Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

334 I'm Not Going To Eat You!

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"Besides the soul bone, a Spirit Beast's entire body are treasures. I wonder what metal type the core inside the Aberrant Spirit Beast's head is. It shouldn't be Tianyuan ancient coins but something more valuable!"Master Lion's words made Ye Chen pause. He had not thought about that and just a.s.sumed that the most valuable treasure on the Aberrant Spirit Beast was those two giant swords, but the most valuable thing was the Aberrant Spirit Beast's body itself!

Ye Chen's armguard s.p.a.ce was large enough to accommodate the Aberrant Spirit Beast's body. As for how to deal with it, he would think about that after getting out.

"Little Wingsy, let's kill that Aberrant Spirit Beast together. We'll have a barbeque for you later!" Little Wingsy released Little Wingsy, who had transformed into a giant Winged Serpent more than three hundred meters long.

Little Wingsy heard the word "barbeque" and his eyes immediately sparkled. He stared at the Aberrant Spirit Beast and drooled.

Seeing Little Wingsy's greedy eyes and the ferocious look he was targeting at the Aberrant Spirit Beast, Ye Chen could only say that Little Wingsy was not a fussy eater at all. He could even drool at the sight of such an ugly Aberrant Spirit Beast.

"Big Brother Ye Chen, I'm going!" Little Wingsy flapped his wings with a "swoosh" and shot toward the Aberrant Spirit Beast in the distance.

Sword Hill Inferno!

Steel knives appeared in the air and black flames danced around them.

The heatwave rolled and the surrounding temperature suddenly climbed by tens of degrees. A powerful aura descended on the Aberrant Spirit Beast in the distance.

The Aberrant Spirit Beast felt a strong energy of oppression and roared upward. It jumped up with a cry and swung its huge swords at Little Wingsy.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh", countless steel knives shot at the Aberrant Spirit Beast.

With a "boom", the crimson red flames on the Aberrant Spirit Beast's body surged to the sky.

"Boom boom boom." Little Wingsy and the Aberrant Spirit Beast fought. The sky instantly darkened as flames shot out.

The collision of the two powerful auras caused a tremor on the fourth level of the Soul PaG.o.da. This terrifying power froze the Mystique Rank combatants in the distance. They did not dare to explore any further. They hovered in the air and looked over, and were deeply shocked when they saw a huge Winged Serpent fighting against an Aberrant Spirit Beast.

An aura like that undoubtedly belonged to Daemon Kings!

Fu Ze and the others looked on in horror. They had already known that a Daemon King had appeared in the Soul PaG.o.da, but they did not know what that black Spirit Beast was. It looked incredibly terrifying. The steel knives and flames flying all over the sky was like a doomsday scene.

"Boom boom boom!"

The blows between Little Wingsy and the Aberrant Spirit Beast rang out like m.u.f.fled thunder and resounded through the sky. Everywhere they went, the ground below them was instantly flattened. Ordinary Spirit Beasts comparable to Mystique Rank combatants were immediately cleaved in two once they touched the falling steel knives. Those that touched the falling b.a.l.l.s of fire were instantly reduced to ashes.

Little Wingsy's strength was still inferior to the Aberrant Spirit Beast. Seeing the Aberrant Spirit Beast's swords swinging at him, he suddenly ducked and lashed his tail out at it.

In the Soul Pearl, Little Wingsy had fought against various mystical beasts conjured up by the Soul Pearl. He was far superior in terms of technique!

The Aberrant Spirit Beast did not care that Little Wingsy was attacking it and continued to swing its two swords.

"Now!" A cold glint flashed in Ye Chen's eyes. His Astral Body emerged and materialized into a tall gold-armored soldier, appearing behind the Aberrant Spirit Beast.

Fiery Slash— Fire Dragon Sun Salutation!

The Fangtian halberd in the gold-armored soldier's hand burned with purple flames and swung down at the Aberrant Spirit Beast's head. If this strike hit, the Aberrant Spirit Beast would be instantly cut in half!

The Aberrant Spirit Beast slashed at Little Wingsy but suddenly felt something strange behind him. It seemed extremely afraid of the purple flames on the gold-armored soldier and quickly withdrew to retreat. At this moment, Little Wingsy's tail hit the Aberrant Spirit Beast heavily, and the Aberrant Spirit Beast was sent flying with a bang.

The moment Little Wingsy's tail hit the Aberrant Spirit Beast, the gold-armored soldier's Fangtian halberd fell.

The Aberrant Spirit Beast wanted to slip away. It turned into black fog and prepared to escape but was struck by Ye Chen's gold-armored soldier. It screamed shrilly as one of its arms was cleaved by the gold-armored soldier. Black blood splattered out.

It was perfect cooperation and their attacks were perfectly timed. In an ordinary fight between Ye Chen, Little Wingsy, and the Aberrant Spirit Beast, they would need at least half an hour to see where the direction of the battle flowed, but with Ye Chen's surprise attack with his Astral Body, he dealt a serious injury to the Aberrant Spirit Beast in one hit!

The Aberrant Spirit Beast turned into a ma.s.s of black fog and fled to the distance.

"Little Wingsy, chase it!" Ye Chen ordered. He already put the Aberrant Spirit Beast's severed hand inside the armguard s.p.a.ce. 

Little Wingsy went after the Aberrant Spirit Beast.

Ye Chen quickly followed after them. His body only had the cultivation of a Mystique Rank, so he was much slower than the Aberrant Spirit Beast and Little Wingsy. Only an instant had pa.s.sed, but he was already left far behind.

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In the distance, Fu Ze and the others who were watching were horrified. It turned out that there was not only one Daemon King but two Daemon Kings. One was a Celestial Beast Daemon King while the other was a Mystical Beast Daemon King! That Aberrant Spirit Beast should also possess the strength of a Daemon King Rank, but unexpectedly, when the two Daemon Kings attacked it, its arm was chopped off in an instant. The strength of the two Daemon Kings was incredibly powerful and they worked well together tacitly.

The Daemon King Rank Aberrant Spirit Beast was killed in a moment by Ye Chen and Little Wingsy. Of course, the fact that the Aberrant Spirit Beast had not gained sapience was one of the factors. If they had met a true Daemon King, then the battle would not end this simply.

However, it had to be said that Little Wingsy's Absolute Zero Freezing h.e.l.l was quite powerful. It managed to completely freeze a Daemon King Rank Aberrant Spirit Beast into solid ice.

It was time to harvest the loot now that the Aberrant Spirit Beast was in their hands!

Ye Chen was preparing to keep his Astral Body when he suddenly sensed a Psyche locking onto the gold-armored soldier and Little Wingsy in the air.

The gold-armored soldier could not move under the oppression of that Psyche's energy. What terrifying strength!

Ye Chen paled in fright. To be able to lock the gold-armored soldier in place with a Psyche, that had to be in the realm of a Grand Supreme combatant!

"Big Brother Ye Chen, run!" Little Wingsy shouted anxiously while struggling to break free. He felt a Psyche energy that pierced his mind like a sharp knife. Little Wingsy thought he was going to die when that Psyche had suddenly stopped advancing.

If that trace of Psyche had detonated, it would kill Little Wingsy in an instant!

Holding the Fangtian halberd, the gold-armored soldier looked to the distance and saw a flash of lightning, which suddenly appeared in front of their eyes in an instant.

By the time Ye Chen saw it clearly, he found that there was an alluring woman inside that thunderflash. She was slim and had long hair, had limpid eyes, and her figure was graceful beyond comparison. Her front a.s.sets and her rear were accentuated and looked incredibly hot in the tight red dress she wore. 

The woman glanced at the direction Ye Chen was in. Her gaze seemed to pierce s.p.a.ce itself and locked onto Ye Chen's position. Her eyes, amorous and seductive, contained an unspeakable charm.

"I never expected to meet two Daemon King little fellas here. One is a primordial Winged Serpent with quite the pure lineage, and the other is a human who can use Astral Externalization. Wow." The woman chuckled, the action stirring the deadly weapons on her chest.

Ye Chen did not have any strange ideas while looking at the seductive woman. On the contrary, he broke out in cold sweat. When he first encountered Tantai Ling, he was fearless because he was ignorant. Now that he met another woman who was at the Grand Supreme Attainment Level, Ye Chen was chilled down to the bone. He knew that he was no match for her. If that woman made a move, neither Little Wingsy nor he would have any possibility of escape!

That woman could see at a glance that Ye Chen was not a Celestial Beast, but a human. He did not know how she had found out. Even Tong Tian the Leo King was unable to tell if he was a human or a Celestial Beast! The Leo King was only a Daemon King, but this woman in front of him was a Grand Supreme Rank combatant!

"Little boy, what're you so afraid of? I'm not going to eat you!" The woman glanced at Ye Chen with an enchanting smile on her face. She was not wearing shoes and when her jade-like feet stepped on the air, sparks of lightning flashed and bloomed into lotus flowers.

Ye Chen did not know what mystical beast this woman's primal form was. Although she looked charming and her expression did not carry any killing intent, Ye Chen knew that once she turned hostile, their lives would be in her hands!

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