Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Watching Over Each Other

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Ye Chen had resorted to using the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, which erupted in furious flames. Its blazing glow shone all around and the thunderous droning caused the hearts of onlookers to shudder as they stepped back quickly.

 A tremendous suctioning force appeared within the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron like a black hole in the sky, ravenously absorbing everything around it. Under the force of this powerful suction, the gigantic sword made of b.l.o.o.d.y Celestial Chi was slowly distorted and reduced into a vortex, spiraling into the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron.

 “What's going on? This is impossible!” Zong Yi's expression was manic. This Blood Feather Heavenly Sword was a fatal attack that was fused with his blood and Celestial Chi. Even top Mystique Venerable Rank fighters would have fallen under its blade. However, it was a metaphorically double-edged sword. After using this Form, Zong Yi's Spirit would be grievously injured. Even if his physical wounds healed, the cultivation base's apt.i.tude would fall by a few levels.

 What was this cauldron? Zong Yi stared in terror at Ye Chen's Heaven Rumbling Cauldron as it pulled in his Blood Feather Heavenly Sword. This cauldron was like a gluttonous crocodile that wildly devoured everything.

 The Blood Feather Heavenly Sword was finally and fully sucked into the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. Zong Yi flew back, coughing up blood. The Storm Sword fell from his grasp toward some distant cliff.

 All these were witnessed by the experts of the various sects below, who were now endlessly taken aback. The Blood Feather Heavenly Sword was simply a legend yet Zong Yi had wielded it. This amount of talent was much greater than the current lord of the House of Storms back in his days. They had thought that Ye Chen was a goner but Ye Chen had pulled out this ma.s.sive cauldron, which easily and effortlessly inhaled the Blood Feather Heavenly Sword.

 The cauldron looked to be two, three meters high and over six thousand kilograms, yet Ye Chen was able to control it freely. It was truly incomparably mysterious!

 This treasure was more than just Tier Eight or Nine. It was likely a Spirit Arcana Rank item!

 Spirit arcana were divided into those with artifact spirits and those without. They wondered which type this cauldron was.

 Now that a spirit arcana had shown up, naturally, some people were extremely covetous. Even so, when they looked at Ye Chen, a deep fear rose up in them. Ye Chen was only seventeen or eighteen but he had such a terrifying cultivation base. They wondered which family it was that produced such a genius. Other than those hidden super families, no one else could nurture a genius like this! Zong Yi had consecutively unleashed so many Storm Secret Techniques but he still lost to Ye Chen.

 Ye Rou looked up at the sky. Her image of Ye Chen was as imposing and n.o.ble as it was during her childhood. No matter who had bullied her, Ye Chen would protect her like a heavenly G.o.d. She knew that her heart only had room for Ye Chen. Thus, when Zong Yi was pursuing her, she had acted with such disregard.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, thank you,” Ye Rou murmured as she gazed at Ye Chen, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears.

 Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, Ye Xuan, and the rest were deeply moved too as they looked up. It was this youth who had held up the entire Xiwu Ye Clan. From now on, even in facing the Central Empire's Ye Clan, the Xiwu Ye Clan would not have to bow their heads. Ye Chen was the pride of them all!

 Zong Yi had lost and the world was stunned. Shortly, Ye Chen's name would reverberate throughout the Central Empire! From this day onward, every martial artist would never forget this moment when some nameless, unknown junior who came from nowhere had defeated, in one blow, the number one fighter of Central Empire's young generation, Zong Yi. Moreover, he had possessed a precious cauldron that overcame the legendary ultimate martial technique, the Blood Feather Heavenly Sword.

 Ye Chen's gaze followed the retreating, blood-spitting Zong Yi, and murderous intent flashed in his eyes. If he did not finish off Zong Yi, there would only be more trouble!

 “Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, go forth!” Ye Chen growled. The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron charged toward Zong Yi like a blazing meteor that was burning ferociously. This strike contained the force of nearly two hundred thousand kilograms. If it hit its target, Zong Yi could forget about surviving!

 Currently, the barrier above the training grounds had been dispelled. The three Mystique Venerable Rank elders from the House of Storms raced into the sky.

 “Please have mercy!” One of the Mystique Venerable elders rushed toward Zong Yi, while the other two faced the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, ready to intercept it.

 Upon seeing the House of Storms' three Mystique Venerable Rank elders soaring up, the five elders of the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect thought that they were going after Ye Chen, so they shot up as well. When they observed that those three were simply rescuing Zong Yi, they did not interfere and merely surrounded Ye Chen protectively.

 The House of Storms was able to maintain its throne as the number one sect in the Central Empire for so long and it was still backed by considerable forces. Today, if every last person from the House of Storms was exterminated, it would not do any good to the Stygian Sect, the Oracle Sect, and even the Leo King's Palace. It was best to let Zong Yi go!

 Although Zong Yi had suffered grave injuries, with the House of Storms' secret techniques, recovery was possible. Still, after wielding the Blood Feather Heavenly Sword, his apt.i.tude was certain to be greatly damaged. As for how this matter would be resolved, it depended on the struggling forces between the superpowers backing each of them.

 When Ye Chen saw the three Mystique Venerable Rank elders standing between Zong Yi and the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, he understood that it was impossible to kill Zong Yi today. At his current level, he was still inadequate in contending against a superpower like the House of Storms!

 One of the Mystique Venerable Rank elders grabbed hold of Zong Yi and was ready to swoop down the cliff to retrieve the Storm Sword. However, he saw the figure of a kid flashing past, rapidly disappearing into the dense forest. The Mystique Venerable Rank elder thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. When he focused his vision again, the Storm Sword was gone.

 “Give me back my Storm Sword!” That Mystique Venerable Rank elder roared furiously and gave chase but how could there be any sign of a kid? The Storm Sword was a treasure pa.s.sed down in the House of Storms. The one who wielded the Storm Sword could command all disciples of the House of Storms – that had always been the rule. However, the Storm Sword was now s.n.a.t.c.hed by someone! The elder was murderously boiling mad but that kid had vanished into thin air, no longer to be found!

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 When Ye Chen saw the two Mystique Venerable Rank elders were blocking the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron, he yelled in anger. The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron spun faster and swelled up in size.

 When Ye Zong looked up to meet Ye Chen's frosty gaze, his heart could not prevent a burst of fear from emerging. This gaze seemed to penetrate his heart. Ye Chen had just swiftly beaten two top Mystique Venerable Rank experts from the House of Storms. Not even Ye Zong would be a match for Ye Chen.

 If Ye Chen wanted to descend and kill Ye Zong, Ye Zong could only activate the Mountain-shielding Formation. Even though there were many Mystique Venerable Rank masters in the Scarlet Flame Sect, only the Mountain-shielding Formation could provide a sense of a.s.surance. If the representatives of the various major sects knew that Ye Zong was prepared to use the Mountain-shielding Formation to deal with a seventeen, eighteen-year-old youth, they would have laughed their heads off. The things that Ye Zong would come up with!

 The representatives of the sects below were discussing heatedly. They were now inquiring about Ye Chen's origins and even the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron in Ye Chen's possession had excited their immense interest. Even so, before learning about Ye Chen's origins, they would not dare to try and seize it.

 “Ye Zong, is there anyone from the Central Empire's Ye Clan who would dare combat me? As someone from the Central Empire's Ye Clan, I thought you'd feel superior?” Ye Chen looked down upon Ye Zong loftily. With a disdainful, humorless smile, he pointed at Ye Zong. “Today, in the name of the Xiwu Ye Clan, I challenge your Ye Clan of the Central Empire!”

 It was a struggle between the main clan and a branch clan! Ever since the Central Empire's Ye Clan became independent and rose in the Central Empire, they had always considered themselves to be the main clan, even writing their family records. Moreover, they did not acknowledge the Xiwu Ye Clan and looked down upon the Xiwu Ye Clan's lineage. Nonetheless, today, this youth from the Xiwu Ye Clan had given them a tight vicious slap in the face. Who said that the Xiwu Ye Clan would be inferior to the Central Empire's Ye Clan? This youth before them was bound to reach G.o.dly Venerable Rank or even greater heights. At that point, the Central Empire's Ye Clan would not be able to keep up with him!

 Back then, the mocking, contempt, and humiliation the Central Empire's Ye Clan had directed at the Xiwu Ye Clan – all of these would be generously returned!

 Ye Zong's face was burning red and the disciples of the Central Empire's Ye Clan within the Scarlet Flame Sect lowered their gazes. The Xiwu Ye Clan they had previously scoffed at was now stepping on their heads mercilessly.

 No one dared to take on Ye Chen because none of them was possibly a match for him!

 Seeing that Ye Zong did not reply and neither did the others from the Central Empire's Ye Clan, Ye Chen looked toward Ye Rou, his gaze turning softer. With a smile, he said, “Little Rou, let's go home!”

 When she heard the words “Let's go home”, Ye Rou instantly wept furiously as if she was made of tears. She had thought that she would never see Ye Chen again after coming to the Central Empire. When Ye Zong forced her to marry Zong Yi, her world crumbled around her. She thought of dying, only she had too many longings in her heart. When Ye Chen came to the Central Empire, she was both overjoyed and worried. Overjoyed that she could see Ye Chen again, worried that she would cause too much trouble for Ye Chen. Even so, she had never thought that Ye Chen would defeat Zong Yi here. In his proud, n.o.ble manner, he had subjugated the entire Ye Clan of the Central Empire then said, “Let's go home.”

 With just this one phrase, Ye Rou felt that she no longer had any regrets in her life.

 Ye Chen wiped away the tear stains on her face. Currently, she was standing tall against the bracing wind, her dark hair sailing in the air, her sleeves fluttering. Although her beautiful face was somewhat thin, she still had her matchless charm. She broke out into a radiant smile, which caused her surroundings to turn dull in comparison. “Thank you, Big Brother Ye Chen. My parents are in the Scarlet Flame Sect. Although Father was forcing me to marry the young lord of the House of Storms, he's still my father. There's also my mother, who has been wonderful to me. The Xiwu Ye Clan is protected by Big Brother Ye Chen, so I can be rest a.s.sured. In that case, let me, Little Rou, protect the Central Empire's Ye Clan. I've said before that we must become like the two towering trees in the mountain behind, enduring rain and shine together. When the storm comes, we'll watch over each other. I want to grow into a towering tree as well. I hope that one day, I'll be able to protect Big Brother Ye Chen too!”

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