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Mad Snail

Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: I Won't Be Paying for the Things I Break!

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Ye Zong looked up at the Storm Sword in Zong Yi's hand, his face gripped by shock. He understood what this Storm Sword represented. This sword symbolized supreme authority. It went without saying that the House of Storms had tremendous power, being the foremost major sect in the Central Empire. It was watched over by a G.o.dly Venerable powerhouse with hundreds of Mystique Venerable Rank fighters below them, and it directly controlled fifty or so nations and over three hundred smaller sects throughout the Great Eastern Continent. Such a formidable ent.i.ty was extremely impressive.

 This Storm Sword was the symbol of their lord.

 Was the House of Storms' lord going to pa.s.s on his position to Zong Yi? Ye Zong shot a glance at Ye Chen, inwardly sighing. ‘My daughter, it's not that your daddy doesn't love you. If you're married to Zong Yi, you'd be their future lady with far-reaching power. Why be sentimental over the tiny Xiwu Ye Clan?'

 The elders of the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect looked at each other with ashen faces. They understood how powerful the Storm Sword was. If Ye Chen could not withstand it, he would be killed. Even so, Ye Chen had said that they should let him handle things, so they could not step in. Based on Ye Chen's cultivation base, he must be the disciple of some big shot. If he died, there would be grave consequences. Still, on second thought, that Daemon King should be nearby, watching all of these. If Ye Chen was truly in trouble, that Daemon King would show up.

 “If you beg forgiveness now, it's not too late. Once the Storm Sword is unsheathed, it won't return without tasting blood!” Zong Yi's eyes were like a falcon's, fixed upon Ye Chen. The Storm Sword in his hand hum and sang, sending ripples throughout the air.

 There was a formidable artifact spirit hiding within this Storm Sword! It must be a spirit artifact above Tier Eight or Nine. Being a treasure that was pa.s.sed down in the House of Storms, how could it be a low-tiered item?

 “The Storm Sword? I'll like to get a taste of it!” Ye Chen knew that the h.e.l.l Rupture Sword he had was unable to match the Storm Sword.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, catch!” Little Wingsy, who was watching from the crowd below, threw the Blue Dragon Dagger over.

 Ye Chen grabbed the Blue Dragon Dagger in his right hand. This Blue Dragon Dagger was nothing more than a short dagger, a few inches long. It looked extremely ordinary.

 “You want to use that short dagger to fight against my Storm Sword?” Zong Yi laughed mockingly.

 The spectators below also exchanged dismayed looks.

 “What use is a short dagger like that in battle?”

 “Its opponent is the Storm Sword!”

 The people shook their heads and sighed. Among the spirit artifacts born in the Central Empire, the Storm Sword was at least in the top three. Its might was not something an ordinary spirit artifact could contend against. Most Tier Six spirit artifacts would break at once under the Storm Sword's slash. That blade which reflected light like an autumn pond appeared to be sparkling and delicate but it contained a boundless force.

 Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, and the rest were watching the fight from below. At the start, when they witnessed Ye Chen rising into the air to battle against Zong Yi, they were highly surprised. It turned out that Ye Chen's cultivation base was already at Heavenly Venerable Rank. One could imagine the impact this information had on them. When they saw Ye Chen steadily gaining the upper hand, they could not help feeling proud of him but when Zong Yi had pulled out the Storm Sword, they could not suppress their concern. From the expressions of the people surrounding them, this sword was not a common item!

 Just as the crowd was discussing fervently, Ye Chen had already channeled his Celestial Chi into the Blue Dragon Dagger. There was a low rumbling like the roar of some ancient creature, and a ma.s.sive wave of energy rippled outward from the Blue Dragon Dagger.

 That terrifying energy's pressure instantly caused everyone below Heavenly Venerable Rank to turn white. Even those Mystique Venerable Rank combatants also turned solemn.

 What mystical item was that dagger that it could emit such fearsome energy?

 Only then did they realize that the seemingly ordinary dagger in Ye Chen's hand was a very powerful spirit artifact.

 Ye Chen was using the Blue Dragon Dagger for the first time and did not know how to wield it. Still, he sensed the frightening might within the Blue Dragon Dagger. This Blue Dragon Dagger did not quite obey his will and was somewhat trying to struggle out of his grasp. He circulated his Celestial Chi and forcefully bore down upon the artifact spirit of the Blue Dragon Dagger. The dagger whined and trembled, sending out waves of energy.

 Ye Chen brandished the Blue Dragon Dagger and a streak of light cut through the air.

 It turned out that this Blue Dragon Dagger could summon sword energy and the like, attacking enemies from afar. This attribute had made up for its short dagger.

 “Alright, let's see whether your Storm Sword is more powerful or my Blue Dragon Dagger is superior!” Ye Chen said calmly as he stood in thin air.

 The moment Ye Chen spoke, there was a distant, thunderous rumble. The sword ray the Blue Dragon Dagger had created fell upon a lookout pavilion within the Scarlet Flame Sect. That pavilion was sliced into two by that sword ray and crumbled.

 Those from the major sects turned to look and their eyes popped out. This dagger was so potent. Slashing from such a distance, it could still collapse an entire pavilion. If it landed in the training arena, what would happen?

 “My apologies. I'm still not quite used to this Blue Dragon Dagger. Still, I won't be paying for the things I break in here!” Ye Chen's voice was steady without any fluctuations but everyone present could hear him clearly.

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 Ye Zong's mouth twitched slightly. The things that would be broken would all belong to the Scarlet Flame Sect, yet Ye Chen dared to make such sneering remarks! A deep fear of Ye Chen's background had welled up in him and he dared not lose his cool. If he killed Ye Chen and attracted an even stronger enemy, the Scarlet Flame Sect might face a catastrophic disaster.

 Zong Yi looked around him. The main buildings of the Scarlet Flame Sect were enveloped by the restrictive spells. In the distance, a myriad of swords flew and danced. They could easily tear to pieces any invading enemy. With this Mountain-shielding Formation, not even the House of Storms would be able to break through.

 Being the young lord of the House of Storms, Zong Yi now understood a few things. Previously, the Scarlet Flame Sect had always relied upon the House of Storms. If Ye Rou married into the House of Storms, their relations would be further solidified. However, after what had happened today, his father would surely not agree to this marriage, and might even feel that the Scarlet Flame Sect had greatly embarra.s.sed the House of Storms. Perhaps he might wipe out the Scarlet Flame Sect in a fit of rage. Ye Zong now revealed his Mountain-shielding Formation to ill.u.s.trate that he had powers of self-preservation. However, this gesture had created a deep crack between the two sects.

 Zong Yi's expression was gloomy as he slowly looked up at Ye Chen, laughing coldly. “No matter what your background is, I'll tell you this – your background is completely negligible to the Storm lineage. Did you think that the House of Storms could tower up in the Central Empire for so many years without budging simply because we're nothing more than a sect? I'll kill you here today. And in a short while, Ye Zong would obediently send Ye Rou right to me. At that point, Ye Rou would exclusively belong to me, Zong Yi!”

 When he heard these words, Ye Chen could not suppress the fury in his heart. Little Rou was not a bag of goods that people could haggle over, let along possess exclusively. She was warm, refined, detached from worldly affairs. Still, Ye Chen knew that Little Rou had her principles. She never relied on anybody – what she sought was freedom and independence.

 Back when Ye Chen's cultivation base had suddenly progressed by leaps and bounds, Little Rou kept on cultivating diligently, never slacking for a day. Ye Chen had gently teased her, saying that he could protect her in the future. However, Little Rou had rebuffed him with a smile. “I don't want to be forever under Big Brother Ye Chen's protection. We must be like two towering trees in the mountain behind, enduring rain and shine together. When the storm comes, we'll watch over each other.”

 When Ye Chen's meridian channels were ruptured, Little Rou had used her own Celestial Chi to help Ye Chen heal and nurture his meridian channels, with no regard for the strain it had on her cultivation base. Otherwise, Little Rou would not merely have the cultivation base she had today.

 How could Ye Chen allow Little Rou to become the exclusive property of anyone?

 “Due to those words that you said, I'll kill you!” Ye Chen rose into the air and slashed the Blue Dragon Dagger downward. An incomparably sharp crescent blade of light sliced forward.

 Zong Yi held up the Storm Sword horizontally, which hummed constantly, sending liquid ripples through the sky.

 Storm Sword Technique, Wave Breaker!

 Bursts of Water-type Celestial Chi rolled toward Ye Chen like surging tides. In this Water-type Celestial Chi, there was a turbulent, deadly energy.

 “Swish swish swish”– the arcs of sharp light cut into the torrential waves and exploded deafeningly.

 Within the training grounds, the combatants from the major sects were staring upward. Even the sun was blocked out by the sweep of water and radiance cutting through the sky in an incomparably magnificent sight. They could not see where Ye Chen or Zong Yi was. This sweep of glimmering water must have been unleashed by Zong Yi's Storm Sword.

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