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Mad Snail

Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Zong Yi

A group of them strode openly toward the martial art training ground.

From a distance, Ye Junzhuo and the others who were beaten by Ye Chen looked at Ye Chen with eyes full of hatred. Seeing the five elders from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect with Ye Chen, their expressions turned to disbelief. Impossible! Why would the Xiwu Ye Clan be accompanied by the representatives from two major sects?

Earlier, Ye Junzhuo had searched for two Mystique Venerable Rank elders to seek revenge on his behalf. Nevertheless, before they could arrive, all of them had received orders from the sect leader not to act rashly. Everyone was bewildered. They merely wanted to teach the Xiwu Ye Clan a lesson, why would the sect leader be so cautious? After a while, they saw Ye Chen walking in behind the five elders from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect.

The Xiwu Ye Clan had managed to find two major sects – the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect – as their protectors. Ye Junzhuo gnashed his teeth. 'This time, you win!' With the two major sects as their backup, Ye Junzhuo could not defeat Ye Chen and the others, so he could only swallow the bitterness and obey the sect leader's command.

Seeing the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect representatives return, the other masters from various major sects glanced at them. Everyone turned to look at them and saw that the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect had brought a few strangers into the arena. Everyone was curious.

The major sect representatives looked at Ye Chen and the others, but none of the Mystique Adept Rank masters dared to release their Psyche to investigate. What if one of them was a Daemon King incarnation and their Psyche investigation had offended the Daemon King?

When Countess Zilan, who was sitting opposite, saw Ye Chen enter the arena, she immediately turned restless. Unexpectedly, this demon came. If she knew earlier, she would not have come to the Scarlet Flame Sect. Seeing the peculiar expression on his daughter's face, Earl Yunyan glanced at Countess Zilan and then looked at Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen was a.s.sociated with the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect. Was he from the Leo King's Palace? After this, Earl Yunyan would have to check thoroughly with the two major sect elders. Earl Yunyan belonged to the royal family but even the royal family was split into several sides and factions. Some factions held considerable influence among the royal family including the Leo King's Palace, City of the Apothecary King, and the Tribunal Council. Earl Yunyan belonged to one of the groups under the Leo King's Palace.

The entrance of Ye Chen and the others did not affect the Grand Martial Tournament. The tournament continued just as before with the two Scarlet Flame Sect disciples going at each other at full force.

A fight between two Earthly Venerable Rank combatants was quite engaging, so there were bursts of cheering and applause from below the arena.

Sitting on a chair in a distance, Ye Zong glanced at Ye Chen and the others. His gaze landed on Ye Zhanlong's face and froze. What tactic did the Xiwu Ye Clan use that they could follow the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect into the arena?

Beside Ye Zong, Ye Rou also shifted her glance in the same direction. She was stunned momentarily and tears began to form in her eyes. Her heart leaped in joy. She did not think that Ye Chen, too, came to the Scarlet Flame Sect. Previously, she was worried that Ye Chen would encounter some trouble but seeing Ye Chen walking behind the five elders from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect, the tension in her heart relaxed. She did not know how Big Brother Ye Chen had managed to convince the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect's elders to help him but with their protection, the Scarlet Flame Sect would not dare to harm Big Brother Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Ye Rou, their gazes met. Ye Chen smiled softly upon seeing the concern in Little Rou's eyes. A trace of warmth filled his heart. Nothing needed to be said.

Zong Yi, on the other hand, was watching Ye Rou. When he saw Ye Rou's expression changed, he followed her gaze and saw Ye Chen who was standing in a proud and upright manner. Zong Yi's gaze gradually darkened. Ever since he saw Ye Rou in his visit to the Scarlet Flame Sect, he fell in love with her at first sight. Unfortunately, Ye Rou was very aloof to everyone. Prior to this, he had never seen Ye Rou smile to anyone or express concern. Zong Yi thought that this was simply Ye Rou's inborn character. Plus, Ye Rou was not engaged to anybody, so he pursued her vigorously. Today, Zong Yi had realized that Ye Rou was not completely aloof to everyone!

Looking up at the stage, this beautiful girl looked like a jade lotus sitting on calm water. Ye Rou's beauty was incomparable to mere mortals. Zong Yi truly desired her, but unfortunately, her heart already belonged to someone else. This thought had caused strong jealousy to creep into his heart!

'Someone dared to s.n.a.t.c.h a woman from me. The woman that I, Zong Yi, have set my sights upon will not be tainted by mere mortals!'

Zong Ye glanced coldly at Ye Chen. 'No matter who this person is, I'll kill him!'

When Zong Yi looked over at Ye Chen, he saw Ye Chen looking back at him with a trace of disdain on the corner of his mouth. Such a look of disdain was like a giant looking down at an ant. It was a look of complete indifference. Ye Chen's att.i.tude made him incomparably furious.

Zong Yi had always been a prized star. He was the most talented person among the younger generation of the Central Empire. In just twenty short years, his cultivation had achieved a mid-Heavenly Venerable Rank. Moreover, he was recognized as someone with the second-greatest potential to reach G.o.dly Venerable Rank, after his father. Today, however, he was being looked down upon by someone else. This gave Zong Yi an urge to kill.

“I'll let you live for the time being. Do you think that just because you have the protection of the Stygian Tribe and the Oracle Sect, you can stop the House of Storms? In the Central Empire, other than the royal family, this country belongs to the House of Storms!” Zong Yi's gaze was as cold as ice.

Seeing the hostile gazes exchanged by Zong Yi and Ye Chen, Ye Zong turned to Ye Rou and asked harshly, “Who's the young man behind Ye Zhanlong?”

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Ye Rou's face turned pale upon hearing the question from Ye Zong.

“Amazing,” Mo Bai said, looking at the tournament arena. “It's so boring to watch disciples of the same sect exchange blows. I'd rather look at beautiful girls. Hmm, this Scarlet Flame Sect leader's daughter Ye Rou is a true beauty. She looks like a G.o.ddess. However, she's going to be claimed by Zong Yi from the House of Storms, what a pity!”

Ye Chen's expression contorted. 'Zong Yi wants to marry Little Rou without asking for my permission?'

Hearing Mo Bai chattering unstoppably behind him, Mu Dongyuan from the Oracle Sect was worried that Ye Chen would be unhappy. When he saw Ye Chen's expression darken, he quickly rolled his eyes at Mo Bai.

“Elder Mu, what's wrong? Is there sand in your eyes?” Mo Bai asked.

Mu Dongyuan wanted to slap this boy Mo Bai into the air. He was so agitated that his eyes turned white.

At last, only the Heavenly Venerable Rank disciple was left in the arena. He held a spear and stood proudly.

Most probably, he would be the winner of this Grand Martial Tournament.

The reason the Scarlet Flame Sect organized this Grand Martial Tournament was probably to show off their abilities to the outside world!

“Is that the end? That kid is Ye Pang, a twenty-five-year-old beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank. Quite an outstanding accomplishment. None of the young people in Scarlet Flame Sect can challenge him. This tournament is boring!” Mo Bai commented in a bored tone, his eyes scanning through the crowd. “Tsk tsk, look at the Purple Silk Sect's female sect leader. Although she's more than sixty years old, she maintained herself so well. She looks just like a young lady. Her voluptuous figure is truly attractive.”

Listening to Mo Bai's chatter, Ye Chen was speechless. It appeared that Mo Bai's taste was very unique. Ye Chen looked at Ye Zong. Was that all for this tournament? The fact that Ye Zong invited so many sect representatives meant that he must have something else planned.

At this moment, the Scarlet Flame Sect disciple, Ye Pang turned to look at Zong Yi seated next to the arena. “Brother Zong Yi, I've heard of your talents for a long time. Despite your young age, you've already achieved mid-Heavenly Venerable Rank. You're very accomplished and now you wish to marry my Junior Sister. As Brother Zong Yi's prospective brother-in-law, I'd have to test your abilities. If Brother Zong Yi's cultivation is not up to par, it'd be difficult for you to marry our Junior Sister!” Ye Pang laughed heartily after speaking.

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