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315 Leo King's Token!

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"I'll start first!" One of the disciples of Scarlet Flame Sect leaped onto the tournament arena. He looked very young but his attainment level was already at mid-Earthly Venerable Rank. "Junior Brother Lin, I'll spar against you." Another person leaped onto the tournament arena. He was also a mid-Earthly Venerable One. 

Compared to centuries ago, the Scarlet Flame Sect had indeed deteriorated a little but as a major sect, they still had a lot of acc.u.mulated resources in their vaults. Hence, they could afford to train their disciples. Any random disciple from their sect would be considered a powerhouse if they went to a small country. 

Earth Fire Scorching Grounds! 

Heaven Fire Palm Strength! 

As the two disciples showed off their martial arts techniques, loud clashes and bangs reverberated in the air. The tournament was off to a fiery start. 

The two partic.i.p.ants met each other's attacks. .h.i.t for hit, which was quite entertaining. 

The representatives from the major sects discussed among themselves in whispers. 

"This new generation of disciples from Scarlet Flame Sect are quite outstanding. Their foundation must be very strong."

"Some time ago, Scarlet Flame Sect almost hit rock bottom. I didn't expect that they could rise from the ashes and soar like a phoenix once more."

"It's all because of the House of Storms' support. If it was just that old man Ye Zong, how much longer could they have held on? It's not surprising that Ye Zong is so keen to marry off his daughter to Zong Yi. However, his daughter is quite willful and even disobeyed him. Tsk tsk, marrying into the House of Storms would be a dream come true for countless young ladies! Not only is Zong Yi super talented but he's also the number one combatant among the younger generation of the Central Empire. It'd be only a matter of time before he achieves Mystique Venerable Rank. Perhaps, there might even be a chance for him to reach G.o.dly Venerable Rank!" 

The people from the major sects were still quite disdainful of Ye Zong's flattery toward the House of Storms. Some of these discussions were overheard by Ye Zong but he was unconcerned. They were simply jealous. Even these people would suck up to the House of Storms in a heartbeat, but they did not have any opening to do so! 

The martial tournament was proceeding fiercely. At this moment, a Scarlet Flame Sect disciple walked up to Ye Zong and whispered in his ear. 

"What, are you sure you didn't see wrongly? It's Ye Zhanlong and the others?" Ye Zong was puzzled. How could it be the Xiwu Ye Clan? 

"I saw the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect representatives leading them to a quiet place to speak." 

Ye Zong was completely baffled. How did the Xiwu Ye Clan manage to gain favor from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect? This made no sense. According to what he knew, the Xiwu Ye Clan only came to Capital City recently. They did not have any valuable resources. Even if they had contacted the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect, the sects would not send five of their elders to meet with them. At most, they would send a few Heavenly Venerable Rank disciples. 

"I also saw that the elders from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect were behaving extra courteously toward them." 

Ye Zong's expression changed. "This Xiwu Ye Clan has such influence? Even the elders from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect are treating them with respect, this is weird!" Ye Zong now realized that he might have underestimated the Xiwu Ye Clan. 

"Among those from the Xiwu Ye Clan, the leader seems to be someone named Ye Chen. He's the one who is talking with the elders. The others are standing a distance away. I also investigated further. Ye Chen has just arrived at the Scarlet Flame Sect today." The disciple glanced quickly at Ye Rou on the side. He whispered, "Miss Little Rou gave special instructions to allow him in, so the disciples at the gate dared not stop him!" 

"That's fine." Ye Zong glanced sideways at Ye Rou beside him. He knew that Ye Rou's heart still favored the Xiwu Ye Clan and allowing Ye Chen to come in was not a big deal. Nevertheless, he was intrigued. Little Rou had lived in Xiwu Ye Clan for so many years, yet she never mentioned any martial powerhouses. If he was not mistaken, the strongest person there was only at peak Ninth Level. 

Today, however, Ye Zong's perception of the Xiwu Ye Clan shifted. Five elders of the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect went out just to meet a young man from the Ye Clan? 

Ye Zong drummed his fingers on his armrest lightly. He wondered what was the reason the Xiwu Ye Clan was meeting the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect. He still did not believe that the Xiwu Ye Clan was qualified to sit with the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect. 

"There's one more thing, I'm not sure whether to say it or not!" 

"Say it!" Ye Zong glared at the disciple icily. 

"Earlier, the Xiwu Ye Clan wanted to enter the martial art training ground. They were stopped by Senior Brother Ye Junzhuo, but in the end, the young man named Ye Chen beat Senior Brother Ye Junzhuo and some other disciples. Senior Brother Ye Junzhuo is now asking some elders to help avenge him." 

"The Xiwu Ye Clan is too audacious. How dare they act so impudently in the Scarlet Flame Sect!" Ye Zong gripped the armrest tightly. He was furious. "Tell the elders not to act first. I want to find out what they intend to do in my Scarlet Flame Sect! Continue investigating!" 

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"Yes!" The disciple bowed and left. 

"We recognize!" The five elders clasped their hands and bowed. They had seen the Leo King's Token many times, so they would not fail to recognize it. This young man before them must be related to the Leo King because the Leo King would not give the token to outsiders lightly. Although these elders had occupied a respected position among ordinary people, they knew that they were completely insignificant before Tong Tian the Leo King. Just a few choice words from this young man to the Leo King would easily determine their life and death. 

"Since you know the Leo King's Token, very well, listen to my instructions later," Ye Chen said in an unquestionable tone. If he were to treat these elders kindly, they might turn around and suspect him. 

"Yes, we'll obey!" The five elders chorused in reverence. Now that they saw the Leo King's Token, no matter what happened, they would have to obey Ye Chen's every command. Otherwise, if the Leo King found out, it would be a death penalty!

"Come, let's enter the training ground!" Ye Chen said. His eyes narrowed. With the support of two major sects, he felt his confidence grew. 'Today, I'm going to stir up trouble in the Scarlet Flame Sect!' 

Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, Ye Xuan, and the others watched from a distance. Their hearts were extremely anxious. These five sprightly-looking old men were most probably skilled masters as they could tell from the energies radiated by Mu Dongyuan and the rest of the group. Why were these five men looking for Ye Chen? 

"Father, who are these five men?" Ye Meng asked puzzledly. 

"Judging from their clothes, they seem to be from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect, the second and third rank major sects in the Central Empire. These five must be their elders!" Ye Zhanlong was also astonished. The Scarlet Flame Sect, which ranked fifth in the Central Empire, was already a behemoth existence in their eyes, what more these two major sects ranked second and third respectively? Why were they talking to Little Chen?

"They seem very polite toward Big Brother Ye Chen." Ye Xuan added beside them. Ever since the beginning, Big Brother Ye Chen had been like a great mountain standing in front of them, protecting the Ye Clan. As time pa.s.sed, she realized that they no longer understood Ye Chen. Nevertheless, she knew that no matter how much time may pa.s.s, the camaraderie among the Ye Clan would never change. 

Ye Zhanlong and Ye Meng also noticed that these people treated Ye Chen courteously, and seemed a little wary. They did not understand what was happening. Was this again related to the Ye Clan's Great Ancestor? Did the Great Ancestor have such influential abilities that even major sects such as the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect have to bow to him? 

Just as they were talking, Ye Chen walked over to them together with the five elders. 

"Let's enter the training ground," Ye Chen said evenly. "I want to see if the Scarlet Flame Sect dares to stop us!" 

"Yes." Ye Zhanlong and the others were quite excited. Now that Ye Chen had the support of two major sects, they did not have to fear the Scarlet Flame Sect anymore. 

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