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Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: Obtaining the Storm Sword

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Ye Zong's heart skipped a beat. He originally thought that Ye Rou would go with Ye Chen. After he heard Ye Rou's words, it felt like his heart was struck by lightning. After the events that had occurred today, the Scarlet Flame Sect would be stepping in extremely dangerous territory. They were severing ties with the House of Storms who was going to prove to be a powerful enemy. The House of Storms just might exact their revenge on the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 The House of Storms might not risk crossing Ye Chen due to his complicated background. However, the Scarlet Flame Sect was an easy target so the House of Storms had got to save some face somehow!

 The current situation of the Scarlet Flame Sect was very unstable. If Ye Rou decided to leave the Scarlet Flame Sect, Ye Zong would not have much to say about it. After all, she did not grow up in the sect. Ye Rou's decision to remain in the sect and weather the storm together filled Ye Zong's heart with guilt.

 Ye Chen glared at Ye Zong and scolded, “Ye Zong, are you ashamed of yourself? You and your Scarlet Flame Sect sent your daughter away without a second thought just to earn the favor of the House of Storms. You'd willingly send her to those despicable people, that was as good as sending her to death. You sacrificed her just for your agenda. Now that the sect is facing a great crisis and an uncertain future, your daughter wants to stay with you and share the same fate. Apart from giving birth to her, what have you ever done for her?”

 Ye Chen's words heavily hit Ye Zong's heart. In the past, Ye Zong had been a very sentimental person. After the long years of struggle in the Scarlet Flame Sect and the constant drift between different forces, he had grown into a hard and cold person. He did not know what to do with the two younglings confronting him today.

 “Ye Zong, I'll say this now. From today onward, if the Scarlet Flame Sect ever mistreats Little Rou. I, Ye Chen promise that the Scarlet Flame Sect will get what it deserves!” Ye Chen's words echoed around the valley like a clap of rumbling thunder.

 “Little Rou, your father was wrong. Go with him, let your father bear responsibility for the Scarlet Flame Sect. Nothing has ever happened to the sect in the past nor will anything befall it in the future. Even if heaven crumbles, there's no need for you to bear this great burden.” The resolution in Ye Zong's eyes slowly grew stronger.

 After Ye Zong's speech, Ye Rou felt her worries slowly scattering away. She understood that her father bore a great weight upon his shoulders, having to ensure the survival of the Scarlet Flame Sect. Years ago, her parents had resolutely decided to send her to the Xiwu Ye Clan. Wasn't this already a great act of love? After all, what parents would willingly be separated from their flesh and blood?

 Ye Zong was not a heartless man either. Ye Chen flew down and sheathed the Blue Dragon Dagger and the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. He looked at the crowd and gave Ye Zhanlong a nod of approval. He could not find Little Wingsy in the crowd but he thought that judging by Little Wingsy's strength and the Soul Pearl to boot, no one could harm him.

 Ye Zong surveyed around him, his gaze sweeping past everyone in the crowd. “Everyone, we've embarra.s.sed ourselves in front of you today. Let's bring an end to the martial event today. We beg your pardon if there's anything else that we haven't done well. Please, take your leave!”

 Since the sect leader of the Scarlet Flame Sect had said so, the representatives of each major sect began taking their leave. When they rose, they cast their glances at Ye Chen who stood beside the martial ground. They wanted to engrave Ye Chen's face into their memories. After this incident, Ye Chen was going to be a revered character in the Central Empire. They had better take care not to step on his toes.

 Some of the sect representatives wanted to talk to Ye Chen in hopes of potentially allying with the forces behind Ye Chen in the future. Some of them expressed interest in the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron but did not dare try to make any moves on Ye Chen.

 Most of the members of the major sects took their leave. Only Earl Yunyan and the men of the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect remained as Ye Zong had a.s.signed them living quarters. Ye Chen spoke with Earl Yunyan briefly before returning to his matters.

 After the crowd had scattered, the Scarlet Flame Sect returned to its usual peace.

 Following the battle, many members of the Scarlet Flame Sect began to feel worried. If the House of Storms wanted to deal with the Scarlet Flame Sect, the Scarlet Flame Sect would be looking at a very perilous battle ahead of them. They nervously prepared themselves for it. Previously, the members of the Scarlet Flame Sect regarded the men of the Xiwu Ye Clan with contempt. Now, they stayed far away from them and did not dare to provoke them. Especially when it came to Ye Chen, they lowered their heads whenever they were in his presence. News of Ye Chen defeating Zongyi and two top Mystique Venerable Rank fighters in succession had spread around the members.

 Since then, no one in the Scarlet Flame Sect dared to look down on the Xiwu Ye Clan!

 On a small trail in the Scarlet Flame Sect, Ye Chen and Ye Rou walked together silently.

 Ye Rou was slightly shy and prudish. She looked up at Ye Chen. Ye Chen was a fair bit bolder than he was in the past. His jawline gave him a tough and charming appearance. The Ye Chen now was someone whose name sent waves throughout the Central Empire. Ye Rou could not decide if she liked the soft-willed Ye Chen from the past or the Ye Chen now. Even though the soft-willed Ye Chen was always down and depressed, at least, he belonged to her and her only. Now, Ye Chen was destined to shine and bend the world to his will.

 “I cannot believe I can see Big Brother Ye Chen again. Little Rou is very happy. Big Brother Ye Chen, Little Rou is very sorry she cannot return to the Xiwu Empire with you!” Ye Rou told Ye Chen apologetically.

 “It's alright, I understand. You have things you want to protect too. Even though they didn't take care of you, they are still your parents. The familial bond between you and them cannot be severed easily.” Ye Chen smiled casually. “If it was me, I'd do the same.”

 Ye Rou nodded slightly. The reason she had stayed was not just because she wanted to protect her parents. If she returned to the Xiwu Empire, then she would forever be under Ye Chen's protection as opposed to remaining in the Scarlet Flame Sect where she could make use of the sect's resources to become stronger herself. One day, she would be able to protect Ye Chen too.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen defeating Zong Yi today is going to earn you a great reputation. From here on, throughout the Central Empire, many maidens will leap into Big Brother Ye Chen's arms. There must be some that are prettier than Ye Rou. Will Big Brother Ye Chen one day forget about Ye Rou?” Ye Rou teased, smiled, and looked up at Ye Chen.

 “How could I forget Little Rou?” Ye Chen asked. The thought of Little Tanuki came up and slightly distracted him. Whether it was Little Rou or Little Tanuki, they had both left an unforgettable mark in his life. Little Rou was his childhood friend and had been with him through thick and thin. Little Tanuki had also sacrificed herself for his sake. The debt he owed the two of them was not something he could repay even if he wagered his entire body.

 Ye Rou was very bright and quickly understood when she looked at Ye Chen's silent expression. Her bright eyes suddenly turned dimmer. A lot must have changed throughout the past year. Although Big Brother Ye Chen may change, she would always remain the same.

 Ye Rou turned around and looked up at Ye Chen. “No matter what, Big Brother Ye Chen will be the only one in Little Rou's heart!”

 Ye Chen was stunned when he heard Ye Rou's words. He was deeply touched. “Little Rou, how could I…”

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 Ye Chen saw himself in Ye Rou's beautiful eyes. It was as if she wanted to engrave his face somewhere deep in her soul. The corner of her eyes wrinkled as she smiled like two curvy crescent moons.

 Little Wingsy greeted Ye Rou, “Hi there, Big Sister Rou.”

 “Hi, Little Wingsy.” Ye Rou saw the rowdy Little Wingsy and took a liking to him. She patted his head smiling.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, look what I got!” Little Wingsy smiled smugly. He retrieved a longsword from the Heaven-Earth Pouch. In an instant, gentle Water-type energy poured out from it. The longsword had an azure-colored body shaped like a water droplet, it reflected rays of blue light.

 “It's the Storm Sword!” Ye Chen said in shock.

 “It really is the Storm Sword!”

 Ye Chen then recalled his battle with Zong Yi. During their battle, the Storm Sword had slipped out of Zong Yi's grip and fell down a cliff. Who would have thought this greedy Little Wingsy had his eyes on the Storm Sword and s.n.a.t.c.hed it. He tried to imagine the look of the members of the House of Storms when they realized the Storm Sword was lost.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, surely this sword must be valuable, right?” Little Wingsy looked at Ye Chen, blinking fervently. “Master says this sword is very valuable. It's an heirloom and had some technique sealed within it. Even a Tier Nine spirit artifact cannot compare to it. Like the Blue Dragon Dagger, this is a priceless treasure.”

 “Little Wingsy, did anyone in the House of Storms notice you taking the Storm Sword?” Ye Chen asked. He felt the Water-type energy constantly radiating from the Storm Sword and he could tell that the Storm Sword was out of the ordinary. If the House of Storms realized that the Storm Sword was lost, they would do anything to find it.

 “I followed Master's instruction and hid in the Soul Pearl right after I took the Storm Sword.” Little Wingsy giggled. This pair of master and disciple had been planning this from the very start!

 Ye Rou was flabbergasted. Little Wingsy looked like a child just around five to six-year-old, how was he able to steal the Storm Sword from a Mystique Venerable Rank elder of the House of Storms?

 “Master said I can use the Blue Dragon Dagger and leave the Storm Sword for Big Brother Ye Chen. This is perfect, Big Brother Ye Chen's h.e.l.l Rupture Sword is a lot weaker than this Storm Sword,” Little Wingsy said, handing the Storm Sword to Ye Chen.

 Ye Chen slightly nodded as he took the Storm Sword from Little Wingsy and returned the Blue Dragon Dagger to Little Wingsy. He happened to be lacking a handy weapon and this Storm Sword should be a great fit. Ye Chen held the Storm Sword and felt it humming endlessly like it was trying to leap out of his hands.

 The artifact spirit of this sword was extremely powerful!

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