you want for yourself – that's Big Sis' present to you."

"Really?" Little Wingsy was overjoyed. "I want lots and lots of barbecue!"

With a "swish", Little Wingsy had raced off into the distance.

"Big Sis is going off. Later, I'll contact you boys and we'll head to the Soul PaG.o.da's sixth level together!" With a "whoosh", Bi Lin had flitted into the distance too. She seemed to have found something.

Ye Chen looked into the direction where Bi Lin had gone. There was only a trailing trace of thunderbolt at the end of the horizon.

Ye Chen pondered. Even though Bi Lin appeared coquettish to the core and kept tantalizing him, she still maintained a constant distance from him. Just like before – although those ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s moved closer to his chest, there was ultimately still a gap. Up until now, Ye Chen could not figure out if Bi Lin was a friend or foe. Perhaps she was highly interested in something of his. 

No matter what, Ye Chen simply must not be hypnotized by this woman. His Astral Body zoomed off into the distance.

"Get the bodies of those six Spirit Beasts first. If the armguard s.p.a.ce can't accommodate them all, put them in the Heavenly Astra Seal!" Master Lion said. Those six Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts were very likely Aberrant Spirit Beasts, whose bodies would contain a secret technique jade slip!

"Mmm!" Ye Chen did not dally any longer. He must first collect the treasures before anything else, and he dashed toward one of the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts.

Ye Chen's body was still bolstered by the secret technique, Thunder Flash, which Bi Lin had cast, so his speed was incredible. He cut through s.p.a.ce in the blink of an eye and landed next to a Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast after a moment. The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast, after having its Psyche shattered, was breathing its last.

"Keep!" Ye Chen cried out and stored the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast into the Heavenly Astra Seal.

After he did that, Ye Chen did not dawdle in the slightest. He rose once again and tore after the direction where another Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast was at.

After around three minutes, Ye Chen had gathered the bodies of three Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts whereas Little Wingsy had grabbed the other three, and they met in the middle. Fortunately, Bi Lin did not know that the brains of these Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts contained something such as the secret technique jade slip. Otherwise, she probably would not let Ye Chen and Little Wingsy take the bodies of these Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts just like that.

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