Nine Astra Skies

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332 Secret Technique Jade Slip!

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The Tribunal Council Mystique Venerable Rank combatants saw the gold-armored soldier's huge finger pressing down on them but they could not move under the oppression of that powerful aura, let alone escape."Ah!" All three Tribunal Council Mystique Venerable Rank combatants were squashed by the gold-armored soldier's finger. A huge pit appeared on the ground with a loud rumble as the three Mystique Venerable Rank combatants were flattened into the soil. The gold-armored soldier twisted its finger like it was crushing a few ants before retracting its hand.

The Snowshadow Clan and the other forces were horrified. Three Mystique Venerable Rank combatants were crushed like ants!

This was a Daemon King!

This was the incomparably powerful Daemon King Rank!

Maybe at this moment, the Daemon King was hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away but his Psyche Astral Externalization that appeared here could easily kill all of them Mystique Venerable Rank combatants!

This was the might of a Daemon King!

They bowed their heads humbly under the gold-armored soldier's great pressure and waited quietly for their sentence.


That would be a joke. They could not even begin to comprehend the power of a Daemon King!

"Swoosh swoosh", two other Tier Five spirit artifacts flew toward the gold-armored soldier's palm as if they sprouted wings.

The gold-armored soldier took three items and stared at the crowd with huge eyes glowing like lanterns, and disappeared with a whoosh.

After the Daemon King's aura had disappeared, the Snowshadow Clan and the other forces immediately gasped for breath. Their eyes still had a trace of fear. They thought that they were dead for sure. They quickly thanked their lucky stars and looked into the pit ahead. The three Tribunal Council masters had been ground into meat paste!

The gold-armored soldier had used a single finger to kill three Mystique Venerable Rank combatants!

That powerful strength made them crazy.

They were Mystique Rank combatants - some of whom had stagnated at peak Mystique Rank for decades and had been unable to advance. Once they had advanced, they would either be Daemon Kings or G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants. They could also possess that terrifying strength!

However, it was not easy to break through the level advancement barrier to Daemon King or G.o.dly Venerable Rank. Ordinary combatants needed at least ten to a hundred years to break through to Daemon King or G.o.dly Venerable Rank. Many people had remained stuck at peak Mystique Venerable or Mystique Adept Rank, unable to advance until they died of old age. They had always looked up to Daemon Kings and G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants. 

After becoming a Daemon King or G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatant, the Tribunal Council, the Thunder Beast Clan, and other super forces would attach great importance to you. You would be considered one of the peak existences. 

Just which force did that Daemon King belong to to dare kill masters from the Tribunal Council?

The Snowshadow Clan was also an old family. They had always been at odds with the Tribunal Council and many fights had occurred between them. They had always been suppressed by the Tribunal Council. Although they had also killed many people from the Tribunal Court, they had always been at a disadvantage because they lacked powerful combatants.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend. Which Celestial Beast clan was that Daemon King from? Some primordial Celestial Beast clans including the extremely powerful Thunder Beast Clan, were famous for being difficult. The Tribunal Council rarely provoked those forces and those forces also seldom got involved with the Tribunal Council.

The Thunder Beast Clan looked at each other and leaped away.

The direction they were going was not further up the Soul PaG.o.da but leaving the Soul PaG.o.da! They wanted to report important information that a Daemon King especially targeting the Tribunal Council had appeared in the Soul PaG.o.da! 

On the northern area of the third floor, six Tribunal Council masters were killed, and three Tier Five spirit artifacts were seized.

At the south, seven Tribunal Council masters were killed, and a jade slip was lost.

Ye Chen's gold-armored soldier flew and collected all the glints of treasures he saw. He did not hesitate to teach a lesson to any Tribunal Council member he had encountered. There were some arrogant ones but they were also squashed to death by the gold-armored soldier's finger. 

In just a moment, Ye Chen had collected countless treasures.

The combatants left on the third level almost cried to death. They were frantically grabbing treasures when a gold-armored soldier suddenly appeared in the air and robbed them of their belongings. They were Mystique Venerable Rank combatants but they were completely powerless against a Daemon King. They could only watch as the treasures in their hands fell into another's pockets.

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Who was so immoral to let a Daemon King Rank combatant enter?

Ye Chen cut his finger and let his blood drip onto the jade slip. However, he saw the deep red blood slowly flow down the jade slip without fusing into it.

It was unable to merge?

Ye Chen was a little disappointed.

"Secret technique jade slips usually have some blood requirements. It's not that easy to learn them! That's because secret technique jade slips are made with great skills and their secret technique is generally pa.s.sed on to inheritors of the same bloodline. Only a few jade slips don't have any requirements, so don't be discouraged. You can let that little Winged Serpent try. If it can't learn it either, then just find a chance to sell it. If you meet a buyer who knows his stuff, you can still sell it for a good price." Master Lion's voice came from the Heavenly Astra Vice Seal.

Ye Chen could not learn the secret technique from this jade slip, but he could look for other secret technique jade slips. Ye Chen guessed that there should be many good items in this Soul PaG.o.da, so he was not disheartened. He let Little Wingsy try it, but his blood also was not able to merge into the secret technique jade slip.

Just what kind of bloodline did this secret technique jade slip need?

Ye Chen was not discouraged. 'Today's harvest is good. I wonder what's on the fourth floor of the Soul PaG.o.da. Let's go and have a look!'

With a "swoosh", Ye Chen's figure disappeared into the large black gate.

Outside the Soul PaG.o.da.

"What? A Daemon King is slaughtering our people in the Soul PaG.o.da?" Cang Lu's expression immediately darkened after hearing the report from his subordinates. He glared at Fu Yu and the others. "Didn't you a.s.sure me that there won't be any Daemon Kings or G.o.dly Venerable Ones in the Soul PaG.o.da?"

"Please calm down, elder. The three of us took turns to watch the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da and didn't find any Daemon King or G.o.dly Venerable One entering the Soul PaG.o.da. There's something odd about this. It may be that some forces used a secret method to send a Daemon King into the Soul PaG.o.da!" Fu Yu hurriedly explained. He also had some doubts. How did a Daemon King appear inside the Soul PaG.o.da?

Cang Lu snorted coldly.

"Is it possible that an ancient family is targeting us?"

"Masters from ancient families are almost G.o.dly Venerable Ones. They can be considered our old enemies, but I've never heard of a Daemon King who can materialize a gold-armored soldier. The appearance of this Daemon King is somewhat puzzling." Cang Lu frowned. There was a large number of casualties among the Mystique Venerable Rank combatants they had sent into the Soul PaG.o.da. Although to Peerless Power beings like them, Mystique Venerable Ones were as insignificant as ants, these Mystique Venerable Ones were still the strength of their Tribunal Council. Maybe one or two Daemon Kings or G.o.dly Venerable Ones can be born from them!

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