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Mad Snail

Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Master of the House of Storms

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After gaining a better understanding of the world, Ye Chen gained a profound reverence for it. To think that there existed so many great forces in the Great Eastern Continent. All this time, the ones already made known to the world were not the biggest threat. All these factions had one thing in common and that was their age-old history. To be able to maintain their position in the constant chaotic turmoil between all the other factions, each one of them was not to be messed with. Every move they made was capable of making waves across the world.

 Ye Chen was currently just top Heavenly Venerable One. With the help of the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, he might be able to defeat one or two top Mystique Venerable One fighters. He could also put up a fight against top Mystique Venerable One fighter using his Astral Body. However, if he faced a G.o.dly Venerable One or Daemon King Rank opponent, there was nothing he could do. Just like how he previously would have lost his life to Fu Yu, the G.o.dly Venerable One fighter, if not for Tantai Ling rescuing him.

 Ye Chen had made many enemies. He had just incurred the wrath of the House of Storms which was the number one major sect in the Central Empire. They said the master of the House of Storms was a G.o.dly Venerable One fighter. Judging by Zong Yi's tone, the House of Storms was far more than they appeared to be.

 Ye Chen's biggest enemy was the Tribunal Council. He wondered if Fu Yu would come to the Soul PaG.o.da. He hoped that Fu Yu would not be here because he would be in big trouble if they crossed paths.

 Ye Chen also wondered if Tantai Ling would make an appearance.

 In one of the biggest tents that belonged to the House of Storms.

 Under the radiant sunlight, the tent gleamed brightly. This tent was decorated luxuriously. Its diameter was close to twenty meters. It was very s.p.a.cious and decorated exquisitely.

 A top Mystique Venerable One elder knelt on the floor, not daring to raise his head. A large and imposing middle-aged man wearing a long blue robe sat on the chair in front of him. The man was enveloped in a thick and powerful Water-type Celestial Chi which blurred his appearance and concealed his presence. It was as if there was just a floating cloud of Water-type Celestial Chi there.

 The man was the lord of the House of Storms, Zhong Chengtian, G.o.dly Venerable One master.

 “My lord, the young master had been sent to the Elder's Temple. Grand Supreme Elder Zongyuan says that the young master's injuries will take a month to recover. The young master's spirit was damaged as well and a Soul-tempering Pill is needed to help him recover. Grand Supreme Elder Zongyuan says the Soul-tempering Pill can only be obtained from the City of the Apothecary King. For now, we can only use slightly inferior pills such as the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill, Soul-consolidating Pill, and the likes to help the young master.”

 After the Mystique Venerable One elder's words, Zong Chengtian made no further comments. “What of the whereabouts of the Storm Sword?”

 “We still haven't found it. But we believe there's a large chance it has fallen into the hands of the young man called Ye Chen!” the Mystique Venerable One elder replied at once.

 “Have you properly looked into the background of this Xiwu Ye Clan?” Zong Chengtian didn't speak with haste nor did he speak slowly. It was difficult to grasp what he was thinking.

 “We've looked into it. The Xiwu Ye Clan is just a small family from the distant Xiwu Empire. The most powerful among them was just a top Ninth Level. However, for some unknown reason they had suddenly risen. There must be some sort of powerful force backing them,” the Mystique Venerable One elder answered.

 “From here on, kill the young man if he ever crosses us!”

 “But, his background…”

 “Forget about his background. Kill him and take the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. My House of Storms has been in the Central Empire for all these years. I will not be so easily fazed by them,” Zong Chengtian said calmly, “that d*mnable Scarlet Flame Sect. Does Ye Zong think that he could protect the Scarlet Flame Sect with just a feeble little vanguard? After we're done with the Soul PaG.o.da matter, we'll deal with the Scarlet Flame Sect. It's about time we find a new sect leader for the Scarlet Flame Sect.”

 “The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron grants unexplainable power, capable of defeating two of my top Mystique Venerable One elders in a row. If we didn't have enough men, we might not have been able to deal with him!” the Mystique Venerable One elder said concerningly.

 “If you face him in the future, don't mess with the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. As he is now, he's probably no match for a Mystique Venerable One,” Zong Chengtian said indifferently. He glanced sideways toward the direction where the Soul PaG.o.da stood. His eyes were able to see through the tent and straight at the Soul PaG.o.da that pierced into the clouds above. “We're at the thirty thousand years gap. The Cosmic Stone is probably a signal. Who knows what sort of mythical weapons and secret ancestral techniques the Soul PaG.o.da will grace us with! May the heavens watch over my House of Storms.”

 Tribunal Council's main tent.

 Four giant figures sat together inside a crimson red tent. Three of them were looking at an elder with a head full of white hair. The elder looked like an ordinary man but when he breathed in, the movement of his chest carried a magical rhythm that was at one with heaven and earth.

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 Each of the elder's movements carried the weight of a powerful Absolute Martial Truth that had reached the stage of Peerless Power. He had gained absolute mastery of the Absolute Martial Truth in a realm that was near impossible for common men to achieve.

 The G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters exchanged a glance, their eyes were burning with excitement. If Tantai Ling had learned some secret ancestral technique, it must have been an extremely effective technique. Perhaps even they could attain Peerless Power if they could just get a glance of the technique.

 “I'll send someone to report this matter to the head council. Tomorrow is the opening of the Soul PaG.o.da. It's a very dangerous place. The G.o.dly Venerable Rank and Daemon King Rank fighters of each force aren't going to enter on the first day of the opening since they are the important a.s.sets of each respective faction. Their deaths will result in a significant loss to the faction's forces. We'll be sending our Mystique Venerable Ones, Heavenly Venerable Ones, and Heavenly Adept Level in large numbers to scout the Soul PaG.o.da. I want you all to pay close attention, we cannot let a single mythical weapon, secret ancestral technique, and the Cosmic Stone slip away from our grasp!” Cang Lu emphasized. “The head council is closely supervising the situation here, there mustn't be any slip-ups!”

 “What if those of the super factions got their hands on one of those treasures?” Fu Yu asked.

 “Send someone to take it from them. It's fine as long as n.o.body finds out it's the work of the Tribunal Council. Anyhow, it makes no difference if they find out it's done by us.” Cang Lu smirked. “Even without proof, they'll suspect that it was the work of the Tribunal Council. Still, they will have to swallow their anger, after all, who dares to oppose the Tribunal Council?”

 When they heard Cang Lu's claims, Fu Yu and the others shared a look between themselves.

 Every faction was busy making preparations. They had already selected the roster to head into the Soul PaG.o.da. Most of them were gathered at the entrance of the Soul PaG.o.da.

 At the same time, Ye Chen was still in his tent. He changed his clothes and found some other things to disguise his appearance. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. Apart from the few opponents who he had crossed paths with before, he could not be recognized by anyone else.

 “Little Wingsy, get ready to leave. We're camping outside the Soul PaG.o.da for the night. You'll transform into a snake and hide in my clothes! Let Little Squido hide in the Soul Pearl.” Ye Chen woke Little Wingsy. Little Wingsy was too recognizable since he was just a five to six-year-old child.

 “Hm.” Little Wingsy rubbed his sleepy eyes before quickly transforming into a small snake and hiding in Ye Chen's clothes. Little Squido, on the other hand, dove into the Soul Pearl.

 Ye Chen looked at the sky outside, it was already dusk outside. He adjusted his hat and headed outside.

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